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Signs for Maslenitsa for conception in 2022
Signs for Maslenitsa for conception in 2022

Video: Signs for Maslenitsa for conception in 2022

Video: Signs for Maslenitsa for conception in 2022
Video: Арт парк Никола Ленивец Масленица 2022 / Russian Maslenitsa Tower of Babel 2023, May

Maslenitsa is a Slavic holiday that has survived from pagan times and marks the end of winter. It lasts a whole week, and every day has its own traditions and signs. For those who are planning the birth of a child, it will be interesting to study the signs for Maslenitsa for conception in 2022, since this period is considered the most favorable among the Slavs.

The main traditions of Maslenitsa

Since ancient times, Maslenitsa was celebrated very cheerfully, and large-scale festivities were always organized. Pancakes were baked all week in every house, on a certain day they visited relatives and friends.

Swings, slides for skating, trading stalls were built on the squares. Various competitions were organized for the people, during which the participants had to show not only their strength, but also their intelligence and ingenuity.


The main symbol of the holiday is the stuffed animal of Winter, which is made of straw or hay and beautifully decorated. Previously, it was taken to all the surrounding villages and only after that, on the last day of Maslenitsa, was burned on the square of the main settlement of the region.

The people also call this holiday Cheese Week. It is celebrated in early spring. The exact date of its beginning is calculated based on Great Lent. Maslenitsa begins exactly 7 days before its onset.


Signs for every day of Maslenitsa

Cheese Week is celebrated for 7 days, from Monday to Sunday. On each day, it is necessary to observe certain traditions, and to preserve and exaggerate well-being, follow the signs.

Each of the Shrovetide days has its own name:

  1. A meeting. Married women on this day in the morning went to visit their parents, and in the evening they received their mothers-in-law in their house. To ensure prosperity, pancakes were necessarily baked. The first pancake was given to the beggars so that they could remember the loved ones of the giver.
  2. Flirting. On this day, young people who were not tied to the knot gathered in large companies to choose a mate for themselves for life. With mutual sympathy, they agreed on a wedding, which was most often appointed immediately after Easter.
  3. Gourmet, or Mother-in-law gatherings. On this day, the son-in-law went to his mother-in-law for pancakes. She, in turn, tried to feed him with all her heart, so according to beliefs she provided her daughter's family with a prosperous, happy life.
  4. Revelry. On Thursday, it was considered a bad omen to be at home, so everyone went out and organized mass entertainment - roller coasters and swings. Those who were able to slide the farthest or swing the highest, in the coming year awaited a rich harvest.
  5. Mother-in-law's evening. On this day, the woman visited her daughter's family. The son-in-law had to set the table. The mother-in-law could come not alone, but with her friends to show off the choice of her daughter.
  6. Sister-in-law gatherings. On this day, all close relatives of her husband came to visit the woman. Fortune-telling carried out on Shrove Tuesday was considered the most accurate.
  7. Forgiveness Sunday, or farewell to Shrovetide. On this day, it is customary to ask all relatives and friends for forgiveness for sins before them, voluntary and involuntary.

The celebration ended with the rite of burning a scarecrow of Maslenitsa. To protect yourself from troubles and misfortunes, you must be present at it.


Signs for Maslenitsa for conception in 2022

A week before the onset of Lent, during Shrovetide, is the best time to plan a future wedding. And the wedding, played on these holidays, will provide the spouses with a long life together, accompanied by mutual understanding and love.

A rich treat during matchmaking and wedding celebrations promised a comfortable life for the young. The Maslenitsa wedding promised no problems with conception and a quick addition to the family.

There are other beliefs that must be observed during the Maslenitsa wedding, so that everything goes well with the birth of children:

  • invite a woman expecting a baby to a wedding;
  • for the bride to try on any piece of clothing of a pregnant guest;
  • quench your thirst from her mug;
  • hold the newlywed in the arms of a newborn;
  • put a newly born child in bed or a doll depicting a baby;
  • tie a wedding ribbon on a birch or any fruit tree.

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A woman who has difficulty conceiving should be present at childbirth in order to be the first to pick up a newborn. It is believed that this will help her get rid of infertility. A prerequisite is that you should pray and drink holy water before the ceremony.

Other signs for conception

According to popular omens for Maslenitsa for conception in 2022, it is necessary to properly prepare for it. To do this, on a holiday, you should follow a number of the following recommendations:

  • go to close relatives with small gifts;
  • treat everyone with pancakes, including strangers;
  • on the last day of Maslenitsa sit down at the festive table 7 times;
  • visit the cemetery and ask for a blessing from those ancestors who had many children;
  • ask for help from nature.

Before the spouses go to bed, it is necessary to drink holy water and offer prayers to the saints for assistance in conception.



Maslenitsa is one of the most beloved holidays of the Slavs. During it, large-scale celebrations are organized, people who have gone to another world are commemorated, and marriages are made. It is believed that marriage during this period will provide young people with happiness and prosperity, and folk signs will help quickly fill the newlyweds' house with children's voices.

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