What kind of underwear men really like
What kind of underwear men really like

Video: What kind of underwear men really like

Video: What kind of underwear men really like
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"Get a new hairstyle, buy some nice new lingerie, and he'll see you as a seductive woman again!" Such advice is often given on women's forums to those from whose marital relationship the former passion has gone. Panties are most often advised to take red ones. Or erotic. What if men are actually turned on by some other underwear? We decided to conduct a study and interviewed representatives of the stronger sex. We showed them images of six sets of underwear and asked which one is the most exciting, which one they would like to see on their beloved woman.

Here are the pictures we chose for the survey:


It turned out that the advice about red underpants is completely irrelevant. The leader of the poll was aggressively sexy black leather lingerie. The absolute majority of men voted for him. This is followed by a translucent set that does not hide intimate details. Also, a strong half of humanity is fascinated by erotic lingerie, which to us, girls, often seems too vulgar. Next in the ranking is an elegant lace set. Red lingerie also has its fans, although there are few of them. But the cute pink set with ruffles does not excite men at all.

Here's how some of the men commented on their choice.

“For my taste, the sexiest is either black or translucent underwear. Black excites by contrast with the delicate white skin of a girl, and under translucent everything is visible and everything is pleasing to the eye. There is no need to think out anything for yourself, everything is already open and beautiful."

Igor, 21 years old

“I like translucent, and I’ll say for sure that I don’t like ruffles or laces. I do not want to see them on my beloved woman in any form, even in the most minimal form. This is somehow childish and not exciting. Rather, on the contrary, all desire kills, you want to take such a girl to kindergarten, not to the bedroom."

Vladimir, 32 years old

“I choose leather as the main option, or erotic as the next priority! I like it when there is something aggressive and roughly exciting in lingerie. Probably, this is due to the fact that sometimes you want variety, let the woman conquer me, not me her."

Eugene, 34 years old

What is the sexiest underwear for you?






Pink with ruffles

“I am definitely for erotic lingerie. Erotic - because with cutouts. They excite me a lot."

Alexey, 51 years old

“Any of the suggested options will do, just not a complicated set with lace and trim. There should be simplicity, and even more so in sexy clothes”.

Nikolay, 30 years old

“Translucent underwear is definitely in the lead. You just need the panties to be even more transparent and see through everything."

Stanislav, 37 years old

“I vote for any option except for a set of leather and latex. I am a little afraid of such women, this is not for everybody. I love femininity and tenderness, and brutality in me in bulk, I do not want to see it in my girlfriend."

Valery, 35 years old

“I would like to see all the sets on my woman in turn, although I think that they are seduced not by the lingerie, but by the mood. If a woman has an appropriate mood for sex, then the underwear is not important at all and is just a cute detail. But the most pleasing to the eye is red underwear."

Vladislav, 33 years old

“If a girl is wearing leather or latex underwear, it means she will be hot with her. You can just relax and wait for what will happen next. I am for the first set, this is unusual, since most often I see lace and silk on girls. Girls, down with stereotypes."

Sergey, 20 years old

“I would be tempted by red underwear. Extremely erotic, especially if the girl is a bright blonde or a hot brunette. Contrasts are always exciting."

Anton, 24 years old

“My roof is torn off from black and red, and underwear should not interfere with the view of the most important thing - the female body”.

Yuri, 27 years old

“The most seductive is the one that you want to rip, and the easiest is to rip the most minimal underwear, the color does not matter here. I am for translucent."

Vitaly, 41 years old

“I would like to see lace lingerie on my wife. But it must be accompanied by lace stockings. Such an outfit can very much renew family relations."

Victor, 44 years old

“The best red for me! It is somehow especially erotic and aggressive. Sometimes you want something hotter and more vigorous."

Mikhail, 23 years old

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