The paparazzi captured what MakSim looks like after a coma
The paparazzi captured what MakSim looks like after a coma

Video: The paparazzi captured what MakSim looks like after a coma

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The singer has never been so thin. She can barely move, leaning on her assistant. There is no talk about leaving the house on your own now.

When at the end of June, in 2021, the doctors had to enter the singer MakSim into a drug-induced coma, the subscribers were very worried about the state of the artist's health. At first, they hoped that the body would cope, but when she was not returned to consciousness on time, the excitement intensified.

In total, the star spent a month in a state of medication.

The followers understood that she was facing a difficult and long period of recovery, because illness and coma lead to the weakening of an already sick body. The paparazzi tried to catch the artist on discharge to see how she looked.

The assistants foresaw this scenario and took MakSim out in a wheelchair. Her head was completely covered with an umbrella.

A few days later, a rumor appeared on the network that the star was not actually in a coma. This topic was most actively discussed by the former soloist of the once popular group Strelki. She stated that all this is PR in order to draw attention to creativity and future concerts.

Recently, photographers of the Telegram channel "Baza" were able to take photos of a celebrity. On them, she was not alone. Marina barely walked, leaning on her assistant. Her steps were extremely uncertain. It became obvious that it was difficult for Maksimova to move.

During her illness, the performer lost a lot of weight. Such fans did not see her even during the period when haters accused the star of anorexia. Now even skeptics have no doubt that the star was really in a coma. They wish the singer a speedy recovery.

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