Polaris PRO Collection non-stick cookware
Polaris PRO Collection non-stick cookware

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PRO Collection - new generation DIAMANT-3X PRO non-stick aluminum cookware. This is a 3-layer non-stick micro-speckled coating that allows you to cook healthy food without the addition of oil.

The micro-speckled surface structure provides good non-stick properties and improves scratch resistance and speeds up the preparation of your favorite dishes. The materials from which the PRO Collection cookware is made are safe, provide uniform heating and preserve the useful properties of the products. The PRO Collection frying pans are perfect for stewing or cooking any of your favorite cuisine, thanks to their 6 cm high sides.

The outer coating of the cookware is heat-resistant, the ergonomic soft-touch bakelite handles do not heat up and do not slip. The cookware is suitable for cooking on any hob, including induction.


With the PRO Collection cookware from Polaris, you can forget about sticking to the surface and burnt food. The cooking process will only give you pleasure.

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