Lyova and Shura Bi-2: and it will be rewarded to you
Lyova and Shura Bi-2: and it will be rewarded to you

Video: Lyova and Shura Bi-2: and it will be rewarded to you

Video: Lyova and Shura Bi-2: and it will be rewarded to you
Video: Шура, Лёва, Победа и звукоинженер Эдам — эфир к 20-летию альбома «Би-2» 2023, May

- If you delve into history well, you can find out who burned the temple of Artemis, who killed John Lennon. What would you be able to do for the sake of fame?

Lyova: Give all your strength and capabilities. Give everything inside and out to make a quality product. And history is such a thing … I think, in two hundred years, neither Beethoven, nor, moreover, "Bi-2" will be remembered. Looking so far ahead - why is it necessary? We must live for today and tomorrow and do everything possible to make it good for you and your loved ones.

Shura: We will definitely not kill someone, burn, destroy, offend and deceive! It is necessary to work - this is the secret of success!

- What surprises you in life?

Lyova: Stupidity!

- And in women?

Lyova: Women should be beautiful and smart. But I do not think that this should surprise anyone - in my opinion, this is in the order of things. In general, I've heard or read somewhere - I don't remember that women are more aggressive. Initially, duels were purely female. They were the first to figure out how to sort things out in bloody ways. When my wife and I watch films about battles and flowing rivers of blood, she throws the phrase: "These are all bastards! They come up with all kinds of battles, measure strength, kill each other" … But she forgets that from time immemorial it was women who were the instigators of battles! Let us recall at least Elena the Beautiful, because of whom the Trojan War broke out! Why, then, are men bastards and women beautiful ?!

Shura: Kind wonderful words about women by March 8! (laugh!) In general, it seems to me that March 8 in Russia partially replaces Valentine's Day, which is still not such a popular holiday in our country, unlike in Europe, when men give flowers and gifts to their beloved ladies.

Lyova: It's just that we have gender discrimination! On February 14, congratulate women, on March 8, too, congratulate, and even bring coffee to bed. On New Year's, birthday, name day, go broke too … My wife just looks at the calendar: so, when there is still a holiday, to demand a gift from her husband …

- Wait, and on New Years you are not gifted? On February 23rd?

Lyova: For the New Year - yes! And on Defender of the Fatherland Day, they don’t give me anything!

Shura: Me too! I have not served in any army and do not consider myself a defender of the Fatherland!

Lyova: In general, some kind of flawed wording "Defender of the Motherland". As if castrated. Why not make Man's Day as it is abroad?

Shura: And then the men get drunk and talk about the army - that's the whole holiday.

- Yes … Then Women's Day passes much more pleasantly. By the way, my wishes to all the girls from March 8!

Shura: We congratulate all women on International Women's Day (although in the West it is Feminist Day). On this day, please do not swear with men, do not force them to wash the dishes and the floor. Give them at least one day of freedom and rest. And next year you will be rewarded!

- And finally: is there any love at all?

Shura: Of course I have! Everything in this life is done for love and for the sake of love.

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