Natalia Vodianova cannot smile
Natalia Vodianova cannot smile

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Top model Natalia Vodianova is now going through a difficult period in her life. The star has part of the face paralyzed. It is not yet clear how this will affect Vodianova's further modeling career, but it seems that the star herself is not too worried about this.

Natalia spoke about her problems at the recent show "Evening Urgant". “Vanechka, how are we going to communicate? For me now, coming to visit you is not the best idea, - said the model to showman Ivan Urgant. - You are always very fun and relaxed, and you can even joke about serious things. But I beg you not to make me laugh, because I cannot smile. The left side of my face is paralyzed and it is very difficult for me. True, it’s better now, three weeks ago everything was much worse.”

Ivan hurried to help the guest - he handed her sticks with plastic smiles to convey emotions. Vodianova liked the idea, and during a conversation with Urgant, the star told that she loves to sing Zemfira's hits to her children at night, and also said in secret that she and her beloved Antoine Arnault are dreaming of a second heir. Now the couple are raising their one-year-old baby Maxim. From her first marriage, Vodianova has three children.

“I went to the dentist, and, apparently, I was unsuccessfully given anesthesia and hurt a nerve,” Vodianova herself explained. - He is either paralyzed, well, something is wrong with him, so I can not smile.

We will remind, in September Natalia was hospitalized with suspected stroke. During a press conference in St. Petersburg, the model's assistant Timon Afinsky noticed Natalia's asymmetrical smile (one of the signs of a stroke) and rushed to seek medical help. “Everything is in order with Natalia Vodianova, the suspicion of a stroke was not confirmed,” Athens later told reporters. - We remembered that Natalia Vodianova recently visited the dentist, perhaps the anesthesia touched a nerve.

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