Navka thanked Putin for a wonderful husband
Navka thanked Putin for a wonderful husband

Video: Navka thanked Putin for a wonderful husband

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Netizens wrote that they did not understand what the president had to do with it. They were even more interested in Tatyana's ice show, for which money from the budget was allocated.

Tatiana Navka met her current husband Dmitry Peskov in 2010. According to the recollections of the athlete, a romantic relationship between them began a year after that. Ironically, the rapprochement took place at a party of the same acquaintance.

For almost 10 years, a woman has been happy and does not cease to thank her husband for everything. The other day, during a conversation with reporters, she once again decided to talk about the merits of her husband.

The athlete explained that, despite the responsible position, Dmitry is a wonderful, family and loving person. He is the real master of the house and it is felt in everything. Peskov is familiar with tools. He knows how to use them and can do everything around the house on his own.

The presidential press secretary supports her morally in any endeavors. He always comes to the show and consoles if something doesn't work out. At the same time, a celebrity does not ask a man for financial assistance. Navka assures that she deals with her own financial problems and issues herself.

Talking about her husband, Tatyana unexpectedly thanked Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin for him.

Netizens who heard Navka's speech began to be puzzled. They did not understand what Putin has to do with it. The man did not bring them together and did not introduce them.

They were skeptical about Tatyana's statement that she did not take money from her husband. Many netizens believe otherwise. They reminded the athlete that about 30 million rubles had been allocated from the budget for her ice show.

Navka is not the only one who is engaged in such productions. Similar shows are produced by Yana Rudkovskaya. The woman also has many connections, but Yana cannot boast of such sponsors.

The well-known blogger Elena Miro is convinced that with such statements Tatyana greatly spoils the image of her own spouse. According to the blogger, specialists holding such positions should not be mentioned at all in conjunction with show business. Tatyana regularly contributes to this, bringing her husband with her to social events.

It is worth noting that Navka never answers such criticism and other provocative questions. She prefers to communicate constructively and with well-disposed followers.

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