Trousers are our everything
Trousers are our everything

Video: Trousers are our everything

Video: Trousers are our everything
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White pants by MARC by Marc Jacobs /></p>
<p> <strong> Dress pants </strong> </p></p>
<p> Straight, bone-length at the ankle. They are usually sewn from plain fabric, less often from striped or checked fabric. Good for work, business meetings. Perfect in combination with the same jacket. </p></p>
<p> <strong> Jeans </strong> </p></p>
<p> They, of course, can also be called a kind of classics. But then it will be (unlike the trousers described above)

The sexiest option for a pair of pants because they completely fit your figure. Keep in mind that in order to carry "cigarettes", the figure must be perfect. Modern stretch fabrics have made this particular model of trousers super popular for several seasons in a row.


They are somewhat reminiscent of tights with a cut off foot. By the way, this summer they are worn instead of tights, under the skirt. Of course, such leggings should be thin and fit the leg well, without forming folds. Want to look trendy? Wear socks that are the same color as the skirt, but contrasting with the leggings themselves. The brighter the colors in this case, the better.

Flared trousers

Originally, sailor trousers with a bell, became an element of men's and women's fashion in the second half of the 20th century. If anyone does not know, a flare is a way of cutting, when the line of the edge of the part is cut diagonally relative to the edge of the canvas. It is this feature that allows the product to lie in soft beautiful waves, sensually rising and falling when the wind blows. A flare in trousers can start from the knee (this is a slightly outdated option), or it can go straight from the hip or even from the waist.

Sail pants

Just wide leg pants. Waist - elastic or drawstring. Sails have been in vogue for years. But, it seems, and not the last. This model is especially relevant for the summer, if you sew trousers-sails from silk, linen, organza or any other light fabric. The colors, accordingly, should also be "light", that is, light: beige, light green, flamingo, lilac …


Their length can be just below the knee, and can reach the middle of the calf. Bottom - always on the cuff. Modern fabrics allow you to show your individuality and choose breeches that match your style or even your mood. Checkered and striped, avant-garde plot and colorful flowers - today there are no restrictions in choosing a pattern for this type of trousers.


These wide, pleated at the waist and tapered trousers are back in fashion. And, as in the mid-80s, they are sewn from a checkered fabric, "goose feet". Beige bananas will look exquisite, as well as bananas of any other pastel color. But do not sew them from bright fabric.


The same as bananas, only shortened (to the knee). Bermuda shorts have become the real favorites of the public today. The leading couturiers of the world did not even hesitate to show the world this type of trousers in combination with strict jackets. In Bermuda, you can go on a picnic, or you can come to work, visit, to a disco … They can be worn with sports shoes and boots, or with high-heeled shoes. Bermuda shorts are becoming the most versatile form of trousers this season.

Love trousers, and they will repay you a hundredfold! In addition, no one canceled evening dresses !!!