"Pearls are always right": pearl shine for your hair
"Pearls are always right": pearl shine for your hair
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From time immemorial, pearl jewelry has been considered the privilege of aristocrats and the rich. Only the wealthiest women wore pearl necklaces and embroidered dresses with little balls of mother-of-pearl. The French have a saying that defines what a lady from high society looks like: "A string of pearls around her neck and a silk scarf on her shoulders." Today, pearls can be afforded by any of us, but they still make their owner incredibly attractive, feminine and elegant.

Pearls are one of the most mysterious and amazing jewelry materials. Many legends are woven around its origin. For example, in China, it is believed that he fell from heaven when majestic dragons fought in the clouds. It was then that the raindrops turned into pearls. And the Greeks are sure that pearls owe their appearance to the beautiful Aphrodite: she arose from the sea, shook her head, and drops began to fall from her golden hair, turning into precious pearls. People have always had a special attitude to these balls of mother-of-pearl, considering them the personification of femininity, innocence and purity.

Pearls are a constant trend, the fashion for it never goes away, since the history of pearls is directly related to the history of man. Take, for example, the queens of antiquity - they already knew a lot about jewelry! The legendary Semiramis appeared at the festivities in strings of pink pearls, and the Egyptian Cleopatra simply adored her large box with jewelry made exclusively of precious mother-of-pearl. Wealthy Greek and Roman women firmly believed that pearls are able to save its owner from unrequited love, as well as to embody all her desires and hopes. And the Roman emperors were so fond of pearls that they decorated not only clothes with them, but also shoes, furniture and other items.

Whiteness, inner radiance, correct shape - this is what attracted and continues to attract people in this precious ball of mother-of-pearl. That is why pearl jewelry is present in almost every Renaissance portrait.

And Russian fashionistas were not spared by pearls. In our country, he has always been associated with something pure, unearthly and majestic. Perhaps that is why, on the 16th anniversary of each princess of the Romanov family, two necklaces were presented - a pearl and a diamond. Foreign aristocrats also succumbed to the universal love for pearls: to this day, Queen Elizabeth wears a crown studded with pearls, whose history dates back to the Medici family. And, probably, this would have continued to this day, and only noble people could afford pearls, if one day the French fashion designer Coco Chanel did not make a democratic jewelry out of an inaccessible jewel of kings that suits any woman and any outfit - from evening black little dresses to a black sweater and an elegant formal suit.

“Pearls are always right,” the legendary Coco said, and the world saw pearl jewelry on the most beautiful women of the 20th century: Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Elizabeth Taylor, Vivien Leigh. Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly set the fashion for small pearl drop earrings and necklaces. That only is the legendary choker jewelry - twelve pearl strands, fastened with a diamond clasp.

Pearls are a piece of jewelry that suits everyone, they can be worn from morning to evening, unless we are talking about enchanting and complex works of art, insured for millions of dollars.Famous designers are still inspired by the fashion of the 50s and present collections with pearl bracelets, rings, brooches, necklaces and even watches. Pearl beads are not a simple piece of jewelry, but a piece of jewelry that testifies to the taste of its owner. Pearls have been and remain timeless and timeless, they suit both retro outfits and modern looks. He is a real must-have for any woman.

However, beautiful pearls can adorn more than just your neck or wrist.

Today you are able to create a unique look with the expressive and luxurious colors of the Pearl Temtation collection by Garnier Color Sensation.

This ultra-long-lasting cream color with an enveloping texture will bring the beauty and shimmer of pearls to your hair. 100% gray coverage, mirror shine and accurate color matching - that's what the Pearl Collection guarantees you. You do not need to worry about the fact that you will end up with a different shade from the one stated on the box, for example, yellow or darker, because "Pearl of Great Price" is the perfect cool shades of blonde without admixture of copper and real shining pearls in your hair. This is exactly what a gorgeous, sexy and stylish blonde looks like, attracting the eyes of men.

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