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Underwear: fashion invisible to the world
Underwear: fashion invisible to the world
Video: Underwear: fashion invisible to the world
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Lingerie fashion is much more conservative than outerwear trends. And to a greater extent it is subordinated to the principles of functionality. But it does exist. If you want to be fashionable even in such delicate details, it doesn't hurt to find out the details.

Trends fall-winter 2007/2008

Underwear fashiontends to reflect “big” fashion trends, and this season will be no different. In the wake of the return of classic looks, designers again pay attention to feminine details - frills, ruffles, exquisite embroidery and lace. The retro theme is more popular than ever - the new collections feature high-waisted closed panties, balconies and combinations. Perfect match: a tight pencil skirt, a white shirt and a weightless lace shirt under the clothes. For those who prefer a sporty style or smart-casual, we can recommend a bodysuit - an item not only fashionable, but also very functional in our climate!

Delicate mistakes

1. Your linen can be seen by everyone.

A few years ago, this was really fashionable, but now the pants sticking out from under the jeans are bad manners. However, at the party you can show off a piece of colorful bra with funny prints.

The lingerie of this season is very similar to the samples of the 50s, but no one calls for wearing exactly the same lingerie as what our grandmothers and mothers wore. The fabrics are now not at all what they once were. Even synthetic materials are pleasant to the body and do not cause discomfort.

Take, for example, microfiber - firstly, it does not impede the access of air to the body, and secondly, it does not absorb sweat (therefore, it lasts longer). From natural materials, traditional cotton and silk are in favor.

2. You wear push-up bras all the time.

Such bras squeeze the chest and impair blood circulation. Be sure to take breaks.

3. You have been wearing underwear for several years.

For hygiene reasons, it is recommended to replace the underwear with new socks after 3-4 months. However, the rule does not apply to "weekend" sets.

In general, the key idea of ​​the new season lingerie is the combination of comfort and chic. For the first, both fabrics pleasant to the touch and comfortable classic styles are responsible, for the second - exquisite handcrafted finishing.

No catchy, pompous details! Elegant embroidery and lace inserts are welcome. Cute designs can be found in the collections of Roberto Cavalli and Jean-Paul Gaultier.

As for the most relevant colors for linen, there is an amazing variety. Red has moved a little to the side, from saturated tones at the peak of popularity now blue and all its shades, from indigo to sea wave. Pastel colors also retain their positions. However, peach and pale pink lingerie has already become classics.

Remember that this season (as well as the previous one) it is not at all necessary that the top and bottom form a strict set. So, with black panties, you can safely wear a lilac bra, and combine plain shorts with a colorful bodice.

All colors of passion

Yellow, turquoise and other bright colors look great on tanned skin. Pale blondes should choose peach and pinkish sets or, for example, contrasting burgundy. But green or lilac colors often give the skin a swampy hue.Black and beige suit everyone, but if you don't want to look boring, it is better to dilute them with other colors.

Choosing a pair

The choice of lingerie is a responsible business, says stylist Natalya Astafieva. - A successful set will not only amaze the imagination of a beloved man, but also, if necessary, hide figure flaws, add volume where required, or remove unnecessary folds. It's worth starting with an analysis of your own physique. As in the case of clothes, everything is individual here, however, there are some general rules that you should know.

If you have a "boyish" figure, either sports lingerie or weightless lace bras with thin spaghetti straps in combination with thongs or slips are best suited. Pay attention to the sheer low-rise shorts. If you want to visually lengthen your legs, choose high panties with a thin bridge.

In general, two- or three-color underwear does not look like an example more expressive: black and red is suitable for creating the image of a femme fatale, blue and gold will emphasize the original taste. But be careful with the pattern: if you tend to be overweight, small flowers will add even more volume. Large prints are contraindicated for thin women. By the way, pseudo-children's underwear with bears and daisies looks advantageous only on very young and very slender girls.

Girls with small breasts bras with silicone or foam cushions, as well as push-up models are suitable. This bodice raises the chest at the sides, which allows you to create a hollow that attracts men's looks. If you also apply body shine or shimmery powder in the center, the effect will definitely not disappoint you.

For owners of curvaceous forms this season all leading brands have done their best. A balconette bra is perfect for full breasts, it creates a beautiful shape. Classic panties with lace trim will look good on the hips. Also pay attention to modern corsets: they gently tighten the figure, and decorative details (openwork inserts, lacing, and so on) will surely please your man.

With an H-type figure choose bodices with voluminous decor that visually increase the volume of the chest. Shorts with a low waistline, underwear with bright prints, which distract attention from the waist, will suit you. Try contrasting combinations: choose a solid color panties for a bra with a pattern, and combine a horizontal striped bottom with a strict bodice. Combinations with darts will help you feel more confident during a romantic rendezvous.

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