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What do women's wrinkles and facial features talk about?
What do women's wrinkles and facial features talk about?

Despite the fact that fashion and tastes have changed a lot over the centuries, cosmetologists still adhere to the classic views of beauty when “creating the perfect face”.

Anastasia Saibel, an expert at Merz Aesthetics, a dermatologist, cosmetologist, and Ph.D.


The ideal shape of a woman's face is considered oval, because the weaker sex is associated with smooth transitions, personifies positive emotions, softness and femininity.

The "female" face is also the form circle, diamond or diamond (like Sophia Loren's) or triangle (Audrey Hepburn). But at the same time, the shape of the triangle is visually perceived as a little childish, there is angularity in proportion.

Over time, due to the displacement of volumes, even a perfect female face can turn into rectangular or square - Right angles in the lower third of the face indicate age.

Talking about ideal ratio of face sizes, then there is the principle of the golden ratio (divine harmony). It is based on the equality of three parts of the face: upper (to the eyebrows), middle (to the base of the nose), lower (to the chin).

How to make your face more feminine? With the help of contour correction using a calcium hydroxyapatite-based volumizer.


Brows. Real "feminine" eyebrows are raised and arched. If the eyebrows are close together, the woman appears angry and frowned.

Between the eyebrows. Vertical wrinkles indicate that a woman is overwhelmed with chores and worries. If in men in some cases it is possible to refuse correction, then a woman's face is never adorned with “frown lines”.

Eyes women of age emphasize not only a wise look, but also hernias of the upper and lower eyelids, or, on the contrary, fallen into the orbit of the eyes. The latter occurs as a result of the loss of the volume of the orbital tissue, due to which the contours of the bony edge of the orbit begin to appear.

"Crow's Feet" - this is a positive facial expression. In contrast to popular belief, the rays around the eyes should be present on the face, because they speak of a person's good disposition. Crow's feet are not a sign of age and appear before pronounced biological aging, as a rule, already at the age of 20-25 years. It is impossible to completely "block" wrinkles around the eyes, because in their absence, a "frozen" look appears, the face looks lifeless.

How to make your face more feminine? Botulinum toxin injections. If negative facial expressions are formed at a fairly early age, it is a reason to seek the advice of a cosmetologist. To prevent wrinkles from forming, it is possible and necessary to prevent them!


Nose. Women are characterized by a graceful nose, neat straight or slightly upturned. Moreover, the tip of the nose is always higher than that of men. But when correcting, it is important not to overdo it - a too upturned tip of the nose will look pretentious.

Nasolabial groove (or "nasolabial") - natural anatomical education. Correction is necessary when the furrow turns into a pronounced fold - it is she who "gives out" the age. However, if you remove it completely, the face will look flat.

"Rabbit wrinkles" - wrinkles that form on the bridge of the nose when we say "Fi!" Mimicry peculiar exclusively to women. Apparently, men are more tolerant of the world around them …

"Tired face" - cosmetologists have such a term.Loss of volume in the midface area may indicate health problems - even if health is actually okay. Sunken cheeks, lack of volume in the cheekbones, and the face looks haggard, tired. Facial volume correction is certainly recommended for such patients.

How to make your face more feminine? To solve these problems, one technique and one drug is clearly not enough! But the combination of methods of administration, as well as preparations of botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite will lead to an excellent result!


Small narrow lips indicate absurdity and frivolity. A more pronounced lower lip indicates a selfish, voluptuous character. Proportional plump lips in women are a sign of sexuality, because the condition of the lips reflects not only a person's health, but also a woman's reproductive ability.

"The mouth of a nun" (constant squeezing of the lips) - symbolizes inner restraint, this is typical for those women who are used to hiding their true emotions from others. Over time, the lips become thinner and longer - an almost even strip appears, which should be corrected. Especially if a woman is looking for the location of the opposite sex.

How to make your face more feminine? With the help of hyaluronic acid filler injections.

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