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What day to bake Easter cakes in 2020 and paint eggs
What day to bake Easter cakes in 2020 and paint eggs

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Easter is one of the most important and significant holidays for every believing Orthodox Christian. Among its significant attributes are Easter cakes, which are popularly called pasque and colored Easter eggs or dyed eggs. In this article, we will talk about when to bake cakes for Easter 2020 and paint eggs.

Easter traditions

According to the traditions of the church, Easter cakes are often baked on Thursday or a day earlier - on Wednesday. But on Wednesday, it is still better to do general cleaning in your home, and postpone the preparation of the main attributes of Easter on Maundy Thursday, which is excellent for this sacred action.

But, if suddenly the hostess does not have the opportunity to bake on this day, when will it still be possible to bake Easter cakes and paint eggs?

It should be said that this can be done on Saturday as well. You can also separate two actions - paint the eggs on Maundy Thursday (April 16), and start cooking Easter cakes on Saturday morning (April 18).

Since Easter never has a fixed date, and therefore every year the day of this celebration must be calculated using the Orthodox calendar. In 2020, Easter falls on April 19th. Therefore, it will be possible to clean up on Wednesday - April 15, but bake cakes for Easter in 2020 and make curd cakes better on Maundy Thursday, which falls on April 16. You can paint eggs on Saturday - April 18th.

As for the cooking time of the cakes, it depends mainly on the recipe for the dough. So, if we are talking about the classic yeast version, then it should come up twice. In addition, it is important to knead it well by hand. Therefore, it takes an average of 5-6 hours to prepare such cakes.

Usually, the consecration of Easter cakes is performed on Saturday evening or Sunday morning. But, if you decide to go with a basket to the evening service, which will then turn into the all-night service, you should prepare for this in advance. There are also recipes according to which the preparation of cakes is much faster.

When it is undesirable to bake cakes

When choosing the time when to bake Easter cakes, you need to take into account that Friday is the most unfavorable day for making Easter cakes and coloring eggs. Until the time of the crucifixion of Christ, one should not be engaged in any household chores.

On this day, you need to go to church, pray, read the Bible, or just be with relatives in the bosom of your family.

It is considered a sin to bake cakes and paint eggs on Friday. In addition, on this day, it is not recommended to do household chores, have fun, celebrate some worldly holidays, sing and dance. It is forbidden to eat until the moment when the Shroud is taken out.

How to prepare for baking Easter cakes

The preparation of the main attributes of Easter should be considered very responsible and anxious, you need not only to choose the right day when to bake cakes for Easter 2020, but also to adhere to other important points. The fact is that this is a special ritual that should be observed by any housewife who is careful about religious holidays.

You need to knead the dough for cakes, prepare cottage cheese for paska with bright thoughts, in a calm and positive mood, observing peace of mind. Use all your imagination to create a dye. You can read prayers, turn your thoughts to God.

Since ancient times, there have been many signs associated with the preparation of pasque. For example, at this time it was impossible to pronounce a single word. Thus, it was possible to avoid violating the sacred procedure for baking pasque. All this time, it was possible to communicate in the house only in a whisper, and walk only on tiptoe.It was also impossible to play noisy games and listen to any music except church chants. All household members were encouraged to read the Bible and say prayers.

In addition, on Maundy Thursday, it is important to finish all unfinished business so that the house is fully prepared for the holiday. Maundy Thursday is a symbol of cleansing the body and soul.

On Easter day, the youngest member of the family should taste the finished cake first. Next, baked goods are eaten by seniority.

The question of when to bake cakes for Easter, and on what day it is better to do it, is really important. It is not only a matter of church canons, but also of primordial established traditions, which every Orthodox Christian should definitely observe.


Prepare for Easter, bake cakes and paint eggs on suitable days:

  1. You can clean the house on Wednesday.
  2. You can set aside Thursday for the preparation of Easter cakes and pasta.
  3. It's good to paint eggs on Saturday.
  4. On Friday, you should rest, go to church, read prayers, spend time with your family.

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