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Early Pregnancy Registration Benefits 2021
Early Pregnancy Registration Benefits 2021
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According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, pregnant women can count on several types of payments (monthly and one-time). These include the registration allowance in the early stages of pregnancy. In 2021, the amount of federal assistance does not depend on the level of wages.

Who can be the recipient

The benefit in question is assigned in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation No. 1012n dated December 23, 2009 and Federal Law No. 81-FZ dated May 19, 1995. The main conditions for the appointment of a payment are the payment of contributions to the Social Insurance Fund and the gestational age of up to 12 weeks.

That is, for housewives (unemployed), as well as those who applied to antenatal clinics at a later stage of pregnancy, this type of social support is not available. The following categories of women can count on payment:

  • contract servicemen serving in the customs authorities, the structures of the USP, the State Border Guard Service, the Department of Internal Affairs;
  • those who study in educational institutions on a budgetary or paid basis;
  • dismissed due to the termination of the activity of the individual entrepreneur or in connection with the liquidation of the enterprise / company;
  • working in organizations / enterprises of any type of property.

The recipients of the allowance include women who are self-employed, subject to their voluntary payment of insurance contributions to the Social Insurance Fund for the year preceding registration for pregnancy.

The amount of the registration allowance

The amount of payment does not depend on the amount of wages, is fixed and is subject to annual indexation. Since February 1, the amount of material support has increased by 3% and is 675.15 rubles.

The amount of the allowance for registration in the early stages of pregnancy is determined on the date of the start of the decree. In this case, the date indicated in the certificate of registration with the antenatal clinic is not taken into account. If the leave for sick leave began after February 1, 2021, the woman will receive an increased compensation.

Required Documentation

To apply for a benefit, you must submit the following documents:

  1. Statement. Drawn up in the form approved by order of the FSS No. 578 dated November 24, 2017.
  2. Applicant's passport and copy.
  3. An extract from a medical institution. In order for the certificate to have legal force, it must have two seals - from a gynecologist and from a medical institution.
  4. Sick leave.
  5. A document from the employment center confirming the status of the unemployed.
  6. A certificate from the department of social protection, confirming that such a payment has not been received earlier.
  7. Power of attorney, if compensation is drawn up through a representative.

The employer submits the documents submitted by the employee to the Social Insurance Fund within five days. The package of papers is supplemented by their inventory, the form of which is approved by the same order of the FSS.

When to apply for compensation and who makes the payment

A woman can apply for the funds due to her on any day of maternity leave, but no later than six months from the day it expires. Several organizations are responsible for making payments, depending on the specific case.

Working women apply directly at the place of work, students - at the place of study, military personnel - at the place of service. The unemployed benefit is accrued by the social security authorities.

The calculation of compensation is carried out by the accounting department of the enterprise / organization where the applicant works. A corresponding order is drawn up, on the basis of which payments are made.

The information is sent to the fund, which reimburses the employer for the money spent on the payment of benefits, subject to the provision of insurance documentation.

Thus, a woman eligible for this type of payment receives funds at the same time as the BIR benefit from the Social Insurance Fund. If the certificate from the antenatal clinic was submitted after the payments for the BiR are made, the funds must be issued within 10 days from the date of application.

Regional assistance

Regional authorities have the right to independently decide on the appointment of additional payments to women with early (up to 12 weeks) registration for pregnancy. For example, in 2021, in addition to the federal payment, Muscovites can expect to receive additional assistance from the regional budget.

If a resident of the capital (regardless of citizenship) registers at an early stage of pregnancy, she will receive an allowance in the amount of 1,309.15 rubles (federal payment - 675, 15 and regional allowance - 634 rubles).

The procedure for applying for a regional payment corresponds to the procedure for applying for a federal benefit. That is, the applicant must submit an application and attach the necessary documentation to it:

  • application for the purpose of payment;
  • passport or other identity document;
  • a document containing information about the place of residence in the capital (if there is no such information in the passport);
  • a certificate from the antenatal clinic operating in the territory of the city of Moscow, about registration at an early date;
  • a certificate confirming the change in personal data (first name and / or last name and / or patronymic).

The main requirements are the presence of a Moscow registration and an early (up to 20 weeks) gestation period.

There are two ways to get a benefit:

  • by visiting the My Documents Center personally;
  • through the portal of the State Service.

The decision on the appointment of the payment is made by the social security authorities of the city of Moscow within 10 working days.


  1. The allowance is of a one-time nature and is assigned when registering with an antenatal clinic at an early stage of pregnancy (up to 12 weeks).
  2. The obligation to pay money rests with the employer (for employed women) or the social security authorities (for everyone else).
  3. The Moscow authorities have established additional payments for this category of women on the same grounds.

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