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What kind of tree to choose for your child: a live or artificial?
What kind of tree to choose for your child: a live or artificial?

Video: What kind of tree to choose for your child: a live or artificial?

Video: What kind of tree to choose for your child: a live or artificial?
Video: Real or Artificial - Which Christmas Tree to Choose? 2023, May

Let's remember our childhood. The smell of tangerines and fresh pine needles hovers in the room, next to the forest beauty there are toy Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden and various sweets lie in bulk …

Now, as then, the Christmas tree remains, perhaps, the main symbol of the New Year. Only now we have become parents and we ourselves must take care of the holiday for our kids. Which tree to choose for a children's room: live or artificial? Let's try to figure it out.


Live tree

Previously, almost everyone had a natural spruce or pine for the New Year. Even now, many mothers and fathers prefer a live Christmas tree for the children's room. But is it right? Let's see what the pros and cons of a natural product are.


  • Natural pine needles smell and environmental friendliness. A live herringbone actively spreads nutrients and a characteristic pleasant smell.
  • Natural appearance. Unlike artificial Christmas trees, the needles on them are quite thick, and natural trees do not look too "right".
  • A special atmosphere around. This feeling cannot be explained in words, because a living tree is childhood, a holiday and a special feeling that arises on the New Year.
  • Low cost. After all, high-quality artificial Christmas trees are much more expensive.


  • Relatively short shelf life. After the holidays, a very shabby Christmas tree or pine tree will have to be thrown away.
  • Regular shedding of needles and constant cleaning of dry needles.
  • Harm to nature. Even if a tree was grown especially for the holidays in a nursery, it gradually dies when it is cut down. And in order to grow the same, it takes years.
  • High fire hazard. Parents should pay special attention to this point: keep firecrackers, sparklers, candles, flashlights, electrical appliances away. And keep a close eye on the children's amusements near the Christmas tree.
  • Needle allergy or needle pricks: you should always be on the lookout with small children!

If these negative points do not scare you, then choose natural wood.

The role of the Christmas tree can be played by cypress, araucaria, cryptomeria or juniper.

A great alternative to the forest beauty will be a spruce or pine, planted in the courtyard of a private house. It can also be decorated, and it will delight you for more than one New Year.

Apartment residents may like the option of buying dwarf conifers, which are sold in flower shops. And the cypress, araucaria, cryptomeria or juniper can also play the role of a Christmas tree. You can also buy fir, spruce or pine in pots, and plant them in your summer cottage after the holidays.


Faux Christmas tree

But time takes its toll, artificial materials are increasingly replacing natural ones. Yes, in some ways it is more practical and simpler. Modern Christmas trees often look even more beautiful than their natural counterparts. When purchasing it, think first of all about where it will be stored for a whole year. It is better not to buy collapsible Christmas trees, but to look for an “umbrella” assembly mechanism on sale - they are the most comfortable for long-term storage.

However, in all matters concerning children, in the first place should be such qualities as safety and environmental friendliness.

High quality artificial herringbone differs in the following features:

  • The needles are firmly attached to the product.
  • There is no strong smell.
  • The material from which made the branch is not scratched.
  • tree branches good flexion and extension.
  • Tree stands stable on the floor and did not falter.

What are to be feared when choosing an artificial tree?

A substandard tree can be toxic, emitting volatile chemicals such as formaldehyde and phenol, which can cause mild discomfort, dizziness, or headaches. And although high-quality artificial products cost a lot, in this case, one should not chase after cheapness.

And one more important factor that parents should pay attention to: every artificial tree is fire hazardous!

Therefore, it is definitely not worth hanging flashlights, candles and everything that can cause a fire on it. You can also not hang electric garlands (especially Chinese cheap ones) and leave them on without supervision.

Happy and safe holidays for you!

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