Bright clutches for New Year's parties
Bright clutches for New Year's parties
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The time for the pre-holiday (and then post-holiday) New Year's parties is just around the corner. Of course, they will require bright images and no less bright decorations. For inspiration, we offer you a selection of clutches - one of the most important accessories for evening looks - from the world's leading designers.

The Alexander McQueen clutch combines seemingly incongruous things - femininity and aggressiveness. The first is expressed in bright and very beautiful purple lace, which is wrapped around the accessory, the second - in a gold skull instead of a handle. However, the skull has long become the trademark of the brand and does not bother its fans at all - rather, on the contrary.

The black patent leather clutch is a classic of the genre. This must necessarily settle in the wardrobe of every fashionista. The Diane von Furstenberg clutch is also made of glamorous reptile skin, and its handle is massive, gold, very effective. With such a clutch, you can do without jewelry on your hands.

The Jason Wu clutch is practically a work of art. Take a closer look at it: it is decorated with a huge number of very small beads, and this is in addition to large stones lined with a graphic pattern. This kind of finish is the main hit of the season, so it's a must to show off such an accessory at a party.

The Kotur purse looks like it was caught from the bottom of the sea. If the heroine of a famous fairy tale, The Little Mermaid, went ashore today and shone at the ball, she would probably have chosen just such a clutch - made of mother-of-pearl scaly skin. By the way, mother of pearl is also in trend. Well, and perfectly sets off any outfits.

But the Lanvin clutch is made of wood. Agree, the original solution. This is perfect for laconic outfits in a futuristic style. But such minimalism of the clutch will easily allow you to experiment with the rest of the accessories. Plus it's just very original.

The accessory from Sophia Webster is like no other suitable for celebrating the New Year. It looks like it is covered with a scattering of colored confetti. On any evening, you will look as if you have already arrived from another fun celebration. New Year's mood for the owner of such a clutch is guaranteed.

The Stella McCartney clutch is crafted in marble. It looks really luxurious, with its abstract overflows. The clutch is trimmed with gold. It seems classic and unusual at the same time. This can easily become the main focus of an evening look.

A very original solution for a clutch - red satin, delicate pearls, and on top of each of them are incredibly fashionable now thorns - all this is combined in a Valentino handbag. It looks both noble and restrained and at the same time unusual and a little hooligan.

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