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Women's bags 2019 - new
Women's bags 2019 - new
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Considering the photos in fashion tabloids from the shows of famous couturiers, you can focus on the key fashion trends and come to the conclusion which women's bags will be relevant in 2019. After that, choosing a stylish accessory for the coming year will seem much easier.

Actual new bags 2019

Probably, implementing new styles of bags, designers previously focused on the functionality and practicality of this accessory. But over time, women of fashion began to use it as an integral part of the image, which can effectively and harmoniously complete it.

Among the most interesting trends of the current season are the following:

  • Custom shape of bags: bananas, cans, samovars and other various flights of imagination of designers, striking in appearance. It remains only to make a decision: whether such masterpieces can be used for everyday life.
  • Transparent trend. You shouldn't be surprised that he touched the bags as well - after all, transparent shoes and jackets are at the height of fame in 2019.
  • Textured reptile skin. This trend, like the world of shoes, has burst into the world of accessories. Snake or crocodile leather bags in various colors are very popular.
  • Inserts and prints: fringe, fur, feathers. Such a design will suit impudent and extravagant girls who constantly strive to attract the attention of others.
  • Sequins, sequins, beads and rhinestones.
  • "Logomania" - from this season on the bags there will be not just the manufacturer's label, but also the logo - moreover, the larger and more colorful it is, the more stylish the accessory is considered.
  • Handmade. This season, hand-made accessories have smoothly passed from the past. For example, knitted or crocheted.
  • "Two in one" - an ensemble of two different bags (bulk and small) in a single set.

Among other things, an equally important feature of the fashion trends of women's bags in 2019 is considered to be the same tone with clothes: a dress, a coat, a suit.

Fashion trends for spring-summer 2019, styles and models

With the approach of warmth, every girl wants to add variety to her wardrobe through additional accessories. The spring-summer season is characterized by sunshine and freshness, so the following shades of women's handbags in 2019 will be most appropriate for it in accordance with fashion trends:

  1. Beige, cream… These colors can be attributed to the hits of the coming season.
  2. Coffee, milk - possible variations of pastel colors.
  3. Transparent. Fashionistas who prefer non-classic options will be able to appreciate the originality of these accessories.
  4. Unchanging, everyone's favorite classic - black, brown - will remain on the catwalks as before.

Regarding prints, plant and floral colors are still at the peak of popularity, which are characteristic of both warm and cold seasons. An absolute favorite is the animalistic drawing.

In general, the color scheme must be chosen in accordance with the accompanying elements of the wardrobe, with which, ultimately, the accessory will be in harmony. In the event that they are performed in a classic, calm range, then when choosing accessories, you can give preference to bright, memorable prints. It is better not to overload colorful clothes with accessories in a similar style, so as not to overload the image.

The collections of stylish bags in 2019 for spring, judging by fashion trends and photos from the shows, surprise with their diversity:

  • Tote bag. This model will be indispensable for warm summer walks. Of course, its practicality is due to its convenience, fit and spaciousness.The accessory can be plain or full of all kinds of prints, such as stripes or large peas.
  • Transparent models. The designers, fascinated by their own imagination, decided to produce bags from a transparent material. When choosing such an accessory, you should expect that all the content will be presented to the public. However, there are styles where additional lining hides things from unnecessary looks.
  • Wicker model. This style will become extremely popular in the coming spring on the eve of summer. Weaving can be done with threads or straw. In the first case, as a rule, large knitting is used, embodying openwork patterns, and in the second, a denser structure is provided. These products are ideal for going to the beach and composing your daily, everyday looks. The bag is in perfect harmony with light flying dresses and cropped shorts.
  • Waist bag. This product is a symbol of convenience and comfort. Due to its diminutive size, it can accommodate only the most necessary things and nothing more: keys, phone, cosmetic bag. With her, you can go for a walk, in a cafe, a movie, and even for a jog. Moreover, it can be combined with evening bows.
  • Fringed bag. This model will suit fashionistas who prefer boho style. Fringe will act as an original decorative element and can be located in a variety of meta: bottom, top or center. It can be of any length and any shade.
  • Custom-shaped bags. This option is for confident girls who want to stand out from the crowd. Designers bring to life various interesting ideas that later become fashionable trends: for example, a bag in the form of an accordion or in the form of a lock for a door.
  • With decorative embossing. Handbags made of leather with figured embossing have been at the height of fashion for a long time. However, in addition to the classic options with textured floral patterns, designers have invented accessories with animalistic embossing that mimics the skin of reptiles. The color range of products can be completely different.
  • Retro style. "Grandma's" reticules with clasp clasp are in fashion again. At the same time, the more vintage the product looks, the more stylish it is.

Fashion trends of the autumn-winter season 2019, styles and models

For the fall-winter 2019 season, the strict style of the bag is best suited, but in a colorful, bright and juicy shade: yellow, green, red, orange. Fringe and feathers will be appropriate as decorations. However, do not forget that such accessories should be accompanied by clothes of calm colors.

At the shows of their 2019 collection, famous couturiers demonstrated a huge variety of fashionable bags. Here are the most memorable ones:

  • Clutches are still among the most popular models of the season as a great addition to evening wear. Designers suggested using a longsize clutch in the cool season - a long bag with a missing handle. The bag can be plain or multi-colored, include imitation reptile skin or complemented with a chain.
  • Fashion women bags on the belt also have been at the top of fame for several years. Thanks to them, you can bring to life a stylish bow both for everyday life and for going to the office. It is very interesting that this accessory is in harmony with the coat.
  • Oversize. Massive, huge bags, which fashion experts predict a colossal success. Such a bag will be a delightful alternative to backpacks in which you can store a huge amount of things. Basically, this accessory is facilitated by a wide shoulder strap. This bag will go well with wardrobe items that fit your figure.
  • Suitcases, chests, chests, "boxes" - these square bags with a solid frame, made of dense material, are very specific, you need to learn how to correctly and appropriately fit into the bow. It should be noted that this option is more suitable for an evening outfit, especially in the case of additional prints in the form of rivets and metal inserts. Such a fashionable women's bag in 2019 will perfectly fit into the image of women over 40 who have already taken place in life and want to look personable and elegant.
  • Miniature models of bags. As a rule, they are worn over the shoulder, attached to a belt or arm.
  • Cylinders. These unique products will perfectly fit into the image of creative and extravagant natures.
  • Pouches, bag. Women's bag with drawstrings in rounded sizes, which has become incredibly stylish according to the fashion trends in 2019. Previously, a similar style, as a rule, complemented an evening bow and was made of noble materials (velvet, silk, satin), but now they began to be produced mainly from leather and entered into an ordinary bow.
  • Backpacks. These models have gained popularity relatively recently and easily fit into the wardrobe of confident and energetic girls. Among other things, this accessory can accompany both sports and everyday looks.
  • Bag package. Such products are made of soft material, with which you can go both to the store for shopping and for an evening walk.

Prints, design, textures, colors

Judging by the current fashion trends and photos in magazines, the color palette of bag colors in 2019 is striking in its variety:

  • classic shades: black, brown, terracotta, beige and snow-white are diluted with shiny metals, gold and silver;
  • at the peak of popularity, dark sapphire, chocolate, ice blue, burgundy, wine, purple;
  • neon. Bags, which are produced in rich acid tones, are a fashion hit of the coming season. They can be fabric, leather, suede and even braided. However, the most popular models will be translucent models made of multi-colored silicone or plastic.
  • among bright impressive colors can be distinguished: yellow, green, red, orange.

When choosing a new accessory for the upcoming season, pay attention to the coral color, because it was he who was recognized as the shade of the year 2019 according to the Pantone Institute.

Among the most relevant prints of fashionable women's bags in 2019, the following can be distinguished, based on photos from the shows:

  • floral and plant patterns that steadily move from season to season;
  • animalistic and ethnic motifs, leopard print and textured products under snake and crocodile skin;
  • rich color blocking.

When considering how to wear a stylish handbag in 2019 to match fashion trends, you should choose one of the following alternatives:

  • in hand - small bags and evening clutches;
  • pressing the brush to the body;
  • backpack bags - behind the back.

The bag is the key accessory that completes the women's bow. That is why, it must meet the latest fashion trends in all respects.

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