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When to plant peppers for seedlings in 2022 in Siberia
When to plant peppers for seedlings in 2022 in Siberia
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According to the lunar calendar, it is very convenient to plan work related to the garden and vegetable garden. In particular, it is possible to determine when to plant peppers for seedlings in 2022 in Siberia.

When is it better to plant pepper seedlings in Siberia?

Many gardeners and gardeners recommend paying attention to the moon if you plan to plant vegetables, fruits or flowers. They plan their actions differently depending on its phase and the zodiacal constellation through which it passes.

The lunar calendar has been used since time immemorial: it has been proven that the night star has an influence on the processes taking place on the planet. People have long been sure that if you plant, fertilize, water and weed crops on the most favorable days from the point of view of the lunar calendar, in the end you can hope for a good harvest, even if you did not have to exert considerable effort.

Moon phases as a guideline for planting pepper seedlings

Planting young plants will be successful with the growing moon. Pepper takes root best during this phase, since moisture is abundant in the upper part of the roots at this time. Accordingly, the survival rate is quite good.

The full moon is characterized by the fact that all the moisture is released into the stems. This is the period when over-watering the seedlings should be avoided. Watering will be beneficial during the waning moon, since moisture will reach the root system faster. This time can be considered the most favorable for root crops and planting tubers.

The new moon is considered an unfavorable period when it is generally not worth touching the plants and doing any work on the garden plot. Even watering during this period should be minimal.

Optimal zodiac signs for planting peppers

Auspicious days for planting pepper seedlings can be considered the signs of Scorpio and Pisces, through which the Moon passes. If the night star is in these constellations, you can plant seedlings without fear. And if it did not work out at this time, you can plant pepper during the presence of the Moon in the constellations of Capricorn, Libra, Taurus and Sagittarius.

It is absolutely not recommended to carry out work on the personal plot during the period of the Moon's passage through the constellations of Aquarius, Gemini, Leo and Virgo. Aries is also unfavorable.

The most dangerous are Aquarius and Leo. During the period when the moon is in these constellations, you will have to spend more energy on planting peppers, while the harvest will leave much to be desired.

Auspicious days table

Further, you can familiarize yourself with the table of favorable days when you can safely plant peppers for seedlings according to the lunar calendar in Siberia. There will be some good times in 2022.

List of favorable days for planting seedlings of the month









Different varieties of pepper

3, 4, 7-14

22, 23

3, 6-8




29, 30



26, 27



19, 24


1-3, 7-14

16, 19, 20


5-10, 12

13, 26

27, 31

1-10, 17


23, 24


1-6, 9

10, 14, 15


23, 24


If you do not want to harm fruits, vegetables and other crops on your site, you can follow the tips that are indicated in the lunar calendar. There are periods when this esoteric tool recommends planting pepper and additional activities in relation to it. At the same time, the dates are also indicated when it is not worth doing anything at all with vegetable crops, including loosening the soil, hilling or cultivating.

These are special periods when the moon is in the wrong phase. For this reason, the plant culture slows down in growth, as if passing into a state of hibernation. Thinking logically, it is easy to understand that any interference with the vital activity of a pepper or other vegetable can lead to negative consequences for the harvest. The fruit may not form properly.You can also face the fact that the culture will not take root normally in the soil.

For this reason, it is worth taking the time to determine the optimal period for planting peppers for seedlings in 2022 according to the lunar calendar in Siberia.


  1. The lunar calendar provides favorable days for planting peppers for seedlings in Siberia. Carefully study the corresponding table for 2022 in order to avoid mistakes.

  2. Do not forget about the climatic features of your region. In any case, you will have several favorable planting periods to choose from.

  3. Consider not only the phase of the moon, but also the zodiacal constellation through which the heavenly body passes.

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