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Hydromassage: do it in the bathroom
Hydromassage: do it in the bathroom
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You can do a lot in the bathroom: rub your back with a washcloth, sculpt a cocked hat out of foam and make Napoleonic plans for the future, let yellow plastic ducklings sail, read a glossy magazine or textbook on quantum physics, chat on the phone, make love, sleep, listen to music and just relax. But it turns out that things sometimes happen in the bathroom that are difficult to even suspect.

For example, did you know that without leaving the bathroom, you can noticeably lose weight, get rid of cellulite, varicose veins, stress, colds? And for this it is not at all necessary to lock yourself there for a whole week without food, in anti-cellulite tights, with a scarf around your neck, mustard plasters on the back, a mug of hot tea in your hand, and sing funny songs.

Wonderful transformations will happen to you only if the bath is not a simple one, but a hydromassage one. You will become more beautiful, healthier, more balanced and even more successful in life, without making any effort at all. This is stated not only by specialists of beauty salons (they, of course, can promise anything), but also by those who have at least once experienced hydromassage on their skin. We tried to find the main secret of the complex of procedures in the bathroom with hydromassage. But it turned out that there are two secrets.

The first secret. Injectors

Nozzles (forgive me the nozzle connoisseurs for an amateurish description!) Are such round things, reminiscent of funnels, located around the entire perimeter of the bathroom. From them, under different pressures, fountains beat, acting on a body immersed in water. The nozzles are located in a certain way, namely according to the laws of acupressure. They have different names and different functions. There are micro nozzles in the reflex zones of the shoulder blades, back and legs. Point hydromassage in the pelvic area, outer and inner thighs is performed with massage nozzles. And rotary nozzles simply rotate, forming a constant circular rotation of the water.

The purchase of the most modest whirlpool bathtub will cost $ 500, while the average price "floats" around $ 1,000. Not every one of us can afford such a luxury, and the happy owners of hot tubs may be surprised to find that some of the expected effects are missing. Excess weight does not go away, cellulite is in place … So, promises - a deception or a bath - defective? And the point is that, floundering in splendid isolation in a whirlpool bath, you, of course, will get pleasant relaxation, relieve stress, strengthen immunity, but you will not achieve a clearly visible and tangible effect.

The second secret. Massage

While taking a hot tub, the masseur is the main character (ideally a kind wizard) of the tale of your transformation from Cinderella into a Princess. Communication with him goes something like this. You come to a beauty salon or clinic in absolutely any mood, better even in a bad one - this way the effect will be more noticeable: angry, offended, dissatisfied with yourself and those around you, tired, indifferent, sad, in short, nothing. You have a certain amount of money with you, which you are terribly sorry to part with (but more on that later), a towel, slippers and a swimsuit, which you will want to take off during the second hydromassage session, but for now you need it to overcome the awkwardness in front of the masseur.

You lie down in a hot tub filled with water, and for ten minutes you feel the conscientious operation of the jets and the circulation of water around your body. It is relaxing and calming. Then the masseur begins to drive a water jet from a hose through your body. Movements - ascending, stroking, circular, from the feet to the lower back. After that, you roll over onto your stomach, and the same process is repeated: from legs to arms, from bottom to top, clockwise. Gradually, you begin to experience unprecedented lightness, bliss, soaring. You feel like an astronaut in zero gravity, and you forget about all the illnesses: about your aching legs at the end of the day, about headaches, about fatigue, about problems at work and at home. There is nothing. There is only your body experiencing sensations that you did not even know about before.

The masseur fusses over you like a jeweler over a rare gem. After a hard day, during which you had reprimands from your superiors, and "hairpins" of colleagues at work, and communication with not the best clients of the company, this is more than just a handy. Who doesn't like it when they want to please, please, please? "Is everything okay? Nothing hurts? Please roll over. There is a problem area - you need to massage harder" and so on.

A hydromassage session lasts 30 minutes. It will not seem a little. It is better not to get up from the bathroom abruptly, because the relaxation will be total. It is necessary to lie down for a while on a comfortable couch, where they will still massage you with creams, after which they will finally let you go home. It is not recommended to drive yourself. Better to let your dear friend or taxi take you home, pampered and contented. You can forget about insomnia.

From a fat cow to a slender doe?

- And yet somehow I can't believe: Is it possible, without doing anything, without going in for sports, without going on a diet, without any surgeries there, to lose weight and get rid of cellulite, "booty ears", flabbiness of the skin, only thanks to hydromassage? - with this question, I turned to the deputy director for marketing, advertising and public relations of the clinic "Euromedprestige" - Elena Stroeva.

- In order to get the effect of hydromassage, it is necessary to undergo a course of procedures - at least 8 - 10. After the fourth procedure, the effect will be VISUALLY noticeable. The chances of losing weight are 99%. But only on condition that the food is absorbed in the same quantities. Although even with an increase in the amount eaten, the tone of the skin, its smoothness, mood, and inner feeling of oneself will become much better.

- How many kilograms can you really lose in a few hydromassage sessions, and who will find it easier to lose weight - a hundred-kilogram fat woman or a slightly plump model?

- We do not carry out weight measurements before and after the procedure. Shape modeling, leaving "ears" more quickly occurs in thin ones due to their relatively minor problems. Cellulite also goes away due to mechanical action: strong jets break these hated cells. Hydromassage is very good for problem areas (you seem to like everything about yourself, but the stomach / thighs have pumped up - they will be emphasized). The results in terms of weight, of course, are more significant in obese ladies. Losing weight is due to massage, lymphatic drainage, accelerating blood flow, improving metabolism, removing toxins. For 10 sessions, several kilograms should go, from two to three or more. But everything is very individual and depends on many factors: on metabolism, constitution, age, weight, on whether a person has previously been involved in sports or not, whether he ate properly. So, if a woman under 50 has never been on a diet, did not go in for sports, and now, when she is smashed, wants everything at once, it is difficult to predict the result. As our sexologist says, "what has been killed all your life cannot be restored in one day."

How much is unearthly bliss, health and beauty?

And now the most "sad" moment.How much does it cost to improve your health, appearance and mood with a hydromassage? In clinics and beauty salons, one procedure costs from 500 rubles. The following practice is often used: if you buy a subscription for 8-10 procedures at once (and this is exactly how much is required to achieve the desired effect), the price is reduced to 450 rubles per session. Total 3600-4500 rubles for everything. It is advisable to take such courses during the transitional periods of the year - in spring and autumn, but at other times it is also not contraindicated, because there is only one benefit.

"Expensive" is always a relative concept. Expensive for what? For your health, beauty? Too expensive for getting rid of stress, for restful sleep, for finding spiritual harmony, for the enthusiastic exclamations of friends about how you have become prettier, lost weight, rejuvenated? We women save and spend our whole lives on all kinds of plates and cups, on curtains, on a set of pans and a pretty fringed tablecloth. So, maybe at least sometimes it is worth spending money exclusively on yourself?..

Thank you for help in writing this article, Marketing Director of the Euromedprestige clinic Elena Stroeva

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