Pavel Priluchny returned to his previous form and looks great
Pavel Priluchny returned to his previous form and looks great

Video: Pavel Priluchny returned to his previous form and looks great

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Observing the metamorphoses with the weight of Pavel Priluchny, fans begin to compare him with Hollywood actors who make sacrifices for the sake of being similar to the heroes.

Pavel Priluchny for a long time remained one of the most attractive men in the Russian film industry. Accustomed to this appearance, the fans were very surprised to see the actor noticeably aged and emaciated.

Many thought that the artist's appearance was affected by a discord with his already ex-wife, but later it became clear that the artist had lost 14 kg for a movie role. Priluchny could not look like a handsome man with relief muscles, bursting with health. In this form, the audience would not have believed the hero who found himself in the center of hostilities.

Many praised Pasha's work and compared it with Hollywood actors who, for the sake of art, were ready for such radical transformations.

The fans expected Pavel to quickly get back into shape. And so it happened. Priluchny gained previously lost weight within a few months. As a result, the press and netizens began to discuss the completeness of the artist and write that she did not suit him.

Looking at what Miroslava Karpovich looks like, who is always accused of anorexia, skeptics began to joke that only one person eats all the food in their house - Pavel.

To spite all ill-wishers, the man quickly returned to form. The other day, the actor posted fresh photos. The artist admitted that he does not like photo shoots, but he is ready to work with some photographers, since he likes the result of cooperation.

In fresh photographs, Priluchny was captured as before. Along with being overweight, age has gone, and Pavel looks as if there were no metamorphoses in appearance.

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