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Candles, wine and chicken wings
Candles, wine and chicken wings
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Candles, wine and … chicken wings />
<p> It is not so important where you are going to celebrate Valentine's Day with your beloved: it can be a walk in the park, a trip to an entertainment complex or a romantic hot air balloon trip. Sooner or later you will get hungry anyway. And it is in your power to make sure that the special energy of love, sexuality and passion reigns between you constantly. </p>
<p> For this, it will be useful for you to refresh yourself during the day

For seduction

Start with milk… Milk fats are the basis for the production of estrogens (female sex hormones), which are responsible for the production of female pheromones, the scent of which attracts men. Remember: for the effect, you need to overpower half a liter per day.

In order not to be sad

Refresh yourself with a morsel of dark bitter at lunch chocolate… Eat 50 grams, no more. This treat promotes the production of phenylethylamine. This substance has an effect on the central nervous system and causes a woman's condition comparable to a slight intoxicating love. Your eyes will shine and new energy will appear.

Enjoy it

Eat a couple bananas - means not only to get the daily intake of calcium and magnesium for the body. Banana is a source of serotonin. This is the name of the pleasure neurohormone. In general, in order to have a positive effect on the nervous system, it will be useful to eat any fruit. Bananas are also recommended by gynecologists for the treatment of premenstrual syndrome.

Be feminine

Pamper yourself with a cup at noon. beer… Yes Yes. And do not be confused that this drink is considered masculine. The fact is that beer contains phytoestrogens - substances that regulate the production of estrogens. Beer promotes the balance of hormones in the female body and does not cause an excess of unnecessary emotions (hot temper, aggression).

The sexiest

Save this dish for dinner for yourself and your loved one. True, you need to choose it very carefully. Anything that will increase his sex appeal will not help you in any way. This is about chicken wings… Two hormones are responsible for the strength of sexual desire in the human body: DHEA and DHEA-S. Red meat of chicken wings significantly enhances the synthesis of these hormones. The consequence of this synthesis is mild sexual arousal. In addition, for men, chicken wings are beneficial for enhancing vitality and strengthening muscles. And one more thing: the representatives of the stronger sex, in addition to the wings, are recommended to eat fatty and brutal hams. We women, on the other hand, should focus on low-calorie grilled wings. By the way, for dinner you will need to eat at least three of these wings.

As you can see, sexual energy can be acquired at the expense of ordinary products. However, it is clear that you will not put a carton of milk, a can of beer and a piece of chocolate on your romantic dinner in front of your loved one. In the end, if all this is used together, there can be no talk of any good mood, because your stomach will be too bad. And how much can you think about your diet? You also need to feed your man with something other than chicken wings. So what should your ideal dinner look like? First, you shouldn't try to predict his desires. If you don't guess, it will only get worse.

“Once I invited a young man, whom I was in love with, to a restaurant. When they gave us a menu, he suggested that I order dinner for him myself, that is: I order him dishes, he eats them and says whether he liked what I chose. First I chose the Greek salad for him. It turned out that his last passion was Greek by origin, and therefore the name of the salad completely discourages his appetite. I bit my lip and ordered pork with mushrooms.He ate this, but after a few weeks I learned that after the pork, he lost his sexual interest in the girl. For dessert, I chose him a protein cake in coconut flakes with a cherry. My beloved also ate sweets, however, he left the cherry: he is allergic to berries. In general, everything I ordered turned out to be a bad choice. And although my beloved thanked me for a wonderful dinner, I was very offended, because I knew that I had disappointed him that I could not guess his wishes. It's important for men to be felt."

In fact, do not get carried away with luxurious exotic dishes, so as not to find out later that your boyfriend would prefer regular pasta to salmon marinated in mustard with fried Brie cheese.

Secondly, do not overfeed your loved one. Otherwise, the evening will end quickly.

“When Dima and I moved in together, we had a festive dinner in the evening. I know that Dima loves pickled mushrooms in mayonnaise, so she generously poured a liter jar of honey mushrooms into a plate, poured it with mayonnaise and put it on the table along with other snacks. carried away by mushrooms, which did not notice how the plate was empty an hour later. Dima went to the toilet and suffered there the rest of the evening. The holiday was not a success. But I realized that the man, like a hamster, will eat everything that you put, so you need to feed him often, but little by little. And since then Dima hates mushrooms, although 3 years have passed since that case."

Of course, the way to a man's heart can lie through the stomach, the main thing is to know when to stop. Imagine what a romantic evening you will succeed if he or you are so full that the only desire after a well-fed dinner will be the desire to sleep. What kind of romance is there when the heaviness in the stomach …

Third, of course, the dinner itself.

1) Candle disclaimer. As an obligatory attribute of romance, they will undoubtedly be present at your dinner, but let them be ordinary candles, without fragrances. Otherwise, there is a danger that the smell will not like your lover and kill your appetite.

2) Of course, there will be wine. Just in case, remember that some red wines leave an ugly bluish mark on the lips. They also have a lot more calories than white wines. And, by the way, 2 glasses of wine are considered a "sleepy" dose, and with three glasses a person starts to get drunk. So determine your drinking rate.

3) Don't cook a lot of food. For a romantic dinner, the main hot dish, some salad and, for example, canapes, will be enough. For dessert, there must be fruit.

Note: if you decide to please your loved one with a seafood delicacy, avoid those dishes that take a lot of time to "sort" them. It will not be very romantic if you start picking bones from fried flounder with your hands by candlelight or try to bite through the shell of a clam with your teeth.

I am not saying that this article is an indispensable guide to action. It's just one option. The main thing is that the food for your romantic dinner is not just tasty, but has an invisible positive effect on both you and your loved one. In every woman lives a witch, who tends to keep secret her secrets of seduction. Some of us whisper a "conspiracy" in our ear, and some prepare a "potion" …

And if something still does not work out, remember that delicious food can always be ordered at a nearby restaurant. Anyway - bon appetit!

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