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Fashionable flip flops 2020
Fashionable flip flops 2020
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Find out more about which fashionable flip flops in 2020 in the summer are worth wearing. Take a close look at fashion trends to stock up on stylish shoes for every day and out.

What the world podiums offer

World-famous designers offer women a variety of models of slippers for the summer. In particular, the following options will be fashionable:

  • Flip flops… Standard model for going to the beach, walking around town. Moreover, flip flops can be either thin soles or thick ones. Variants with a sole like a wedge are fashionable. This model can be beautifully combined with shorts, a sundress, a long skirt.

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  • Standard Slides with Cross Bar… Moreover, its width can be very different. Here you should pay attention to the models in which the jumper is folded from several thin straps. This is a great option for summer cotton pants, a long skirt or a sundress. A similar model is often performed in a retro style. And if you consider that the style of the 70s is coming into fashion, then this version of summer shoes will be very useful. In addition, if you choose a model with a thick sole, then such fashionable flip flops are also suitable for obese women.
  • Thumb Jumper Models… These slippers are reminiscent of Greek sandals, but without an ankle strap. This option very gracefully emphasizes the beauty of the foot. Don't forget that perfect pedicure and smooth heels are essential for these flip-flops. Therefore, take care of your feet carefully.
  • Closed Toe Slides… Please note that pointed shoes come into fashion. Therefore, you can stock up on such a model of slippers. They are best used for evening walks around the city or for the office. Clogs slippers can also be attributed to this type of summer footwear. They usually have a round toe. The novelty of the season is the clog models, in which the heel and platform have a single molded shape.
  • A special hit - shoes with a tractor sole with a closed toe… And here it is worth paying attention to the models made in a semi-sporty style. Such massive sneakers without a heel.

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  • Evening slippers… Elegant models with heels are in trend. They can be used instead of sandals. Such models look very beautiful with ultramini, which is now at the height of fashion. With a small clutch to add to the ensemble, you will look graceful. As for the heel, its height and shape can be very different. Interesting options were offered by eminent designers. Here is a glass heel, a compressed ring, and a flower. What will not be dictated to us by the 2020 fashion for the summer. It remains only to choose according to your taste.

Sole types

If you don’t know what kind of slippers to choose for the summer, then remember that variety is in fashion in the coming season. In addition to the trendy tractor sole, you can use:

  • Absolutely flat sole… Its thickness does not exceed 1 cm.

  • Wedge heel… An elegant option for a dress, for going to the beach within the hotel, for an ensemble, slippers-jumpsuit. In general, a wedge heel is a universal type of sole. She looks organic with almost any outfit. In addition, it is beautifully combined with different lengths. Visually lengthens the leg. But remember that it is better not to put on a wedge to a full stop. She will add volume to her.

  • Small heel 2 cm… This shoe option is considered the most comfortable for long walks. The foot in such slippers will rest. The main thing is to pay attention to the fact that the fingers are securely fixed. Then you will not be intimidated by even the longest hikes to the sights of the city.

  • Heel… Height from 3 cm and more. These evening flip flops are ideal. Now they can be worn even on secular evenings and at the same time be known as a fashionista.

Color spectrum

According to fashion trends, the 2020 summer flip flops have one requirement - the brighter the better. The bright red color and all its derivatives are in special favor nowadays. Therefore, pay attention to the models of burgundy, marsala, red, scarlet, orange. These shades will make your look dynamic.

Another trend of the season is all metallic shades. Overflows of gold, silver and bronze on the leg will look noble and expensive. Moreover, if the model has thin leather straps.

Brown shoes are also in trend. It emphasizes the naturalness of the material from which the slippers are made. Similar models were offered to women by Alberta Ferretti, Elisabetta Franchi, Etro.

If you are not afraid to experiment, choose summer shoes in yellow, blue, blue and green shades. This year they are in vogue.

For gentle young girls who prefer gentle, discreet colors, you can choose models of slippers in pastel shades. Powdery, pale pink, vanilla, cream and light blue will be a godsend.

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Fashion chips

Regardless of what kind of slippers a woman chooses (with or without a heel), it is important to understand that one of the fashionable chips should be present in summer shoes. Today it is:

  • Striking decor such as bows, laces, straps, ribbons, crystals, sequins… These elements make the shoe stand out. From this, she becomes the central accent in the ensemble.

  • Transparent elements… Moreover, they can be located both at the top of the shoe and at the bottom. In the second version, we are talking about the sole. Take a closer look at flip-flops with sheer straps, heels or full sole.

  • Varnished surfaces… Here we can also talk about a shoe jumper or about a heel, sole. Play with the models. Update your image.

  • Gradient on flip flops… Choose for yourself a model that shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow. And feel free to wear it under clothes of any color. Believe me, this is the most advantageous shoe option for those who prefer versatility to variety.

More fashionable women's flip flops for summer 2020 are presented in the photo. Choose what you like and shine on hot days in the office, on the beach, on a walk.

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