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Top Hair Problems and Solutions
Top Hair Problems and Solutions

Video: Top Hair Problems and Solutions

Video: Top Hair Problems and Solutions
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We conducted a survey about what upset women the most when they look at their hair in the mirror. The most frequent answers were three: “I am turning gray”, “they split and do not shine” and “they fall out”. There are solutions for all these problems!


I'm going gray

There are three ways to hide this nuisance. If you notice only a few gray hairs, it is enough to start using herbal hair dyes (they are also called semi-natural). In the composition of such paints there is a small amount of hydrogen peroxide. However, it is enough to dye white hairs in a color that will be slightly lighter than your natural color. It is recommended to repeat the staining after 12 weeks (4 months).

If you have large areas of gray hair, it's time to move on to tinted balms or shampoos.

If you have large areas of gray hair, it's time to move on to tinted balms or shampoos. This paint is washed off within 8-10 weeks.

When a third of the hair has turned gray, it's time to make drastic decisions: switch to permanent dyeing. This paint contains the maximum amount of hydrogen peroxide. And it is less susceptible to washing out than others. But after about four weeks, the regrown hair at the roots can "give out" your gray hair, so you need to carefully monitor the changes and tint the regrown hair at the very roots.

If you have wondered more than once why gray hair seems to be harsher and more brittle, then you are not alone. But until now, no one knows for sure the answer to this question. One of the theories put forward by cosmetologist Mort Westman from Illinois, USA, says that the absence of melanin pigment in gray hair is to blame - a substance that gives them their natural color. Melanin protects hair from sunlight and ultraviolet radiation. Have you noticed, perhaps, that under the rays of the bright sun, in summer, your hair acquires a lighter shade and becomes brittle? This is due to the fact that melanin breaks down under the influence of strong radiation, changing the color and structure of the hair. Similar processes take place in gray hair lacking this pigment. Therefore, to protect them, use cosmetic products containing silicone: they not only add a healthy glow to your hairstyle, but also protect your hair from ultraviolet rays.

By the way, if you have only a few gray hairs, don't be afraid to pluck them. The opinion that three new ones will grow in place of one is superstition.


I'm losing them

Thinning hair is a disaster for a woman. But don't think that nothing can be changed, there is some comforting news for you.

To begin with, you are not at all alone. In 60% of women, hair begins to fall out quickly at some point in their lives. The reasons can be very different: genetic predisposition, hormones, low estrogen or high testosterone levels, thyroid problems, allergic reactions, fever, stress, and much more. Still, the lion's share of such cases has a genetic predisposition. The most common type of baldness is called androgenetic alopecia, and this type of hair loss occurs in both men and women.

Baldness remedies have already been found and have proven their effectiveness in recent years.

In fact, baldness remedies have already been found and proven to be effective in recent years. The main thing is to correctly establish the cause of the problem.

If your hair loss was associated with taking medications and procedures, after they are canceled, the hair will grow back without any additional stimulants.

If you are susceptible to common androgenic alopecia (genetic alopecia), there are relatively inexpensive preparations based on the active substance minoxidil in the world. The most famous and proven of these is the American Rogaine. If it is applied twice a day (rubbed into the scalp), 40% of women experience a cessation of hair loss and even intense growth in areas of baldness. Unfortunately, the shedding will start again as soon as you stop using the drug.

For women after menopause, to stop hair loss, the doctor may prescribe drugs with finasteride, which interfere with the production of one of the androgens in the female body, which, in turn, negatively affects the process of hair growth. If the woman is still of childbearing age, such medications are not recommended as they can cause problems during pregnancy.

Some clinics also use a laser in the treatment of baldness, but so far no studies have been conducted to prove the effectiveness of this method.

Another effective but expensive method is hair transplant. In this direction, cosmetologists have achieved amazing results: the transplanted hair looks absolutely like real hair. But such a procedure today is an expensive pleasure.


Whatever I do, my hair splits, breaks and doesn't shine

If you've tried a lot of products and your hair is still brittle and lifeless, it might not be because conditioners and masks aren't nourishing enough. Sometimes excess sebum blocks the pores, and because of this, the skin does not receive any air or nutrients. Try shampoos with astringent effect: with rosemary, orange extract or tea tree oil, wash your hair every day and do not use conditioner. If the ends of your hair are dry, only apply conditioner to them.

How long is your hair?

Very long, below the shoulder blades

Long, below the shoulders

Middle length


To achieve volume, use a special spray. While your hair is damp, apply volumizing spray to the roots, then bend over and shake your head lightly.

For curls, apply styling gel or spray to dry hair from mid-length to ends, then use a curling iron. After that, straighten the curls with your hands. The final touch is a nail polish for fixing the hairstyle. Modern formulas successfully keep the hairstyle without the effect of stuck hair. To keep your hair tidy throughout the day, periodically spray a dry shampoo spray on the hair roots. A bottle of such a tool is always not superfluous to have with you in your purse.

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