Prepare a fur coat from the summer: is it profitable to buy fur in the off-season
Prepare a fur coat from the summer: is it profitable to buy fur in the off-season

Video: Prepare a fur coat from the summer: is it profitable to buy fur in the off-season

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You need to buy when it is profitable. Summer is the best time to buy a fur coat or is it just another deception of marketers? Ask an expert! To explain whether this is so or not, we asked Oksana Myasnikova, director of one of the branded shops of the Elena Furs fur factory.

Of course, the warm season is a difficult period for fur sellers, so expect good discounts. It is more profitable for an entrepreneur to sell at a lower cost than to pay for downtime out of his own pocket. Of course, it is not customary to bargain in official stores, but it is quite possible to buy at a summer discount.

In addition, there are no new collections in stores during the low season. Visitors choose from what is left from previous seasons, and this is an excuse to grab the fur coat that you looked at back in winter, no longer at full price, but for a special offer.

And most importantly, in the next year, fur prices may rise significantly. Let me explain why. The state is fighting counterfeit furs and offers entrepreneurs to chip fur coats so that it is easy to see the entire history of the product at customs. Entrepreneurs with gray procurement schemes will disappear, while others will incur costs due to forced spending on technology. Whether such a law will be adopted, we will find out after the end of the pilot project. If accepted, the price tags for fur coats will not change for the better for buyers.

Everything is clear with prices, now a few words about quality. If you still find an option that suits you in terms of cost, do not rush to buy, but first make sure that everything is in order with the fur. An unscrupulous seller can sell you a low-quality fur coat, taking advantage of the fact that you will not soon find out what is wrong with it.

I advise you to choose the fur coat that has a flexible flesh, the pile does not climb if you run your palm over the back, and there are no external defects in the seams and cut. For shopping, choose a store that you have heard about, so the risk of buying a fake will be lower.

The rules are simple, but this is really all you need to know in order not to be deceived.

So, it is profitable to buy in the summer, and it is better to do it quickly, until the prices for fur coats have risen due to chipping. And if you follow simple rules, buy in well-known stores and carefully examine the fur coat before buying, then the fur will delight for many years both in price and quality. Happy and profitable shopping!

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