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Best and worst food before a date
Best and worst food before a date

Video: Best and worst food before a date

Video: Best and worst food before a date
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Getting ready for a date isn't just about choosing clothes and makeup. Your overall well-being and attitude is also important. What you eat and drink before leaving will not only affect the freshness of your breath, but even your level of anxiety. Therefore, the correct choice of food determines not least how well the evening will go.

So let's find out what to eat before a date and what to postpone until another time.

Best food

Whole wheat bread

Too much protein and fiber without enough carbohydrates can lead to bad breath.

The simplest solution to this problem is to include whole grain bread in your diet. It will keep your energy levels up for much longer than regular white bread, and you won't feel tired.


If you're anxious, eat a slice of turkey before your date. It's a great source of protein, and turkey is high in L-tryptophan, which will help your body produce serotonin. Therefore, after a while, you will feel more relaxed and can have a good time.


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Plain yogurt

Plain plain yogurt will also get rid of bad breath, making it a great pre-date snack. It is best to choose a live yoghurt product that is sugar-free.

Dark chocolate

A piece of dark chocolate will help to cope with the excitement. It is rich in antioxidants and is sure to be one of the best snacks before a big night out. Choose chocolate with a cocoa content of more than 70-75%, then you will decrease the production of stress hormones and increase serotonin levels.


These fruits are rich in fiber and can help fight bad breath. In terms of effectiveness, this method is comparable to brushing your teeth, because an apple increases the production of saliva, which keeps your breath fresh for longer.


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Green tea

Instead of keeping yourself awake with the usual coffee, have a cup of green tea. It will help you stay energized throughout the evening, and it is also great at removing bad breath.

Worst food

fried food

During frying, food absorbs a large amount of vegetable oil, which leads to a longer digestion time. Burping and bloating are the last things you want to experience on a date, so make sure to focus on grilled or oven foods before heading out.


Many people already know about this, but nevertheless, we will remind you why garlic is definitely not worth eating before a date.

A persistent smell will not only haunt you all day, it can remain the next morning. So avoid garlic sauces and condiments at least 24 hours before your date.

Dairy products

Even toothpaste won't help you to deal with odor from your mouth, so don't lean on dairy if you're going out on a date. Bloating and indigestion can be another side effect.


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Legumes and crucifers

Avoid all cruciferous legumes and vegetables, from broccoli and kohlrabi to cabbage. They are very beneficial to health, but almost always provoke increased gas production.

Candy and gum

Ditching sweets before a date is a great idea to avoid bad breath. Even if you prefer sugar-free gum and candy, artificial sweeteners can have unpleasant side effects.


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For fresh breath, you should limit yourself to one or two teak-tock pills or similar fresheners.

Carbohydrate drinks

Even if you followed all the previous tips, carbohydrate drinks, especially energy drinks, can interfere with the freshness of breath. Even those that do not contain sugar have a negative effect on breathing.

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