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New Year's table: 7 tricks for a beautiful presentation of dishes
New Year's table: 7 tricks for a beautiful presentation of dishes
Video: New Year's table: 7 tricks for a beautiful presentation of dishes
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Any food can taste even better when served in an appropriate setting. And for the New Year's table, the art of serving plays one of the key roles, because the festive spirit is made up of details.

The chefs of the “Super Chef” (12+) culinary program on Food Network shared their tips on how to decorate dishes in an original way.

1. Remember the symbol of the coming year

According to the eastern calendar, 2018 is the year of the Yellow Earth Dog. The figurine of the hero of the occasion, installed on the table or next to it, will surely appease the dog and bring good luck, but if you do not believe in horoscopes, it will simply cause the guests to touch.

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2. Use the right utensils

In China, they say that the Dog is indifferent to luxury and glitter - this beast is more interested in monochrome objects and simple materials, such as porcelain and glass. And here most chefs agree with the ancient astrologers, because it is the usual white dishes that are the unwritten standard in almost all restaurants in the world. You can serve any dish on such a plate without fear that it will contrast with the dishes or "get lost" against a colored background.

And before serving, the plates need to be slightly warmed up in the oven - this way the food will stay warm longer, preserving its taste and aroma.

3. Mix colors

Bright natural ingredients make even classic, long-familiar New Year's dishes more seductive. A good option is to use contrasts: bright red tomatoes, yellowish paste, and snow-white poached eggs. This combination will look much more seductive than just a light and not very festive combination of eggs and pasta.

4. Feel free to embellish

You don't even need to change the recipe to add texture and color to a dish. Just garnish the plate with herbs or use toppings. If you decide to cook something from Italian cuisine for your guests, fresh basil will come to your aid, black sesame seeds are ideal for Asian woks, and a little olive oil should be added in a spiral to creamy soups - it will look the same as on the menu of the best restaurants.

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One-tooth snacks can be served with skewers depicting the symbol of the year.

5. It is better to make small portions

Plates that are two-thirds full look much more appetizing than those where the food lies to the brim. This is the golden rule of serving, which is always important to remember.

6. Accessories are beautiful, but you need to know when to stop

Garlands, beads and Christmas tree decorations flicker beautifully in the light of candle fire, but think - are they really needed on the table, surrounded by plates and cutlery? No less festive, but much more practical solution would be a vase with dried flowers and branches of trees (of the same spruce) with beads woven into them.

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7. Create a scent

Pine needles, tangerines, fresh baked goods and oven-baked chicken - all these smells, and especially their combination, are strongly associated with the New Year in our country and in themselves cause an appetite. However, the feeling of anticipation of the feast can be enhanced by adding a few more notes. Dried apples, spices (cinnamon sticks, cloves, ginger), mint and oregano can go well with your composition of aromas - in a word, everything that your imagination and taste will tell you. Collect these ingredients in a wicker basket and then simply place it in the room. It is much healthier than scented candles.

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