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Weather in Moscow in December 2018
Weather in Moscow in December 2018

Video: Weather in Moscow in December 2018

Video: Weather in Moscow in December 2018
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Almost all Russians want to know the weather for future periods. In addition, in recent years, many people prefer to spend their winter holidays at home, especially in the capital region. In this regard, people want to know what the weather will be in Moscow in December 2018, what forecasts to expect from the Hydrometeorological Center.

Cold weather conditions in the capital of Russia are often accompanied by numerous precipitations. To find out what the weather will be in December 2018, you need to view the forecast information from the Hydrometeorological Center.


According to the research center, the weather in Moscow in December will be cold throughout the month. Meteorologists predict intense snowfalls combined with strong winds.

To get acquainted with the weather forecasts more thoroughly, you can view the following table of the weather situation in the capital for December 2018:

date Daytime temperature Night temperature Weather conditions, precipitation
December 1 +1 -7 Cloudy, snow
December 2nd


-1 Overcast snow
3 december +6 +2 Overcast
4 december +5 +3 Cloudy
5th of December +3 +1 Cloudy
December 6 +1 -2 Cloudy, at times clearing
7 december 0 -4 Sunny
8 december -2 -5 Cloudy, at times clearing
9th December -3 -5 Cloudy
December 10 -3 -6 Cloudy
December 11th


-6 Cloudy, at times clearing
12 December -3 -6 Cloudy
December 13th -3 -5 Cloudy, snow
December 14 -4 -9 Cloudy, snow
December 15th -9 -15 Cloudy, snow
December 16 -15 -19 Cloudy, snow
December 17 -19 -24 Cloudy
December 18 -14 -23 Cloudy, snow
December 19th -14 -18 Cloudy, snow

December 20

-4 -20 Cloudy, snow
21 December +1 -4 Cloudy, snow
December 22 -1 -4 Cloudy, snow
December 23rd -4 -11 Cloudy, snow
December 24 -9 -11 Cloudy, snow
December 25 -9 -13 Cloudy, snow
December 26 -12 -17 Cloudy
December 27th -7 -12 Cloudy, at times clearing
December 28th -3 -11

Cloudy, snow

December 29th 0 -5 Cloudy, snow
December 30th +1 -6 Overcast, sleet
31th of December 0 0 Cloudy, rain

In addition, it is important to know what kind of weather is expected for the first and last two weeks of the month, and whether there will be differences. According to the Hydrometeorological Center, there is such information.


Weather in Moscow at the beginning of December

During the first weeks of December 2018, no heavy rainfall is expected in the capital. The average air temperature is about 2 degrees. Such weather conditions will be in the first half of the day, accompanied by short-term gusts of wind.

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Weather in Moscow at the end of December

From the second half to the end of December 2018, according to the Hydrometeorological Center, snow will fall intensively in Moscow. The average air temperature will be 8 degrees. In the last couple of days of December, changes in weather conditions can be expected. Thus, the frequency of precipitation may decrease, and the air temperature may rise to zero.

The weather situation in the Moscow region practically does not differ from the capital's December forecasts. Based on the weather in Moscow, one can guess what to expect in the region.


If you believe the forecasts of the meteorological center, in the Moscow region, as in the capital, in the first weeks of December this year, you can expect cold weather without snow and rain. However, in the final weeks of the month, residents of these territories will face heavy rainfall and low air temperatures.

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Having received information about the predicted weather conditions, you can at least guess what to expect in the final month of 2018, as well as be prepared for any situation and meet the most unpleasant climate fully armed.

Also, to quickly find out the exact weather in Moscow for December 2018, you can refer to the Gismeteo website.

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