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Rating of gas stoves with a gas oven in 2021
Rating of gas stoves with a gas oven in 2021
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In order not to puzzle over how to choose a new gas stove, we recommend that you pay attention to the rating of gas stoves with a gas oven, relevant in 2021, and choose an option that is suitable in terms of quality and price. The selection criteria should also be determined: the number and size of the burners, the hob, the parameters of the oven and its functions. It is important to objectively assess how reliable the model is, despite the fact that all manufacturers provide guarantees.

What to look for when choosing a gas stove

The main selection criteria that will help you choose a good gas stove:

  1. Gas control. A model with this function is more expensive, but it will provide the necessary security.
  2. Electric ignition of burners and oven.
  3. Cast iron grate. This will last longer than the metal version.
  4. Hob cover.
  5. Thermal insulation.
  6. Electronic timer.

For each person, their own selection criteria are a priority. But it is important to pay attention to the standard functions that will make cooking comfortable:

  1. Discharge of hot steam from the oven.
  2. Double glass and a door that closes well.
  3. Oven illumination.
  4. Heat exchange of air streams.
  5. Removable or pull-out tray guides.

The oven in the kitchen is one of the most important tools, so you need to be careful when choosing it. We have compiled a rating of gas ovens with a gas oven in 2021 for quality and price. Check out a selection of models of gas stoves in different price categories and manufacturers.

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Gorenje GL 62 CLB - full size slab 60 cm

Price - 29,370 rubles.

Stove option for traditional kitchens. In the photo, you can pay attention to the fact that its appearance is quite classic. But at the same time, she has many opportunities for cooking. There is such a function as a timer with a signal. The surface is large and contains four hotplates for different dishes.


  • gas control function;
  • steam cleaning function;
  • gas oven;
  • double glass and heat reflective layer;
  • 1 year warranty.


  • there are no telescopic guides for the spit;
  • standard door hinge.

Tip for choosing a hob finish: If you want a cheap and durable hob option, look for an enamel top. It is easy to clean and will last a long time. Choose between smooth graphite and silicon enamel.

Gefest 6100-02 0009 - hob 60 cm

Price - 15 375 rubles.

It differs from other models with a voluminous oven and a large drawer for dishes. The spacious hob allows free cooking with a choice of any kind of cookware. A huge plus is electric ignition, which is rarely found on stoves at such a price.


  • volumetric oven (52 l) with lighting;
  • automatic electric ignition;
  • cast iron grates;
  • chrome-plated guides for installing baking sheets;
  • large compartment for dishes;
  • removable door and guides;
  • grill.

No shortcomings were found according to the survey of the majority of buyers. Full compliance with the criteria for price and quality.

The most important selection criterion is the safety of the gas stove.

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Mora P 1721 AS - hob 50 cm

Price - 19 720 rubles.

Czech cooker. Very nice, but at the same time quite simple in its functionality.


  • high quality assembly;
  • enameled baking sheet + wire rack;
  • double glass and heat reflective layer;
  • thermometer;
  • gas control.


  • no grill;
  • very simple sheet guides.

Tip for choosing a stove with an electronic timer: give preference to a stove with such a timer. Thanks to this function, you can set the times for different cooking processes separately. The stove will turn off on its own at the right time.

De Luxe 506040.03g - hob 50 cm wide

Price - 11 725 rubles.

Gas stove of Russian production (Penza). Inexpensive model of decent quality.


  • electronic timer;
  • burner mode with a small flame;
  • cast iron grates;
  • glass top cover;
  • compartment for dishes.


lack of gas control

The domestic manufacturer never ceases to delight with the quality of its products.

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Darina 1A GM 441 007 W - compact 50 cm model

Price - 9,311 rubles.

If you want to find the most common gas stove, then this is just such an option. It does not have any special functions, but at the same time it is very practical and will last a long time. A budget option for those who do not need the versatility of the stove.


  • affordable valuable;
  • oven volume - 50 l;
  • uncomplicated design;
  • a drawer for dishes;


the oven glass heats up

Advice on choosing a hob: if you are interested in the quality, and not the price of the surface, you can safely choose a stove with a glass ceramic or tempered glass surface. But you need to remember that such materials are very fragile and difficult to wash.

Gefest 1200C7 K8 - hob 60 cm

Price - 9 518 rubles.

Large gas stove made in the Republic of Belarus. Thanks to the size of the hob, you can use cookware of different sizes. The oven also pleases with its size - 63 liters. This is ideal for a large family.


  • good build quality;
  • wire rack and baking sheet are included;
  • gas filter;
  • thermal indicator;
  • the warranty card is valid for 2 years.


folding drawer for dishes and grills

It is better to choose a stove with a long warranty.

Gefest 3200-08 - model with 50 cm panel

Price - 8 765 rubles.

Enamelled slab. Simple and reliable to use. Made in classic style. It is possible to manually adjust the heating of the oven.


  • good baking quality;
  • hotplate with fast heating function;
  • gas control in the oven;
  • thermometer;
  • compartment for dishes.


  • lack of auto ignition;
  • no oven light.

Choose a stove with a childproof function. To ensure safety, it must have a gas control function, recessed power regulators for the burners and a system for locking the oven door.

De luxe 5040.38g - hob 50 cm

Price - 7 326 rubles.

In its price category, this is one of the best contenders for the price-quality ratio. Oven for 43 liters and a convenient location of the burners. A very decent model. Judging by the reviews, it is popular in its price segment.


  • gas control;
  • easy to clean enamelled panel;
  • chrome grille;
  • function of fast heating of the hotplate;
  • a drawer for dishes;
  • affordable price.


  • there is no auto ignition;
  • no oven light.

For a large family, it is better to choose a large oven.

Bosch HXA 090120R - 60 cm wide hob

The price is 31,970 rubles.

Gas stove from a famous German brand. The price is much higher than that of analogues, but the quality of the plate is excellent. If you choose a stove that will last for many, many years, then the Bosch stove will definitely not let you down. It has many functions for various culinary experiments. The volume of the oven is 66 liters.


  • mechanical fast heating;
  • door closing is silent and soft;
  • removable guides for trays;
  • economical energy consumption;
  • legs that can be adjusted.


  • high price;
  • small drawer for dishes.

Choosing a model from a well-known company is a guarantee of purchasing high-quality equipment.

Gefest PGE 5505-03 0045 - hob size 50 cm

Price - 21,785 rubles.

Completing the rating of gas stoves with a gas oven, relevant in 2021 in terms of quality and price, is a model that is optimal in all respects. Production of the Republic of Belarus. It is available in two colors: black and brown. The facade and the hob are glass, the grilles are cast iron. The volume of the oven is 52 liters.


  • Beautiful design;
  • economical energy consumption;
  • the possibility of accelerated heating;
  • the warranty card is valid for 2 years.


  • no top cover;
  • the oven must be ignited manually.

It is worth choosing a stove that will fit the design of the kitchen. When planning such a large purchase as a new gas stove, you need to approach the choice of the model with all care and responsibility. A properly selected stove will serve for many years.


Based on the rating of gas stoves with an oven in 2021 for quality and price, you can purchase a quality gas stove in any price range. The functions and practicality of most models are similar, therefore, basically, their cost is influenced only by the choice of the hob material and additional options. The main thing to remember when purchasing a gas stove is safety.

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