10 dating rules to break
10 dating rules to break

Video: 10 dating rules to break

Video: 10 dating rules to break
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There are many dating rules that aim to find the right partner, but many of them are outdated and do more harm than good. So instead of playing games, just be yourself and your chances of a successful relationship will go up dramatically.

Here are the rules to break if you really want to have a good time and get your relationship off to a good start.


1. Avoiding "serious" topics on the first date

One of the traditional rules recommends not to discuss serious issues on the first date, and this applies to politics, religion, and even the desired number of children. If these questions are of fundamental importance to you, it is better to clarify them immediately. Just try to maintain a light tone of conversation and move on to them in the second half of the date.

2. Scheduled sex

Many have heard of such traditional rules: "no sex on the first date" or "sex on the third date." Intimacy should depend on establishing a connection. Non-binding sex can end up in a wonderful relationship, and it’s just silly to delay the moment just to follow the rule. No matter what you decide, make sure your partner agrees with you, take your time, but also don't drag out because of old-fashioned rules.

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<h3> 3. Refusal to meet soon </h3></p>
<p> Games are not the best option if you are looking for deep relationships. If you answer with a refusal, believing that it is too frivolous, then there will be no sense in it. If you want to meet, then agree to your partner's suggestions as long as they do not go against your own plans. </p></p>
<h3> 4. Avoiding talking about your ex </h3></p>
<p> One of the well-established dating rules “no talk about exes” also needs revision. It's perfectly okay to mention a breakup or divorce if you don't dwell on the topic for a long time. Concentrate on the lesson you learned from past relationships and don't share how unlucky you are with men. </p></p>
<h3> 5. Abandoning a relationship if a spark does not immediately run between you </h3></p>
<p> If you believe in love at first sight, then most likely you will remain alone. The same applies to the belief that you should only date those with whom you immediately felt attracted. If your first date went well and you have a lot in common, from hobbies to fundamental values, give your partner another chance. Attraction may appear when you get to know each other better, but it is worth paying attention to even the smallest manifestations of it. </p></p>
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6. If he pays, he feels like a man

Some men feel humiliated if they don't pay for everything, while others will be offended by your unwillingness to share the costs. Therefore, this rule must be broken after the first date. Don't give it too much importance, and if he pays for lunch, you might pay for drinks or coffee.

7. Expecting the partner to have condoms

Some things can ruin the evening in an instant, for example, by taking off your clothes, you may find that no one has grabbed condoms. Do not expect your partner to have them, especially since it is easier for you to find a place in your purse.

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8. всегда выбирать мужчин определенного типа

забудьте про правило, по которому вы соглашаетесь на свидания только с теми мужчинами, которые соответствуют образу прекрасного принца из вашего воображения. даже если вы не пойдете на второе свидание с человеком, который не в вашем вкусе, учитесь сосредотачиваться на таких вещах, как общие ценности и эмоциональная совместимость.

9. не рассчитывайте, что вы у него единственная после определенного количества свиданий

вы можете встретить человека в баре, онлайн или у друзей, но в любом случае не стоит считать, что вы у него единственная. не существует определенного количества свиданий, после которых отношения можно считать серьезными, поэтому если вы хотите практиковать моногамию, открыто обсудите это.

10. не стоит слишком полагаться на стороннее мнение

если вы чувствуете, что должны посоветоваться с подругой или матерью, нарушайте это правило. мнение человека, которого вы любите, всегда важно, но для начала установите настоящую связь с партнером.

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