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Banks rating by reliability according to the Central Bank for 2022
Banks rating by reliability according to the Central Bank for 2022

Video: Banks rating by reliability according to the Central Bank for 2022

Video: Banks rating by reliability according to the Central Bank for 2022
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The increase in the key rate of the Central Bank, according to experts, will again make bank deposits and deposits attractive to the population as a way to preserve savings during the period of rising inflation, depreciation of money and the difficult economic situation caused by the pandemic. The country's main bank conducts regular assessments of the state of financial institutions according to several important parameters. This means an opportunity for ordinary depositors and large investors to view the rating of banks in terms of reliability according to the Central Bank for 2022 in order to correctly place their savings.

Why is it important

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation is positioned as a special public and legal institution, whose functions include protecting and supporting the national currency, ensuring its stability, developing the banking system and ensuring the functioning of the payment system. These are not all duties and functions, but some of them are so important and exclusive that they are reflected in the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Among them are the protection of stability and ensuring a stable ruble exchange rate, the exclusive right to issue money.


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People who have contacted the Central Bank with complaints about some financial organizations know that it has no right to interfere in the operational activities of banking structures, because it is not a government body, but is subordinate to the State Duma. However, important goals have been set before him, including the stability of the Russian financial market and its development.

The rating of banks in terms of reliability according to the Central Bank for 2022 is a clear reflection of its forecasting and analytical activities. In addition to other responsibilities, within the framework of a separate area of work, the Central Bank's functions include increasing the financial literacy of the population and protecting the rights of consumers of a banking product.

The institute for counteracting unfair work in the financial market was created according to foreign counterparts. Along with negative information posted on a newly created special service, the Central Bank regularly publishes a review of banks that deserve the trust of their clients.

Information provided

The rating of banks in terms of reliability according to the Central Bank for 2022 is the result of research, collected statistical data and analysis of the information received. This takes into account not only the opinion of rating agencies, analysts and experts from various fields of financial activity, but also the opinion of the population, the absence of complaints, the manifestation of trust in the consumption of the offered product line.


Places in the top reflect the fulfillment of important criteria and requirements. Evaluation and awarding of a place in the rating is carried out according to the following indicators:

  • the size of assets and the dynamics of indicators (evidence of the success of the strategy chosen by the bank);
  • the volume of deposits and the number of depositors - an indicator of public confidence in the financial structure;
  • the number of loans issued - some balance should be observed here, since the bank cannot work only in the field of lending;
  • on financial statements and their compliance with the real situation;
  • in terms of capital, as evidence of stability and stability (this is not always the amount of funds that are in circulation);
  • according to the adequacy of funds available, recently introduced by the Central Bank.

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The importance of the latter indicator is undeniable, and compliance with the standard is mandatory for all credit institutions. The average level is 10-12%, and the drop in the standard to 2% means the right to revoke the license and terminate the bank's activities. The regulator can act in a similar way in case of insufficient finances that are in the turnover of the banking structure.

Regular transformations

The Central Bank regularly monitors the state of affairs, collateral, reporting and structure of the financial organization, the composition of its founders, user reviews and expert opinion. An important indicator is interest rates for both lending and deposits and deposits. The Central Bank has the ability to change the key rate to achieve certain goals, and banks must respond to this.


The rating of banks in terms of reliability according to the Central Bank for 2022 is constantly changing based on ongoing monitoring, but it is considered the most reliable. Despite the difference in the positions of different rating companies and agencies, analysts and experts recommend this top as the most accurate and relevant benchmark.

Top five leaders

The top has remained unchanged for several years, but does not always coincide with the opinion of other analysts. So, for example, according to the Forbes business information magazine, which uses data from rating agencies (mainly foreign), Sberbank, Raiffeisenbank, Rosbank, Ing Bank (Eurasia) and HSBC Bank are among the leaders, and the permanent leaders are more low positions.

The Central Bank of Russia compiles its list of systemically important financial institutions precisely in terms of reliability indicators for the ordinary population and investors:

  1. Sberbank is the undisputed leader with almost no worthy competitors. It is the largest bank in Russia and Eastern Europe, trusted by a significant number of users. He has everything he needs for this: a lot of loans issued, deposits received for safekeeping, assets and equity in a huge amount.
  2. VTB is a silver medalist, second only to Sber. His specialization is work with bankrupts and investors who have lost their licenses, on-lending and restructuring. But this does not mean that management ignores other banking products.
  3. After Gazprombank stopped performing the narrow function of supporting the extractive industries and started lending, working with individuals and legal entities, it moved up to the third step in the rating, since it began to meet all the requirements.
  4. Rosselkhozbank has also expanded the list of services and products. Here you can take not only a loan for agribusiness, but also open a deposit and a deposit, get any of the services in demand in modern banking.
  5. Alfa-Bank has a significant number of foreign investors. He is also known abroad, and is positively assessed by analysts of rating agencies. In the Forbes rating, he is in 27th place, but this does not mean anything, since the business magazine does not assess reliability for the population, but a place among Russian and foreign banks operating in the Russian Federation.

The Sberometer website also lists the rating of Russian banks, in which the rating winners have not changed. But Alfa-Bank occupies the third step of the podium, overtaking Gazprombank in terms of growth in performance and customer confidence, although Sberbank and Gazprombank scored 5 stars for Sberometer, and Alfa only 3.

How to navigate a potential client

The rating of banks in terms of reliability according to the Central Bank for 2022 may still change, and this is not an absolute guideline for depositors who intend to save their money by returning to the traditional method of passive earnings against the background of the Central Bank's increase in the key rate. Sberbank offers a low interest rate on deposits and deposits, but reliability is not a reason to earn less, especially now, when deposits are insured by the state.

In different positions, but also in the top, there are always Otkritie Bank, Credit Bank of Moscow, Raiffeisenbank, Promsvyazbank, UniCredit Bank, Sovcombank, Rosbank, Post Bank, RRDB and many other financial institutions. You can choose by the amount of capital, the amount of regulatory capital or the amount of interest rates offered on short-term deposits. The presence in the rating of the Central Bank is a recommendation that deserves attention, but not a dogma, which must be obeyed to the detriment of your interests.



The main bank of the Russian Federation regularly publishes a reliability rating based on the data that come to the disposal of analysts. It takes into account several important criteria.

The list of leaders is still unchanged, you can confidently navigate on it when choosing an object for financial transactions. Interest rates on loans and deposits are important.

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