Alena Wormwood - a man of the era
Alena Wormwood - a man of the era

Video: Alena Wormwood - a man of the era

Video: Alena Wormwood - a man of the era
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Today we are talking with a man who became legendary during his lifetime, with a man whose name can be named for an entire era. And his name, or rather her, is Alena Wormwood.


Correspondent: Alena, you have raised a lot of uncomfortable questions to the surface, to which painless answers cannot be given. You have opened three organizations: ACM, Unity and WIS Union. You are the head of an international occult organization "The Empire of the Strongest Witches". A trivial question about how you created all this, I will not ask. Tell us about the most uncomfortable questions you've encountered. The answers to which call into question the correctness of the perception of life.

Alena Wormwood: The first and very important question is why there is the Order of the husband, but there is no Order of the wife? HUSBAND AND WOMAN, where did Chin go? I have created a website for the Chin of a Woman and my goal is to return the Chin of a wife. Wife and mother are the destiny of the WOMAN. The family is an important value that has been greatly depreciated.

Second important topic. Why are there religions in Russia that violate the laws of the Russian Federation? The scriptures of these religions must either be modified under the law of the state, or banned as dangerous! For example, what is the appeal "do not leave the witchcraft alive"? It is worth recalling the time when there was an Inquisition in Russia, and people understood that genocide (and this is precisely genocide) did not exist in Russia, it was only in the West. This is a lie or silence for the benefit of religions.

Raise the historical archives: thousands of tortured and executed, including children! Genocide is a crime. The Church must acknowledge this and publicly declare this terrible mistake. It is worth noting that at one time there was a goal of introducing religion into the masses. And such a goal can only be achieved by eliminating all those who disagree. If today we do not recognize the existence of this horror and the guilt of religion in its creation, then very soon we will return to the same.

See how the seizure of territories is going on, how people defend parks. But how convenient it is to simply remove the dissatisfied. Do you think this is impossible today? But in vain. This summer of 2019, people, posing as Christians, already announced that they would burn me and demanded to convert to Christianity. The local priest Grigory Reshetov blessed them to be "curious" about me. The bottom line is that they burned down the cabins of the workers who worked on my site. I held a press conference on this topic. Today we must understand that time does not heal terrible wounds in the history of mankind and those who once did this may want to establish their power through torture and bloodshed today.

I sent an appeal to the President of Russia. I will also communicate with the relevant authorities about the installation of a memorial to those who suffered during the days of the Inquisition, next to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. It is necessary to enter the day of remembrance for the victims of the Inquisition on June 19, since it was on the night of 19-20 that the fire took place.

Correspondent: Did anyone apologize after the arson attack? Was a criminal case opened?

Alena Wormwood: The criminal case is open. Nobody apologized, and, moreover, everyone, including the guardians of the law, considers witches to be a kind of stronghold of evil that must be destroyed.

Correspondent: Why do you think witches are treated this way? After all, you openly declare that you are a witch. Does it interfere with your social activities?

Alena Wormwood: A witch is a knowing mother who knows more than ordinary people and is able to help in many areas of life. Before the advent of the Abrahamic religions, witches were respected and then hated. Today, the already established negative opinion is only fueled by cinema, literature and even the media. Moscow region 360, Russia 24, Moscow 25 - these are the TV channels that have repeatedly insulted me.


Correspondent: Tell us more about your organizations.

Alena Wormwood: The WIS Union is engaged in the study of the heritage of the peoples of the world. We found a lot of interesting and important information that is useful to people today. AFM deals with human health. Physicians and healers must work together. After all, the original meaning of the word "medicine" is a healing art. The charitable organization "Unity of Mother and Child Protection", in fact, is engaged in protection. The fact is that in our country mother and child are not protected at all. Domestic violence is common in many families. Spanking a child or pushing a wife is not even perceived as violence. As for the family - we are not taught to create and maintain a family, but this is a whole science and without it there is no future for humanity.

Correspondent: you are a successful beautiful woman known all over the world. They say about you that you are a man of legend. With all this, you are a witch, and I will not repeat the question whether the fact that you are a witch bothers you. It seems to me that it definitely does not interfere.

Alena Wormwood: I love Russia, I love the Earth, and it's hard for me to see how dementia breaks the lives of thousands of people in many countries. I want people to wake up and see how much useful knowledge necessary for life is kept by witchcraft, and who is a knowing mother - then we have hope for the future.

We talked with Alena Wormwood, we talked frankly about the sore. And, looking at this man, amazing with his depth and strength, realizing how many lives she saved, you realize that the witch is not a dark character in fairy tales, but already the postulate of Christianity “do not let the sorcerer live”. The history of the Inquisition looks completely different, namely: you see in all this genocide, with which for some reason you have come to terms. Thank you, Alena Wormwood, for the courage to talk about this!

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