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What date does Great Lent begin in 2022 for Orthodox Christians?
What date does Great Lent begin in 2022 for Orthodox Christians?

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Observance of Orthodox canons implies several periods a year when believers are required to concentrate their strength and self-discipline, including in terms of nutrition and thoughts. Lent is considered the strictest, which in 2022, as always, will begin 7 weeks before Easter. Knowing the principle, you can calculate in advance what number it starts.

When is Lent expected?

The church strictly determines when fasting begins and ends. In 2022, it will run from March 7 to April 23. According to legend, for 40 days the Savior did not eat anything and withstood the temptation of the devil.

Maundy Monday is the day when you need to refuse any food. In other periods, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, dry eating is practiced - water, compote are allowed, bread, vegetables and fruits are allowed from food. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, hot food is consumed without oil. It can only be added to meals on Saturdays and Sundays.

On April 7, you can eat fish - this is the day of the Annunciation. April 17, 2022 - Palm Sunday, fish and fish products are also allowed on this day. April 16 - Lazarev Saturday, when you can eat only caviar from fish products.

On April 22, that is, on Good Friday, you cannot eat at all, and this prohibition is relevant until the shroud is taken out.

Three main stages of fasting

The first of them is Shrovetide. Speaking of Great Lent, it is also referred to as Cheese Week. This is the period when the consumption of meat and meat products is prohibited. It can be called the preparatory phase of fasting because it helps you more comfortably tune into a lean diet.

The first stage of fasting itself is the Holy Fourth Day. This is the time when a person does deeds and cultivates thoughts that bring him closer to God. This happens through restrictions regarding food, words and thoughts, and, if necessary, repentance for unseemly deeds.

Next comes the period called Holy Week. It differs from the previous one in that God himself goes to meet people through sermons that allow one to get closer to him.

What else is worth knowing about food?

The first week of fasting is considered the most restrictive. The same can be said for Holy Week, the final stage. Christians, who consider themselves especially devoted to God, completely limit their diet, down to bread and water. But not everyone will be able to withstand such tests.

It is necessary to reasonably approach the permissible load. Each person should focus on his health and strength in order to prevent further problems. If you are unsure of whom to consult, contact the clergy in a church in your city.

Do not treat fasting like a diet. People who cannot give up milk do not have to completely eliminate it from their diet. It should be understood that the main goal of Lent is not to prohibit meat or cottage cheese, but to teach a person humility and focus on spiritual values.

Many are interested in whether marital intimacy is allowed. If a husband and wife are fasting, they usually limit themselves in this regard as well. If one of the spouses does not fast, intimacy is acceptable.

What is important to know about fasting?

During the period of Great Lent, it is necessary to pray, at least sometimes for a short time. Believers are advised to read every day at least a little of the chapters from the Gospel, the Psalter. Not all people have the opportunity to attend church regularly. If you are in this category, attend church at least on Sunday, and if possible, add 1 more weekday to this.

As for the spiritual work on oneself, then each person has some kind of flaw that is known to him. Someone is trying to overcome their laziness, the other is picky about trifles. There are people who love to gossip and discuss others behind their backs.

Depending on what kind of quality you need to work through, you can focus on this exactly during the period of Lent. This is the time when it is forbidden to swear, to use swear words. You should not hold grudges against people: first of all, in order to clear your own mind and focus on more important things.


  • Great Lent is a time when a person needs to learn how to do good deeds, to rejoice, and if there is a reason, then to repent.
  • An important component of this period is the restriction in terms of nutrition, but this is not the main aspect, but rather an addition.
  • Attendance and prayer are encouraged.

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