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Best Toasters of 2022 - Top Quality Models
Best Toasters of 2022 - Top Quality Models

Household appliances have become an integral part of the life of a modern person. Visual proof of this is not only coffee makers, microwave ovens, mixers and food processors, but also toasters. Our 2022 rating will help you to understand the extensive list of offers from leading manufacturers. Toasted bread is a great idea for a delicious and healthy breakfast, and a toaster will help you get it without smoke, fumes and carcinogenic compounds. The main thing is to choose a device that would meet all the needs of the owner.

Distinctive features

All toasters from the 2022 ranking are simple in design. But there are criteria that become the main ones in the choice: design from the manufacturer, color for the kitchen setting, fancy configuration or compactness (for a small functional room with limited space). For some consumers, this is just a way to fry without oil. Someone chooses the most expensive or cheapest toaster, some - to save money, others - to have the best at their disposal.

The toaster rating 2022 is not an advertisement or an insistent recommendation to a potential buyer. In its preparation, standard criteria were taken into account: from cost in harmony with quality, to additional functions, productivity and economy. Customer reviews posted on social networks or on special sites played a significant role in compiling the top.


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The choice of the best option should take into account the following characteristic and useful features:

  • efficiency - the consumption of electricity of a certain class, so as not to overpay for a communal apartment;
  • power that ensures productivity and speed of work (saving time in the morning is quite relevant);
  • practicality - the simultaneous frying of several slices (for a large family, 4 would be the best choice), even despite the larger dimensions;
  • type of control - electronic (you can set the desired parameters) or mechanical, when you need to do it manually, additional buttons (pause or cancel);
  • functionality - with defrosting, browning, heating and auto-centering;
  • parameters - the size of the device and the width of the slots (this will allow you to fry thick slices, buns for hamburgers and hot dogs);
  • operating modes - to fry a baked product from light to dark crust;
  • equipment - durable body material, user safety and a tray on which crumbs are collected, separated during cooking.

In the given rating of toasters in 2022, not only the selection criteria are taken into account, but also the demand from the buyer, which is determined by the number of copies sold.


List of the best

When looking at toaster ratings for 2022, it's best to pay attention to functionality and suitability to meet your own needs. For example, one of the following categories can be made the defining criterion:

  • The family toaster is designed for maximum safety for families with small children. It fries several slices at once and is equipped with a crumb tray.
  • Mechanical toaster - simple and reliable, inexpensive. It is operated manually, but it is no less functional and fulfills its purpose.
  • Perfectionists and trendsetters alike can look at electronically controlled toasters with spectacular displays and signal displays.

The top 5 includes examples included in various reviews of the best models. It practically does not take into account the manufacturer. Prestigious brands with a proven track record are expensive and are often assembled in China while retaining the name, warranty and referrals from advertising managers. In some sources, you can find a more fractional division: into inexpensive and designer, premium, traditional models, into 2 and 4 pieces. But in this ranking you will find the 5 best models, which you should definitely think about purchasing.


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Scarlett SC-TM11005

An electrical appliance that 9 out of 10 users approve of. This is the only model that has only one drawback - only that on the one hand the piece is fried more intensely, and on the other it turns out less ruddy. Simple operation allows not only to quickly master the novelty, but also to apply it for several processes that are always in demand from the hostess.


  • durable body made of high-quality plastic, which practically does not heat up during operation;
  • a recess for a cord under the bottom panel and a removable tray that is easy to clean;
  • 7 modes of operation and pause;
  • functionality at the highest level - frying, defrosting and just heating;
  • well-known manufacturer and affordable cost.

Unconditional leadership in the rating of consumer demand is obtained thanks to numerous useful features and an interesting design from the developer. It will decorate the kitchen, decorated in light and dark colors and in any stylistic direction.


Gorenje T1100CL

People who are looking for cutting edge gadgets may find this model not modern enough, but fans of tradition and quality will not be able to pass it by.


  • excellent power combined with simple mechanical controls;
  • there is a pull-out tray and a defrost function;
  • metal case, coated with a special compound to prevent heating;
  • equipped with an indicator, button illumination and several frying modes, there is a cancellation of the function;
  • approving user reviews.

The purchase will solve all the problems with breakfast in a small family. Also, this model is suitable for a lonely person - a minimum of effort and energy is spent on cooking. Perhaps that is why buyers of a model from a trusted manufacturer did not find any flaws in it.


Braun HT 3010

Progressive design does not exclude the compactness of the gadget and ease of placement in a closet or on a windowsill. The price is somewhat overpriced, according to some buyers, but others are confident that the quality and brand, as well as the lack of flaws, justify the cost.


  • good power and simple mechanical control;
  • there is a rack for buns and a place for 2 toasts, defrost function;
  • the coating of the beautiful case does not heat up.

Power and functionality, excellent build quality and a robust body will quickly make this appliance indispensable in any kitchen.


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Philips HD2581

One of the leaders in the 2022 toaster rating is a device with an optimal ratio of cost and quality. Compact, robust, super powerful toaster with standard features including defrosting. It is offered in white and black variations and is very popular with those who prefer not to overpay for a big name.


Hermes Technics HT-TO104

An excellent solution for lovers of designer models. A toaster with a built-in radio, visually stylized for it. In addition to this highlight, there is a digital display, heating, removable tray and 6 frying modes. The toaster itself has no shortcomings, but some users are unhappy with the breadth of the radio's range.



The 2022 toaster rating is extensive and represented by different models:

  • with electronic and mechanical control;
  • additional functions and indications;
  • with robust metal and plastic housings;
  • expensive and cheap - you can choose for every taste and budget.

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