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Sunny scents

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Video: Sunny scents
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The familiar line from the song "Nature has no bad weather". And over time, it has not lost its relevance: nature is changeable, and the main thing is to keep up with the changes that are happening around us. The cool spring has been replaced by a sunny summer, which means that you urgently need to check your wardrobe and cosmetic bag in order to meet the heat fully armed.

Crystal clear

Many people think that summer in itself gives our skin beauty and health, but this is not at all the case. Heat stimulates the sebaceous glands, solar radiation activates the production of free radicals, and city dust settles on the skin, clogging the pores. All this negatively affects our appearance. Therefore, in the summer it is simply necessary to take care of the skin, and the main thing that cannot be done without is its thorough cleansing.

In the summer heat, it is better to cleanse the skin several times a day. But for this you should not resort to hot water and ordinary soap - the production of sebum can only increase, and the appearance of the skin can deteriorate. It is best to wash your face with cool water and use makeup removers or gels that are appropriate for your skin type. You should also not overdo it with scrubs.

But it is possible and necessary to moisturize the skin. It is advisable to use special moisturizing creams both in the morning and in the evening - they will create a thin protective film that prevents moisture loss and protect your skin from adverse environmental factors. You can also use toners and lotions, preferably alcohol-free, and nourishing creams. Choose a cream with a light texture - it absorbs quickly, does not clog pores and does not leave an oily sheen.

The steam of bones does not ache, but spoils the mood

How painful it is to go to work on the stuffy streets, catching every breath of the breeze and dreaming of a refreshing coolness! You can, of course, hope for the mercy of nature, but it's better to take care of yourself. Nowadays, many companies produce series of summer cosmetics with a cooling effect.

The pleasantly cool effect is achieved thanks to the menthol content. It has not only a refreshing effect - when rubbed into the skin, it irritates the nerve endings, and as a result, there is a feeling of cold and pleasant tingling. In addition, menthol tones the skin and enhances its protective properties.

Due to the refreshing properties of menthol, it is often used in shower gels, shampoos and hair balms - such a summer set will not only help to cope with the heat, but also give vigor in the early morning, and will also allow you to keep the feeling of cleanliness and freshness for longer. Shower gels with a cooling effect are, for example, in the assortment of Green Mama, Nivea and EMANSI.

In order for the saving coolness to always be with you, or rather, on you, you can use body lotions containing menthol, or even decorative cosmetics with a cooling effect. For example, Oriflame now has a series of Aqua Vibes, especially for hot summer, - it includes not only the corresponding body and shower gels, but also shadows, blush, lip gloss.

Our legs also have a lot of tests, so pick up special creams that relieve fatigue, which also include menthol, in this case it also eliminates an unpleasant odor. There are many products for foot care - these summer series include not only creams, but also deodorants, talc and foot bath products. In particular, companies such as Kalina (Black Pearl series), Krasnaya Liniya, Green Mama, Avon produce various specialized products for the care of our feet in the hot season.

In winter and summer, not in one color

But no matter how terrible the stuffiness of city streets is, summer is still a favorite season for many. And you want to look not just good, but summer-like gorgeous, and in this case you can't do without a golden tan. But you also need to sunbathe wisely and with a protective sun cream, so as not to become red like boiled cancer, and not to acquire premature wrinkles. It is not difficult to choose a sun cream, the main thing is to choose the right protection factor: it should be the higher, the lighter the skin. It does not interfere with immediately picking up an after-sun cream, which soothes and nourishes the skin, and also protects it from flaking and redness. Don't forget about self-tanning products; Recently, they have become more often produced not in the form of creams, but in the form of sprays, which are easier to evenly apply to all parts of the body.

The scent of perfume is so attractive …

And the last is the choice of perfume. The pleasant scent of your favorite perfume complements your image, makes it more complete, but an incorrectly selected perfume may not attract, but alienate those around you. Imagine a stuffy public transport and a girl standing next to you, richly perfumed with a sugary-sweet scent … And the point is not whether it is a good perfume or a bad one - they just are not suitable for summer.


There is a lot of talk about perfumes with pheromones in different ways: they are praised, scolded and used to gain self-confidence. What makes them different from others? Firstly, they are created on the basis of the most popular perfumes of well-known brands, and the pheromone additive adapts this scent to your skin type. Secondly, they are created on an oil basis, which means that they will last for a long time. Thirdly, a small handy bottle fits perfectly in a purse or pocket. And the most important thing is that real perfume with pheromones will really make you pay attention to you. To avoid the counterfeits that have flooded the counters lately, buy them from the Pheromons online store.

When choosing a perfume, remember that it behaves differently at high and low temperatures. Light and fresh odors disappear quickly in cold weather. Sweet and rich aromas on a hot day will seem too heavy and may even cause headaches. Therefore, in the warm season, it is better to give preference to light floral, aquatic, citrus or green aromas.

In general, traditionally, summer fragrances are called perfumes that do not contain alcohol, or perfumes with a lightweight composition, the main emphasis in which is placed on several of the freshest components. Such perfumes may be less persistent than winter versions, but in the heat their smells will not acquire unpleasant shades, mixed with the smell of sweat, and this is undoubtedly important for summer fragrances. Many companies produce summer perfumes in limited editions for one season. But summer fragrances include regular perfumes with fresh aromas.

This summer, many well-known perfume companies presented their summer versions of women's fragrances, for example, two new products from Calvin Klein - CK One Summer 2006 and Eternity Summer 2006. Davidoff pleases us with his Cool Water Summer Fizz and Echo Woman Summer Fizz. And Yves Saint Laurent has released In Love Again Jasmin Etoile and a new limited edition of his famous Opium fragrance - Opium Eau d'Orient Fleur Imperiale. Kenzo has also released a limited edition version of L'Eau par Kenzo for women and men - L'Eau par Kenzo Love L'Eau, in white and blue, respectively. Paco Rabanne has two new fragrances, Ultraviolet Man Colors of Summer for men and Ultraviolet Colors of Summer for women in a bright, sunny bottle.

Another novelty this season is two fragrances from Givenchy: Very Irresistible Summer for Women 2006 and Very Irresistible Givenchy Summer for Men (both fragrances are also released in limited edition). If your attention is drawn to the bottles in the form of ice cubes, these may be the new products from Carolina Herrera - 212 On Ice 2006 and 212 Man On Ice 2006 in red and blue. Other novelties of the season for women are: Amor Amor Eau Fraiche 2006 by Cacharel, Apparition Sun (Ungaro), Classique Summer Fragrance Alcohol-Free 2006 by Jean-Paul Gaultier, L'Eau D'Issey Summer Eau de Toilette 2006 (Issey Miyake), Summer Attraction by Lancome, Summer Flirt (Ghost), Touch of Sun by Lacoste, V Valentino Ete (Valentino).

Men are also not deprived of attention this summer - three summer fragrances from Davidoff, Cool Water Deep Summer Fizz, Cool Water Summer Fizz and Echo Summer Fizz, created for them, will give a feeling of chilling coolness even on the hottest days. Another novelty of men's perfumery is two summer fragrances from Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2006 and Eternity for Men Summer 2006.


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Summer is a small life. And you need to have time to rejoice every sunny day, because we have little summer. Unlike winter and autumn …

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