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What to give a child for the New Year
What to give a child for the New Year

Video: What to give a child for the New Year

Video: What to give a child for the New Year
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In December, all the children have already sent letters to Santa Claus, and the pre-holiday race begins for parents, as well as their relatives.

Sometimes children's requests are difficult to translate into reality. The gifts that a child asks for does not always correspond to his age. But even from such a situation, you can find a way out. We have collected 5 options that, in any case, will surprise and delight a student of any age.


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Collection of favorite characters

Let's be honest: even adults don't mind getting merch with their favorite characters as a gift. For example, a Marvel mug or pajamas with a funny cat sticker Pusheen.

It's even easier with children. They can be presented with a set of toys in the form of characters that they like. Younger girls are interested in the cartoon "Lady Bug and Supercat", "Princess Sofia", and boys - all the same comic book heroes, from Spider-Man to The Flash.

Schoolchildren also love the characters from the movie "The Avengers" - Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Hank Pym, Wasp and others. Any merch with their symbols will be a great gift for the New Year. Moreover, in 2018 a new part will be released: "Avengers: Infinity War", so such a thematic present will be very relevant.


3D pen

If your child has a weakness for creativity, instead of paints and an easel, surprise him with an interesting gadget - a 3D pen.

The tool allows you to draw any volumetric shapes with special plastic. This can be done suspended in the air, or you can create separate pieces on the table, and later combine them into one object.

The glue gun works in a similar way. Dealing with the functioning of the handle is quite simple. The process of creating figures is fun, but certainly much more primitive than the process of creating objects using a 3D printer.

The pen can be purchased in the range of $ 20 to $ 100. The cost depends on the configuration. Usually the set includes: the gadget itself, replaceable cartridges with multi-colored plastic.


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A win-win gift is a new smartphone. But in the case of children, there are a number of requirements for the gadget. First, it doesn't have to cost a fortune. Given the child's activity and the tendency to lose everything, an expensive gadget can turn into wasted money. Secondly, a smartphone must meet modern requirements: be stylish, nimble and take good pictures. The Honor 9 gadget with a dual 20-megapixel camera, a fingerprint scanner and a Kirin 960 processor, which is responsible for performance, will become a faithful friend for your child. Its cost is 24,990 rubles. In addition, the smartphone allows you to customize parental control functions. This is especially important for children of primary school age. Honor 9 has a capacious battery, the power of which is enough, for example, for 9 hours of listening to music offline. The child will always be in touch. If the gadget is still discharged at the wrong time, it will be possible to replenish the charge up to at least 40% in 30 minutes.

Of course, such a powerful smartphone should rather be presented to teenagers - they will appreciate all the possibilities of new technologies - both at school and at home.


An inexpensive but welcome gift is a set of slimes of different colors and textures. This “sticky” toy delights even adults. Children will definitely love a portion of New Year's slime with confetti or sparkles.

Slime consists of a viscous material that has the properties of a non-Newtonian fluid. In Russia, this substance is better known as "slime". You can crush it, change its shape in every possible way, but the toy will not lose its properties.


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You've probably seen a few viral videos on Instagram, where your hands crumple a slime, and you can watch it endlessly. You can buy a toy for only 300 rubles or make it with your child. This is the very case when a good mood can be bought for a small amount.

Electronic constructor

If your child has an inquisitive mind and wants to create and construct something, give him the opportunity to assemble his own Lego Mindstorms robot.

By the way, this is a great option for joint leisure, since parental help may be needed in the design of a toy. All parts in the set are packaged in bags. If you follow the instructions, assembling the robot will turn into a fun experience.

It is better to give such a toy to children over 10 years old, since assembling a robot still requires certain knowledge and skill. The kit allows you to collect several variations of the robot that you can control. For children who are especially skilled in this matter, there is an option for programming the robot using special software. In comparison with other construction sets, the electronic version from Lego costs significantly more - from 17,000 rubles. That being said, the toy really helps to develop your child's technical abilities and perhaps yours too.

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