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Where can you fly from Russia abroad in October 2020
Where can you fly from Russia abroad in October 2020
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The difficult situation with the pandemic canceled the plans of many people who were going on vacation in the summer. The list of places where you can fly from Russia now and where to go abroad in October 2020 may expand or shrink. Let's find out which countries are already open and which ones are preparing to receive tourists in the near future.

List of countries that have already opened borders

Back in mid-July 2020, the Association of Tour Operators of Russia published a list of countries that are already ready to receive tourists, and this list where you can fly for a good rest abroad is constantly updated.

The next announcement of possible options took place on August 1 and was repeatedly supplemented with new features, so that in October you can go from the country to rest in almost all hemispheres.

The very first published list where you can fly from Russia:

  1. Belarus. Visa is still not required here, quarantine has been canceled. The country is already waiting for Russian tourists by any convenient means of transport: from a personal car to an airplane. The country provides an excellent opportunity to fly to Egypt.
  2. Bulgaria. Not everyone can go here, but only the holder of an open Schengen visa. Medical workers, diplomats, those who travel to seasonal work, and representatives of transport companies are allowed in, and without a coronavirus test. Russia has asked the Bulgarian government to make small beaches accessible not only to EU residents, but also to Russians, but no response has yet been received. In October 2020, the situation may change.
  3. Dominican Republic. It is possible for Russians to enter here on a pre-issued visa. Upon arrival, you will have to fill out a health declaration. All minor inconveniences are more than compensated by magnificent beaches and beautiful nature. It will be possible to fly there immediately after the Russian Ministry of Transport resumes regular flights.
  4. An excellent option for a trip abroad is to visit hospitable Cuba, which has long announced its readiness to take Russians on vacation and even give them a free coronavirus test at the entrance. According to some sources, flights will be resumed on August 1-15.
  5. The Maldives is officially open if the tourist has an already paid hotel reservation. You can live only in the place of accommodation, without going anywhere, even if there were symptoms of SARS, and the PCR analysis officially confirmed the absence of coronavirus.
  6. Mexico. You will need to obtain a visa, but from the entry formalities - only filling out a questionnaire at the airport of arrival. The country has officially announced its readiness to receive tourists from Russia, and there really is where to relax, what to see, including in the middle of autumn.
  7. Despite the readiness of the UAE to welcome Russians now, in the middle of summer a trip there is not very attractive, because in the shade it is +40 degrees, which is not very conducive to active rest. And in October you can have a good time there. A visa is not required, but a certificate of the absence of a dangerous virus, received 4 days before departure, will have to be provided.
  8. Serbia. You can go here inexpensively and absolutely hassle-free. Russians do not need a certificate or a visa. It is enough to pay for round-trip tickets and declare that you are flying for personal needs.
  9. Turkey. Already now you can go to this country without problems and medical documents. At the airport there will be a mandatory temperature check, but the test will be forced to take only if it is increased. Turkish Airlines have postponed the date of the resumption of flights to August, but in October, it is absolutely certain that transnational flights will also be carried out by Russian airlines.
  10. Croatia.To visit, a certificate of the absence of coronavirus is required, received no later than two days before arrival. It is unlikely that this country will be the first in the list of objects of preference, especially since a multiple-entry Schengen visa is required for a trip, and Croatia itself, despite assurances of its readiness to receive Russian tourists, has not yet issued visas.

The first swallows, announcing the resumption of the activity of their own tourism industry, turned out to be not very hospitable in Europe (we are talking about Bulgaria and Croatia). But the great Serbia always remains in stock.

Cuba and the Maldives are trouble-free and welcoming countries, in October you can already fly there, if the Ministry of Transport considers it possible to resume flights. In the middle of autumn, the best conditions for residents of a temperate climate will be in the United Arab Emirates. But this is not the whole list of possible places for an autumn vacation.

Overview of the situation in the tourism market

The industry continues to be on the list of victims of the worldwide pandemic. Rospotrebnadzor calculates which countries you can fly to, taking into account safety considerations (epidemiological situation at the destination). The embassies involved in issuing visas are still not working, and it will be possible to talk about the resumption of international tourism only after their opening.

Large Russian tour operators hope that such decisions will be made by the supervisory authorities in relation to the promoted and demanded destinations: Spain, Cyprus, Greece. However, the question of the resumption of air transportation remains open. It is absolutely known that flights to Dubai will open in October.

The problem with finding places to fly to in the middle of autumn remains open also due to the low demand for vouchers, tours, and places in hotels. The bulk of applications comes from those who postponed their vacation from the height of the pandemic to autumn.

While overseas holiday orders accounted for more than a third of total sales last year, they are now barely gaining 4 percent. The Russian government has relied on domestic routes for tourism and recreation.

Recently, the Prime Minister of Russia announced the start of a program to support new routes from domestic tour operators. The allocated appropriations in the amount of 15 billion rubles will allow the return of part of the funds spent by Russians on travel around the country.

Nowadays there are quite a few places where you can fly from Russia abroad. Despite the indulgences that began to take effect, the state borders are still closed in the country, so the best way out is to travel through the vast expanses of the Russian Federation.

However, if the situation with the coronavirus does not change, and a phased plan to ease quarantine works, in October 2020, Italy, Bali, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and India may be added to the short list of hospitable states.


  1. In the summer of 2020, the borders of Russia are closed due to the global coronavirus pandemic, so it is impossible to say exactly where tourist flights will be resumed in the first place.
  2. Countries of Europe, Asia, America, insular and located on the mainland declared their readiness to receive tourists.
  3. The conditions that must be met in order to get admission to the coveted rest are already known.
  4. Tour operators noted that interest in overseas travel is experiencing the lowest drop in decades.
  5. Domestic routes prevail in recommendations for vacationers.

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