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Folk omens for Maslenitsa 2022 by day
Folk omens for Maslenitsa 2022 by day

Video: Folk omens for Maslenitsa 2022 by day

Video: Folk omens for Maslenitsa 2022 by day
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In Russia, it is customary to celebrate the holiday ending with the farewell to winter in a fun and grandiose manner, observing traditions and folk signs for Maslenitsa 2022 every day. Each of them is literally written down according to the actions that believers have always unquestioningly performed.


From the first day of the festive week, pancakes were baked, and the first pancake was not eaten by themselves, but given to the poor man, so that he, in turn, remembered the dead and prayed for the peace of their souls. Preparations for wide festivities were in full swing. They built slides from the snow, installed trading stalls and swings, so that everyone, regardless of age, had the opportunity to have fun.

An inalienable attribute was and remains to this day a stuffed animal made of hay. At first they dressed him up and took him to the villages, and on the last day of Maslenitsa they burned him.


Signs by day

Orthodox Christians celebrate Maslenitsa in early spring, its other name is Cheese Week. The date changes every year, but it is not difficult to calculate it yourself, given that it always passes before Lent.

Each day of Shrovetide week has its own signs:

  1. Day one - Meeting. Daughters-in-law visited their parents in the morning, and in the evening, their fathers-in-law visited them. There is a sign: the first pancakes baked on Monday portend a rich treat for the whole week.
  2. Day two - Flirting. Single girls and single guys were looking for a soul mate. Young people gathered in cheerful companies and got to know each other. If mutual sympathy arose between them, they talked about the upcoming wedding, which was scheduled after Easter.
  3. Day Three - Gourmet. The mother-in-law was waiting for her son-in-law to visit, she baked pancakes especially for him. It was considered a good omen to feed the daughter's husband to his fill, promising a happy, prosperous life.
  4. Day Four - Revelry. On this day, people had a lot of fun organizing various competitions. The favorite pastime was to slide down the hill, whoever manages to drive further will have a rich harvest. A similar prediction awaited those who climbed higher on the swing. But spending Thursday at home alone is a bad sign that does not bode well.
  5. Day five - Mother-in-law's evening. The son-in-law hosted his dear mother-in-law. He laid the table, the main treat on which, of course, were pancakes. The mother-in-law could take her friends with her to show them what a good guy her daughter chose as her husband.
  6. Day six - Sister's friends' gatherings. On Saturday, it is customary to invite the husband's relatives to talk, have fun and tell fortunes. It was believed that the prediction of this day would certainly come true.
  7. Day Seven - Seeing off Shrovetide and Forgiveness Sunday. People asked each other for forgiveness, sincerely saying the words: "Forgive me, please, and I forgive you." In response, you need to say: "God will forgive, and I forgive." The culmination of the holiday was the burning of a straw effigy.

Interesting! Traditions and signs for Shrovetide

It was believed that everyone should look at the burning of a scarecrow. For those who ignored tradition, something bad was ahead.

Throughout the week, it is customary to visit and receive relatives and friends at home, bake pancakes and arrange feasts.

Other signs on Shrovetide

In addition to folk signs for Shrovetide of all previous years and 2022 by day, you can find out what will happen in the foreseeable future. The predictions were based on observations of the weather, the behavior of animals and people, and the prepared food:

  • Pancakes - by their shape and quantity, they predicted the family future. Smooth, rosy, reminiscent of the sun - to well-being and happiness.
  • The number of pancakes was used to determine how many warm and clear days there would be. But the hostesses tried not to overdo it, so as not to trigger a drought.
  • The first pancake was given to the poor, so that they remembered the dead and prayed for the peace of their souls.
  • Delicious and ruddy first pancakes - to the health of households. Sloppy and unleavened baking - to disease.
  • If the pancake turned out to be thin with holes, there was an easy life ahead. Thick and dense - to problems and various difficulties.

It is not customary to cut pancakes with a knife or eat with a fork. Sharp objects are bad messengers, warning of family quarrels. So it's better to eat pancakes with your hands.

Signs related to the weather and well-being in the family

In addition to folk signs for Maslenitsa 2022 by day, it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with other signs and interpretations:

  • if it rains on Shrovetide, in spring there will be many mushrooms in the forest;
  • frost on Sunday, before the start of the holiday week - for a warm, comfortable summer, without the sultry heat;
  • bad weather - by early and very warm spring;
  • a large number of icicles on the roof - to successful endeavors and a good harvest;
  • eat as many pancakes as possible for Shrovetide and forgive the offenders - to wealth, health, the discovery of new opportunities and beginnings;
  • on Shrovetide, it is customary to free the house from unnecessary things, thereby purifying life, attracting good luck and love.

Unlike our grandparents, the current generation is not particularly superstitious and pays little attention to signs.


Beliefs for girls for love

Unmarried girls should pay attention to beliefs during the Maslenitsa period, they predict the near future in their personal lives:

  • To meet a drunken man at Shrovetide - to an early meeting with his beloved. Most likely, the acquaintance will end with a wedding.
  • If, when baking pancakes, the dough sticks to the pan, you should not expect to get married in the next year.
  • How many holes are in a pancake, so many children will be in the family.
  • To find out the name of the future groom, the first pancake was taken out into the street and the first passer-by was treated to it, asking his name. The same will be the name of the beloved.

On Shrovetide, it is customary to give small gifts. It was believed that such a gesture contributes to the solution of financial issues.


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Do's and Don'ts on Pancake Week

The holiday associated with the wires of winter is not limited to fun and festivities. In addition, there are prohibitions:

  • Do not eat meat or drink alcohol. It was believed that they could provoke a quarrel.
  • During the holiday period, one should not grieve - you need to drive away a bad mood and have fun, charging others with positive.
  • You cannot hide anger and resentment against another person, and if negative arises, drive away bad emotions from yourself.

What is allowed:

  • There are as many pancakes as possible. It is believed that they will fill you with health and happiness in the coming year.
  • It is a pleasure to meet everyone who comes into the house, even if they were in a quarrel with the person. It's time to make up and settle previous conflicts.
  • Before the holiday, carefully clean the house in order to spend the remaining time in fun and relaxation.

Most of the predictions for Shrovetide are positive. And the negative ones are easy to avoid: all you need to do is follow customs, be welcoming and do not refuse an invitation to visit. Then everything will be fine for sure.


  1. On Maslenitsa, folk signs and beliefs, distributed by day, operate, and 2022 will not be an exception. Every day of Pancake Week has a name and meaning.
  2. Pancakes should become the main treat of the festive table throughout the week. Their color and shape predicted a family future.
  3. On Shrovetide, one should not conflict and drink alcoholic beverages. You can and should have fun and let go of all insults.

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