Most Stylish Jewelery & Accessories Emmy Awards
Most Stylish Jewelery & Accessories Emmy Awards
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On September 22, Los Angeles hosted the awarding of the main television award of the year - Emmy-2013. The main foreign TV stars - actors and presenters of programs - gathered in Nokia Theater. Of course, all the attention was focused not only on those who eventually received the awards, but also on the guests who appeared in front of the photographers. Rather, to their images. Luxurious dresses, as usual, were complemented by unusual accessories and bright decorations. We will talk about them, presenting the most stylish of those that were seen on the red carpet.

Actress Sofia Vergara became one of the most visible stars at the ceremony. She supplemented her already vivid image with massive earrings made of rubies, sapphires and emeralds.

TV presenter Thea Andrews also opted for a large piece of jewelry, opting for an emerald necklace.

The trend for large accessories was also supported by Maria Menounos, who adorned her neck with a luxurious necklace of white and green stones and added earrings to match.

The clutch is an important part of the evening look. Actress Jane Lynch, choosing an outfit in a masculine style, picked up the appropriate clutch - laconic, geometric shape, with black-white-gray stripes.

For her burgundy dress, actress Michelle Dockery chose a clutch, literally set with stones of different sizes and several shades of red - from coral to dark cherry.

Actress Zoe Deschanel's clutch dazzled photographers and attendees with its silvery sheen, all thanks to its precious scale-like finish.

Jane Krakowski chose a clutch in contrast to the outfit. Her dress is dark blue, but the accessory is bright yellow. Plus, it has an unusual texture. It is made of reptile skin and varnished.

The director and actress Kerry Preston also picked up a clutch, contrasting with the dress - black, lacquered, with an animal figurine on a clasp. An openwork bracelet deserves special attention in her image.

In the image of Christina Hendrix, the bracelets and clutch are matched exactly to each other. They match everything - materials, shades, textures, which makes the image very harmonious.

Actress Padme Lakshmi's gold bracelet is striking in its laconicism and at the same time combines futuristic and ethnic styles.

But the actress Anna Faris did without bracelets and necklaces. She attracted attention with a large lizard-shaped brooch, which she attached to her back, on the train of her dress.

Since almost all the invited evenings chose floor-length dresses, it was difficult to see the shoes, but still it was possible. The most elegant pair turned out to be with the young actress Kiernan Shipka - there is no other name for her golden sandals with thin straps.

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