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When is Pioneer Day 2022
When is Pioneer Day 2022
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In modern Russia, the Day of Children's Public Associations is celebrated, the date of which coincides with the previous Day of Pioneers. Now there are few pioneer organizations in the country, but such a large-scale membership as in Soviet times is no longer observed. However, the answer to the question, when is Pioneer Day in 2022 and in any other year, is known to people who were previously in the ranks of the organization, remember their happy childhood with gratitude and do not forget the history of their state.

history of the holiday

The upbringing of the younger generation has always been in the first place in the Soviet Union, and modern Russia is gradually beginning to return to this important principle, updating educational standards and introducing subjects for personal development, social and patriotic education. For Soviet schoolchildren, Pioneer Day was one of the main holidays.

The founders of the movement came up with attributes:

  • badges and ties;
  • formations - detachments and squads;
  • competitions in academic performance and social work.

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The answer to the question when is the Day of Pioneers is very simple - in 2022 it will be exactly one hundred years old. The decision to create a pioneer organization was made at the All-Russian Conference of the RKSM, a youth organization created by the leaders of the Communist Party (at that time called the RCP (b)), in the first year after the Great October Socialist Revolution. The Komsomol members decided to create a pioneer organization in a new type of state.

Two years earlier, it was decided to disband the scout units and, although the pioneers are compared to scouts, the principle of construction and ideology, the name (pioneer - the first, pioneer) - these are the ideas of the communist movement, which retained some details, reformatted attributes and appeal, but completely changed the social and ideological orientation.

The organization received the name of Lenin after the death of the leader of the revolution. At that time, there was already a voting ceremony for admission to the pioneers, a solemn oath, a badge and a tie, the right to wear which was received after the voting of the detachment.

Positive points

Every citizen of the Soviet Union who turned 9 years old could apply to join the pioneers, and after the majority voted for him, be eligible to wear a red tie and a pioneer badge. The overwhelming majority of Soviet children, who later became members of the Komsomol organization, were proud of him. And everyone remembers perfectly what date Pioneers Day is celebrated:

  • dress uniform in honor of the holiday, ironed tie, high spirits;
  • solemn rulers in every school yard;
  • the anthem of the pioneers, the solemn fireworks, the answer to the call "Be ready!" - "Always ready!"
  • admission to the pioneers with tying a tie, attaching a badge;
  • amateur concerts by the participants of the celebration.


In 2022, Pioneer Day will be celebrated for the hundredth time. It will happen on May 19. Few detachments have survived throughout the post-Soviet space. 10 years ago, on the day of the celebration of the 90th anniversary, 5,000 children, including those from Ukraine and Belarus, were accepted as pioneers on Red Square.

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Who is celebrating now

People who do not forget their fun pioneer childhood, competitions and awards, pioneer bonfires, summer camps and free trips remember that Pioneer Day is May 19. To do this, just look at any social network and see congratulations, tweets and publications dedicated to this date.

In a global sense, it was an organization in which they taught love for the Motherland, readiness to defend it, to give strength for the good of the Fatherland.And there was nothing wrong with preserving the traditions of patriotism, respect for the glorious past and moral principles, biblical or the builders of communism, but positive and high.


The decision to create a pioneer organization was made at the second conference of the Komsomol on May 19, 1922. In 2022, the pioneer organization would have celebrated its 100th anniversary. In 2022 it is Thursday, but the date has not changed, it remained on May 19. The day is remembered and celebrated by everyone who was a pioneer and respects their history.

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