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How to get out of binge at home
How to get out of binge at home
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Binge is a period when a person takes alcoholic beverages for a long time and cannot control himself. During this period, a serious intoxication of the body occurs, which ultimately leads to the development of delirium tremens or even death of a person.

Often, the patient needs urgent medical attention so that he can get out of the binge on his own. But if the intake of alcohol does not last too long, you can cope with folk recipes and special drugs. We will discuss in detail how to get out of binge drinking at home without the help of doctors, using safe but effective treatments.

How does hard drinking manifest

Many people do not understand when alcohol dependence begins to develop, which turns into binge. To identify the signs of hard drinking, you should learn more about them:

  • a person uses alcoholic beverages for more than one day;
  • to stop taking alcohol, the patient needs outside help, or it will take a lot of effort;
  • physical condition is gradually deteriorating, while the deterioration is increasing;
  • in the morning, the patient feels unwell, there may be a feeling of anxiety, when the dose of alcohol is taken, these signs disappear;
  • the body becomes more resistant to alcohol, so the amount of the drink you drink is constantly growing.

Several conditions for treating binge drinking

The result of the treatment will be noticeable only if the patient agrees to carry out procedures that will help bring him out of this state.

To obtain the desired effect, you will have to adhere to the basic rules:

  • it is important to adhere to a sparing mode of withdrawal of the patient from a binge, if the procedures are not carried out gradually, then the body will not be able to properly cleanse itself of toxins;
  • the patient's daily routine must include walks in the fresh air, as well as good sleep and several hours of rest during the day;
  • the patient should take a contrast shower more often, it is water procedures that should be the basis of treatment;
  • moral support from friends and relatives is no less important, it helps to improve the patient's mood, and also not to succumb to unpleasant thoughts;
  • it will be necessary to completely exclude the patient's contact with those people who can again provoke a state of binge;
  • if a person has mental disorders, then he definitely needs the help of a psychologist.

We have already discussed the basic rules of how to get out of binge drinking at home without the help of doctors, but it is worth considering that using drugs for these purposes can be dangerous. Therefore, before using them, it is better to consult a doctor.

How to get out of a 2-3 day binge

It is quite difficult to get a person out of such a state, but it is even more difficult for the patient himself, since the process is difficult and painful. The less time the binge lasted, the easier it will be to take measures to cleanse the body of toxins.

It is very important to remember that the process of struggle will be effective only if the patient himself wants to get rid of alcohol addiction.

When consent is obtained from the patient to carry out the procedures, all the necessary actions can be taken to cleanse the body of toxins:

  1. Drinking plenty of fluids… This is the main rule in the depletion of the body, which is caused by alcohol poisoning. The patient can be given juices, fruit drinks, still water, as well as any diuretic decoctions. You can pay attention to pharmacy counterparts, such as Regidron.
  2. Sorbents… Such drugs are a real first aid for poisoning.Medicines absorb toxins and toxins, and then remove them from the body. The most popular sorbents include Enterosgel and Polysorb.
  3. Dairy products… They help to restore the body's work in just one day, it is enough to drink fermented baked milk, kefir or yogurt throughout the day. Lactic acid helps to quickly cleanse the body of toxins.
  4. Brine… When the question arises of how to get out of binge drinking at home without the help of doctors, many use brine to relieve the condition. The composition of the drink contains a salt of magnesium and potassium, these components make it possible to restore the balance of trace elements in the body.
  5. A good sleep… An equally important rule that the patient will have to strictly observe. Rest allows not only to relieve cravings for alcohol, but also enables the body to recover faster. If you cannot fall asleep, it is allowed to take a relaxing bath or use sleeping pills.
  6. Broth with croutons… This is an ambulance for a weakened body, you can cook chicken or beef broth, which is served to the patient.
  7. Antiemetics… Often, when getting out of a binge, the patient is faced with the problem of vomiting, in which case the patient can take one tablet of Cerucal to cope with the problem.
  8. Aspirin and No-shpa… This combination makes it possible to eliminate general malaise, and also eliminates tremors in the body, headaches and chills. The drug is taken no more than twice a day.

Plan for several days

There is a certain plan to follow to get out of the binge as quickly and safely as possible. This plan includes:

  1. First day… The first day is the most difficult, at this time it is important to stick to the plan and not rush into drinking. Immediately after waking up, the patient should drink at least two glasses of plain water. If possible, a contrast shower is taken. After that, you should take the necessary medications. At this time, doctors strongly recommend not to use Valoserdin and Valocordin; in case of heart problems, they use a decoction of motherwort or valerian. Let's take Phenibut according to the instructions.
  2. Second day… This is the period when the condition improves slightly, as withdrawal symptoms subside, at this time a person can already control himself better. On the second day, you should drink as much as possible, about three liters of liquid is considered the norm. For those who do not know how to get out of binge drinking at home without the help of doctors, it should be said that drinking plays the most important role in this process. The fluid cleanses the body of remaining toxins. Medicines help to eliminate unpleasant symptoms. At this time, you will have to fall asleep without the use of special medications. Nevertheless, doctors are allowed to use the Phenazepam pill.
  3. Third day… During this period, the body remains weakened, so the patient feels weak in the body and fatigue, and the depressive state can also worsen, since a lot of effort was spent on treatment. To prevent depression from starting to develop, you should do chores around the house, normalize your food intake, and drink more fluids. Doctors recommend adding vitamin complexes to the diet.

It is worth noting that if a patient is looking for ways to get out of binge drinking at home without the help of doctors, he should remember that stopping alcohol immediately can be very dangerous. It is best to gradually reduce the dose of alcohol so that the body begins to get used to it.

When getting out of too long binge, the patient is advised to replace any types of spirits with regular beer.

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