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Noisy neighbors! What to do?
Noisy neighbors! What to do?
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If you are ever (God forbid!) Awakened by the roar of music from the next apartment or the rumble of the tape recorder of teenagers who have arranged a night meeting right under your windows, know that you have every reason to stop this disgrace. That is, "Rules for the use of living quarters, maintenance of a residential building and adjoining territory in the RSFSR", clause 9 "e" of which reads: "The use of televisions, radios, tape recorders and other loud-speaking devices is allowed only if the audibility is reduced to a degree that does not disturb the rest tenants of the house. From 23.00 to 7.00 complete silence must be observed."

If your neighbors maliciously violate this rule, there will be a special article on them that can hold them accountable. And if the police came, and you and other neighbors repeatedly made remarks, and revelers continue to have fun that day, as if nothing had happened, their actions will be interpreted as petty hooliganism, and the article for them will be different - 20.1 of the RF Code of administrative violations. Here they can be involved not only for breaking the silence, but also for breaking public order. The punishment may be limited to a fine of 5-15 times the minimum wage if a neighbor admits his guilt, or arrest up to 15 days if he does not admit his guilt and continues to disturb the peace of civilians. And if, for example, he appears before the police in a drunken state and decides to resist, he can be taken to the police station before morning.

If your neighbors

If noisy neighbors are inadequate people and contacting them is more expensive for yourself, it is better to immediately transfer the initiative into the hands of the police. If the tenants from above did not previously differ in their violent character and they are giving you a midnight concert for the first time, it is better to try to talk to them like a neighbor. So, a memo to the victim from loud neighbors.

… Express your discontent with neighbors and try to resolve the conflict peacefully.

In case of failure of the diplomatic mission, when the neighbors not only did not agree with your just demand to stop making noise, but also behaved quite defiantly and unceremoniously, it’s time to threaten to call the police. They say that sometimes the very word "police" has a very sobering effect on troublemakers.

In the event that the threat of revelers has not calmed down, you should take up its implementation and dial 02 or the number of the local police station. In addition to explanatory conversations with the brawlers, the employees who went to the scene will draw up a protocol on the violation of the rights to use the living quarters or take the most active with them.

It also happens that even the arrival of the police does not solve the problem. Neighbors may simply not open the door for them, and the police have no right to break it. Or the troublemakers will continue to clamor and rejoice immediately after the servants of the law leave home. Then you should enlist the support of other neighbors (it is enough if this is another family besides yours) and leave a statement at the district police station, describing this unpleasant situation in it. In this case, troublemakers face administrative arrest or a significant fine.

If the neighbors really do not allow you to live in peace, and you are ready for anything, file a lawsuit in court, demanding compensation for moral damage. For the impossibility of proper rest and constant lack of sleep, for example.As proof of their actions, you will need the testimony of other neighbors. And if, due to loud music behind the wall, your pressure jumped and you had to call an ambulance, do not forget to take a certificate from the doctors. In court, she will also come in handy. Just remember that the date of departure of the doctors must coincide with the date of the announcement of the neighbors in misfortune, confirming the noise behind the wall.

Do you want me to kill the neighbors that interfere with sleep?

If noisy neighbors do not want to agree on a good deal: Law is law, but we all know that in practice things are a little different. Therefore, I decided to find comrades in misfortune on the Internet and find out how they are fighting, fighting or going to fight troublemakers. One head is good, but twenty, as it turned out, can think of this! So, here is a selected list of non-standard ways to deal with neighbors.

1. Call your friends working in the riot police or special forces. The view of the terminators in camouflage uniforms and with a machine gun over their shoulder works flawlessly.

2. In the absence of these, collect the strongest of your friends and send them to the neighbors for disassembly. It is advisable to take an angry dog ​​with you - best of all a Labrador or St. Bernard, in extreme cases, a bull terrier will also do. (If among the neighbors there are Van Dammes and Jackie Chans, such a visit may end in disaster).

3. Start a karaoke house and invite guests more often. The most coveted of them should be friends with the voices of Shura, Vitas and Masha Rasputina, and the most popular - hysterical songs like "There are so many golden lights" and "Coachman, don't drive the horses." Concerts should be arranged at a time when the troublemaker neighbors gather at home. (The author of the council is silent about how the other neighbors will treat such musical performances).

4. Invite the mother-in-law home, with an overnight stay (the author of the advice is a man). And with pleasure to watch how she disperses the neighbor's nativity scene and terrifies all those present. So that it was discouraging in the future!

5. Move to another house. Best of all - on the top floor or even in a country cottage.

But no matter how sophisticated ways of dealing with neighbors come up with the victims, while we live in apartment buildings, there will always be those who interfere, interfere and will interfere with others' sleep, arguing that the claims of other residents are baseless and far-fetched. It is enough to ask a search on the Internet or talk to your friends to understand that almost every one of us has come across a problem, noisy neighbors, at least once in our life. Only some at the same time groan from the roar of music, the roar of electric drills or the stomp of children who tap dance over their heads every day, while others defend their rights to fun and repairs and protect their little ones from the attacks of harmful and scandalous neighbors. And nobody wants to give in.

Perhaps there will be fewer such conflicts if we try to think not only about ourselves, but also about the feelings of others? And then, perhaps, we will understand that our neighbors are not bores and brawlers, but real people who just want to sleep peacefully at night, remember that we were once children and loved to make noise and stomp, and will we become more tolerant of each other?

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