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Interesting DIY crafts for the New Year 2020
Interesting DIY crafts for the New Year 2020

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The most interesting crafts for the New Year 2020, which you can make with your own hands for your home, street or kindergarten, will not necessarily be difficult to execute. Here are some very beautiful ideas that require little effort and material costs.

Clothespin box

The most interesting and easy activity during the winter pre-holiday days is to make crafts for the New Year 2020 with your own hands from scrap materials. They can be used to decorate your home or given to loved ones as souvenirs.

An amazing box with New Year's decor can be made from ordinary clothespins quickly and easily. For work, it is worth preparing:

  • a roll of tape 5 cm wide.
  • wooden clothespins.
  • thick cardboard.
  • varnish, golden acrylic paint.
  • jute rope.
  • burlap.
  • any decorative elements: spruce twigs and plastic berries, small balls and bells, cones, acorns.
  • wood beads.
  • glue. You can use Titan glue, Moment glue or hot glue in the gun.

First, you need to divide the clothespins into 2 parts and remove the metal spring.

Then you should do this:

Cut 2 circles out of thick cardboard to fit the circumference of the scotch bobbin. This is the bottom and the lid

Glue the bottom on one side

Paste the tape reel in a circle with clothespins. This is the base of the box

Paste over the second circle of cardboard with burlap, decorate the edges with a pigtail made of jute rope, simply gluing it around the circumference. You can sponge or dry brush the lid with gold acrylic paint to add a beautiful shine and tone


The same pigtail can be glued into the grooves from the clothespins around the circumference of the box itself

Now we need to decorate the top of the lid. To do this, glue cones, twigs, acorns, berries or any other elements to the surface

It remains to make a bow out of several layers of jute rope, thread beads at the ends and fasten with knots. Glue the bow to the base of the box. The craft is ready. She turned out to be amazingly beautiful. It is not a shame to give such a box to friends or relatives for the New Year.

Winter house from a plastic bottle

One of the most interesting and simple crafts that can be used in kindergarten for the New Year, 2020 for exhibitions or hall decor, can be made with your own hands from an ordinary plastic bottle. This is a winter house. It is quite simple to make, and a minimum of materials are needed to work.

You should only prepare:

  • plastic bottle;
  • white acrylic paint;
  • spray with the effect of frozen glass (sold in craft stores);
  • white napkins or papyrus paper;
  • red foamiran with sparkles;
  • fluffy white wire;
  • glue.

It should be done like this:

First you need to prepare the bottle and cut it into 2 parts for the main part of the house and the roof. The main part should be sprayed with an ice effect

Cut out window templates from paper and mark them on both sides of the bottle

Remove the cover from the top. Twist the fluffy wire into a spiral - this will be smoke. Make a strip of paper napkin and wrap the smoke around it. Insert the structure into the upper opening of the bottle

Then you need to decorate the roof of the house. To do this, cut napkins or papyrus paper into squares and glue the squares over the entire surface of the upper part of the bottle using the facing method. They need to be glued as close to each other as possible, without leaving space between them

On the main part of the house, you need to draw beautifully the windows with white paint, make a pattern on them, frame them with dots

Cut out the door detail from red foamiran and glue it on the bottle. Frame it with dots with white acrylic paint

Glue the roof piece on top of the main house piece

The craft is ready. Thanks to the fluffy roof of napkins and spray with an ice effect, the house is truly wintery, fabulous and incredibly beautiful.

Composition of cones

Any crafts made from cones or other natural material turn out to be beautiful, cozy and most interesting, like this do-it-yourself composition for the New Year, 2020. It is very simple and fast to do it.

First you need to prepare the material:

  • base for crafts. It can be a dish made of plastic or thick cardboard.
  • large cones. You need 6 of them.
  • silver tinsel.
  • silver and purple little balls and bells.
  • candle. You can use a large cylindrical candle without a candlestick or any in a beautiful glass candlestick.
  • sparkles in a spray.
  • silver and purple paint. It is better to use in a spray can, you can use ordinary acrylic paint.
  • hot glue.

The composition should be done like this:

  1. Paint cones 3 each in silver and purple. If spray paint is used, then it should be done outside. Allow to dry.
  2. The base in the form of a dish must be painted silver and dried.
  3. Glue the candle in the middle of the base.
  4. Arrange 6 cones around, alternating colors. They must be fixed with glue.
  5. Glue tinsel between the cones. Then glue balls and bells, alternating.

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When the composition is ready, you can sprinkle it with glitter from a spray can.

The colors of the cones and additional decor can be chosen to your taste, the main thing is that they are combined with each other, and not use more than 2 shades.

The most successful combinations for the new year will be:

  • red and gold;
  • green and gold;
  • red and green;
  • any shades with white;
  • blue and silver;
  • purple and gold;
  • pink and silver.

To decorate the composition, you can use any small Christmas tree toys, artificial spruce branches and berries.

Simple paper craft for kindergarten

The most interesting and simple crafts for the New Year, 2020, made by hand for the kindergarten, are obtained from paper. The child himself can successfully cope with the work and rejoice at his result. To create a New Year's applique, in addition to colored cardboard and colored paper, you will need cotton pads and PVA glue.

At the first stage, an adult must help the child and cut out rectangles of different shades and different sizes and small squares from colored paper.

Further, the sequence of work is as follows:

Smear each rectangle in turn with glue in turn and glue it to the base in the form of colored cardboard one by one. Rectangles need to be glued close to each other, alternating high and low

On each rectangle, you need to glue squares on top, which will represent the windows. You can glue 1 or 2 squares, depending on the size of the rectangle

Then you need to cut the cotton pads in half

At the bottom of the composition, glue the halves of the disks in a row, depicting snowdrifts

On top of each rectangle-house, glue one half of a cotton pad, depicting a snow-covered roof

The work is ready. If you wish, you can add additional decor in the form of snowflakes or sparkles.

Snowman from tires to the street

The simplest and most interesting crafts for the New, 2020 on the street can come from car tires, and they are easy to do with your own hands.

To create funny snowmen or Christmas trees you will need:

  • tires of different sizes;
  • self-tapping screws or glue for rubber;
  • acrylic paint in white, black, red;
  • large scissors;
  • tinsel.

Make figures like this:

Fold the tires one by one, forming the silhouette of a snowman or Christmas tree. For reliability, you can fasten the tires together with self-tapping screws or glue them with rubber glue

  • Paint the snowman with white paint and the Christmas tree with green. Leave to dry for a few hours.
  • From the tire, cut a smile for the snowman in the form of a semicircle and a round for the eyes. These parts can be attached to self-tapping screws or glued.

On top of the snowman, you can lay black tires, forming a hat

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You can additionally decorate the snowman with tinsel and make his hands out of wire, put mittens on them and give him a broom or a bucket in his hands.

The tree can be decorated with tinsel and stars, balls cut from plywood or rubber and painted with bright paint.

Snowmen from bottles to decorate a street tree

The most interesting and bright and simple children's crafts for the New, 2020 for a kindergarten or for decorating a street can be made with your own hands from ordinary plastic milk bottles. These bottles are usually already made of white plastic, and labor costs will be minimal. It is easy and simple to make a snowman from a milk bottle to decorate a street tree or for an exhibition of works in a kindergarten. You can do this with a child, since the work is very simple and does not take much time.

To turn a bottle into a snowman you will need:

  • acrylic paints;
  • buttons or small pompons;
  • fleece;
  • hot glue.

To do this:

The snowman's face can be painted with acrylic paint on the top of the bottle

  • Decorate the lid with fleece, form a cap and glue it on with hot melt glue.
  • Glue buttons or pompons in front.
  • Cut a strip out of the fleece, make cuts along the edges and knit as a scarf.

The snowman is ready. If you first make a hole in the lid with a hot awl and insert the braid, then you can use this snowman as a Christmas tree decoration for a large street tree.

Snowman made of yarn

Openwork air snowmen made of thread will come in handy for the New Year. They can be put at home under a Christmas tree or taken to a kindergarten for a festive exhibition, all the more so making such snowmen is very simple.

To create the snowman itself, you will need:

  • white threads;
  • PVA glue;
  • 2 balloons.

The technology is very simple. You need to inflate the balls, one slightly larger than the other, and tape them together with tape.

It is better to cover the balls with a bag or film, so that later it will be easier to separate them from the threads. Then you should dip the threads in glue and randomly wind them over the entire surface of the balls. You need to wind the threads randomly, grabbing the upper and lower ball, and make several turns between them.

It is necessary to thoroughly dry the structure. Better to leave it overnight near the battery.

When the threads are dry and strong, you need to burst the balls and pull them out. The base of the snowman is ready. You can decorate it at your discretion.

A spout, hat, scarf and mittens can be made of fleece, felt or colored paper and glued. The eyes can be buttons. You can decorate a snowman with pom-poms, tinsel.

For stability, it can be glued to a thick cardboard base. It can also be decorated with white fleece or tinsel.

Simple pasta craft

Very interesting crafts are made from pasta. For example, you can make a funny snowman that will become a pendant on a Christmas tree. It is very simple to make it. For the base, you need to take cardboard. Pasta should be pre-painted in white and red with plain gouache and dried.

To decorate a snowman, you can use everything that is at hand: colored paper, beads, felt or fleece, braid.

To do this:

Draw the base of the snowman on cardboard and cut it out


Paste it with pasta. The main part is white, the cap is red

Then you just need to glue the details of the muzzle made of beads, paper or felt

You can decorate the snowman with a scarf by tying a ribbon or strip of fleece around his neck. If you glue a loop on the back, then it can be used as a Christmas tree toy.

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