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The most fashionable summer dresses of 2018
The most fashionable summer dresses of 2018
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A sundress is an indispensable part of every girl's wardrobe. Fashion trends will help you find out which summer dresses will be stylish in 2018. Designers have presented various models in their collections, with the help of which they will be able to satisfy the tastes of even the most picky fashionistas.

Color palette

The summer season is filled with bright colors. The following shades will be fashionable: brown, blue, white, gray, black, pink, yellow, emerald, orange, turquoise, blue, purple.

At the peak of popularity there are 3 colors: coral, indigo, burgundy. The designers have included these shades in their collections and presented fashionable outfits at the shows.

The combination of white and black is a classic that does not lose its leading position. In the new season, the white color is slightly tinted.

Pastel shades will also be trendy. With their help, you can create a delicate and feminine look.

For the summer period, it is best to choose bright and rich colors. Yellow and cornflower blue are the leaders of the season.

Fashion prints

Designers have abandoned the use of various patterns, minimalism is in fashion. Flowers, fantasy, inscriptions and numbers are gradually losing their positions. They give way to monochromatic outfits, stripes, polka dots.

The strip can be either horizontal or vertical. Peas are of different sizes: from large to small.

Fabrics and decor

Fashion trends change every year. For sewing summer dresses in 2018, transparent fabrics are used.

The following materials attract particular attention:

  • chiffon;
  • tulle;
  • lace.

Flounces, frills, ruffles are used as decor. These elements give the image a feminine, airy look. Glossy d├ęcor is also very popular. Evening dresses are decorated with various sequins.

Fringe is the leader of the season. The designers were able to take advantage of the material in their work, creating stunning outfits.

Fashionable dresses of the summer season 2018

Collections of summer outfits are quite diverse. There are options for everyday life, evening out, vacation. Each model is unique and deserves special attention.

Dress shirt

The number of outfits that were demonstrated at fashion shows obliges girls to look at several options for themselves. Models are different, differ in length, style, color. You can choose a plain dress or a set with prints.

A shirt dress is a great option for everyday wear. It is convenient and comfortable in it, movements are free.

Focus on detail

Experts recommend paying attention to models with lacing at the waist, leather inserts, gathers on the sleeves. Such details will not go unnoticed. Outfits are chosen by bold personalities who are not afraid of experiments. You can try on a new look every day, while remaining individual.


Perforated material gives lightness and picturesqueness to the outfit. In such a dress, it will be possible to win the hearts of men and be the center of attention. Most often, such outfits are chosen by graduates or brides.


You can remember the fashion trends of the 80s with the help of pleated summer dresses. In 2018, they will be at their peak of popularity. Several folds on the sides of the clothes, and the image will become airy and unique.

The outfit is especially attractive in its bright performance. The sunny colors together with the airy gathers look amazing. A great option for a romantic date.

Puffy sleeves

Experts recommend choosing light and airy outfits. Therefore, a puffy sleeve will be able to complement the image, give it a natural look. Women can choose a flared sleeve or a flashlight, both options are already loved by women of fashion.


New for the season, trousers can easily compete with jumpsuits.The outfit favorably emphasizes the female figure, making her more seductive and attractive.

Choosing such an outfit, you simply cannot be left without attention. Therefore, it is suitable for courageous individuals who are ready to experiment.


A tunic should be in the wardrobe of every fashionista. Thanks to its simple cut, the tunic can be combined with any sets. In the summer season, it is enough to look after a few stylish accessories, and a fashionable look is guaranteed.


Asymmetry in outfits is quite common. These can be dresses with one shoulder, one sleeve or a shoulder strap. Most often these are holiday kits. However, in the new season, the designers were able to simplify them a little. As a result, the models have acquired a business style.

Dresses with trousers

Fashionable combination of dress and pants, the set looks amazing. It is perfect for an evening walk and meeting with friends. The outfit takes on bright colors due to different textures. Every detail looks amazing.

Square skirt

Summer dresses 2018 are presented in various options. According to fashion trends, it is worth paying attention to the unusual lines of the silhouette. The square skirt is the trend of the season. The designers decided to play with the fabric, the dense material is complemented by transparent inserts.

Such an outfit will not go unnoticed. It looks original and unusual. Only brave girls choose a set, trying to stand out in the crowd.


The desire for comfort and simplicity makes women pay attention to the style of the dress-coat. A great option for creating a business style. Shoulders are closed, all details are strict.

If we consider the color scheme, then light tones dominate. If you want to choose a fabric with a pattern, preference should be given to a strip and a cage.

You can add some personality to your business style with transparent tops and turtlenecks. Putting on a skirt, the dress will turn into a summer coat.


The balloon style is suitable for women who want to hide some figure flaws. The skirt expands from the waist, making the hips more rounded. This style looks interesting both in short and long versions.

You can complement the outfit with a belt. This will visually make the figure more slender.


The style has not gone out of fashion for several seasons in a row. In 2018, he will still be at the peak of popularity. As much as the designers want to change the models, the general details remain unchanged. The uneven hem draws particular attention.

The skirt can be decorated with waves or fluffy headwear. The length at the back and front is different, which makes the model so popular.

Style New Look

Designers have presented outfits reminiscent of the 70s in their collections. These are long-forgotten images that can already be demonstrated. How you want to visit bohemian parties and show yourself in all its glory.

However, the specialists added modern features to the outfits. These are square skirts that will be so fashionable in the new summer season.

Lingerie style

Young girls so want to stand out from the crowd and show everyone their attractiveness. Lingerie-style dresses will help you make your dreams come true. Laces and lightweight fabrics accentuate the figure. Such an outfit will not go unnoticed. Dresses are often seen in fashion shows.

Separate Dresses

An unusual kit that is gaining immense popularity. It consists of a skirt and a top, suitable for casual, festive fashion.

Separate sets are suitable for girls with an ideal figure. Otherwise, the image will turn out to be ridiculous.


The trend of the season, conquered the fashionable stage. The style can be made in different versions. An excellent option for overweight women. With the help of such a dress, it will be possible to hide some figure flaws.

Black dress

Every modern woman should have a black dress. In 2018, black floor-length dresses are gaining particular popularity.With the help of an outfit, you can create the perfect image and be the queen of the evening.

Dresses with ruffles

Ruches, flounces, assemblies can become a real decoration. They are found on the sleeves, back, and skirt of the dress. Such a frame will act as a wonderful decor.

Air cascade

Airy dresses are at their peak. They consist of many layers, as if cascading downward. A great option for romantic people who want to show their individuality. The style is most often chosen by graduates.

It's easy to be stylish. It is enough to study the fashion trends of 2018 and choose summer dresses. The models are quite diverse, even demanding girls will be able to choose the best option and create the perfect image.

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