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Stress - who invented it and how to forget about it
Stress - who invented it and how to forget about it
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In recent years, stress has become the main "horror story" of city dwellers, blamed for almost all troubles. Whatever the office employee complains about, there will be someone who will nod in understanding: "Yes, you must be under stress." But is it fair?

The answer was given by the Canadian physiologist Hans Selye as much as 78 years ago, defining stress as "a non-specific response of the body to a demand presented to it." Those. every time the breathing and heart rate increase, the blood rushes to the cheeks, the palms sweat, and the belly growls treacherously, nothing terrible happens to the body - it reacts to the world around us in the most natural way.

Simply put, if such reactions did not arise, the person would not have guessed that he had to run away from the bear, hand over the work on time, and simply stop communicating with the scandalous neighbor. But, as you know, the dose distinguishes the medicine from the poison. If you react too emotionally to all external stimuli, cry over every presentation and cannot speak to your boss, stress can become chronic and instead of saving the body from dangers, it will begin to undermine vitality.

Ideally, sport should be part of your daily routine: treadmill, swimming pool, dumbbells are all your allies.

How to learn to react in time, but not to allow stress from a one-time reaction to a permanent state?

Fell - wrung out

Sharp excitement is accompanied by the release of adrenaline into the bloodstream. This mechanism arose in ancient times, when our ancestors fought with danger in two ways - either entered into battle or fled. Since a modern manager does not need to use physical force in resolving conflicts and even undesirable, try to "trick" the body: sit down several times, push up at least from the windowsill, jump, in the end. This will help you calm down more quickly. True, this advice is not easy to use if the meeting is delayed …

Ideally, sport should become part of your daily lifestyle: a treadmill, swimming pool, dumbbells - all these are your allies in getting rid of the excess adrenaline that excites the blood.

Safe area

Those with a rich imagination (namely, they tend to sometimes exaggerate the scale of the tragedy) will be helped internally by a “refuge”. Beforehand, you can practice in a calm atmosphere, preferably in conjunction with a psychotherapist, in order to develop a "conditioned reflex" of calming down when pronouncing the code word.

Sit in a quiet corner where no one can see you, close your eyes. Start breathing deeply and calmly. Relax every muscle by mentally running all over your body. Clear your thoughts. Imagine a place where you felt good and calm: a forest house, a sofa with a warm blanket, or the seashore. Remember every detail of this place, imbued with a sense of comfort and safety. Concentrate on this sensation. Now slowly count to 3 and repeat to yourself: "My brain rested and returned to work - one, my muscles toned up - two, thoughts are clear and clear, I am cheerful, calm and confident - three."

Turn off your TV, accept that the ozone layer is riddled with holes, and try not to be afraid of African viruses.

Well, you can open your eyes and fight again!

Do not take on other people's problems

Turn off the TV, accept that the ozone layer is dotted with holes, and try not to be afraid of African viruses - they are unlikely to reach our country. The trick is to divide problems into your own and others', and yours into solvable and unsolvable.If the prospect of environmental disasters prevents you from falling asleep, do your bit by recycling plastic bottles and not printing out more work materials than you really need. Being actively involved in your own life and avoiding contrived problems is an effective way to avoid chronic stress.

Chef, it's all gone

You have already squeezed out, and breathed, and talked to your best friend, and the anxiety does not want to recede? Go for broke and imagine the most negative scenario! “If I do not submit the report on time, I will be fired. If I am fired, I will not have money until I find a new job …”The main thing is to come up with an action plan for each item, remember who you can borrow money from for the period of temporary unemployment, or simply warn the bosses that due to the arrival of new you are forced to postpone the deadline for submitting the report, for example, by 24 hours.

I see the goal, the obstacles - I do not see

The habit of worrying about trifles, bringing oneself to nervous exhaustion, most likely means confusion in priorities. You must admit that everything in the world cannot be the Most Important, which means that the same level of emotions about the wedding and the fact that the store has run out of bread indicates that the settings have been knocked down.

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Determine what is central to your life and move in that direction. The main thing is to remain honest with yourself: a careerist should not be greatly intimidated by the need to delay at work, a family man will only be knocked out of the saddle by a quarrel with his wife, and a professional athlete will devote his main strength to winning the competition, and not to trying to master watercolor painting. Try to make a regular list of what you would like to achieve or accomplish. Start globally, like becoming a CEO, learning English or having a baby, then make an action plan to move on to more mundane activities. And if you see that the list is too long, cross out what you can refuse.

Kind doctor

They say that nerve cells do not regenerate … This statement would be an additional source of excitement if it were not outdated. Now on the pharmaceutical market there are drugs that protect nerve cells, help them recover from excessive stress.

If the feeling of anxiety has become persistent, it may well be time to support the body with medication.

If the feeling of anxiety has become persistent, it may well be time to support the body with medication - a course of modern anti-stress drugs - those that do not cause drowsiness and addiction, are safe and therefore sold without a prescription. After all, mental hygiene is just as important as physical hygiene, and even though recently we did not think about how to deal with stress with the help of pills, our ancestors did not use soap, toothpaste, or antibiotics before.

Let go of your stress habit. And may mental and physical health be with you!

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