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Promotions in Lenta in Moscow today
Promotions in Lenta in Moscow today
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Promotions in the Lenta supermarket in Moscow are now presented in new catalogs that have been in effect since the end of March. In April, a new price list and an addition to it will start. Find out a short overview of the most interesting offers below.

New promotions

The catalog of goods in Lenta stores will delight you with a variety of textiles and auto accessories. The new catalogs of the supermarket, operating since March, offer an excellent selection of indispensable household items that will allow you to spend time with the benefit of the family and the interior.

Promotions in Lenta in Moscow today are replete with discounts on household chemicals. In the new catalog, special attention is paid to tools that allow cleaning and disinfection of housing, cleaning devices. The promotional magazine "Clean House" from March 24 to April 13 will help you choose the ones you need.

It offers up to 55% discounts on the following items:

  • cleaning devices: glass washers, wringing mops, brushes and scoops;
  • a robot vacuum cleaner with a nozzle for wet cleaning and a working time without charging up to 80 minutes;
  • laundry detergents TM "Persil";
  • steam cleaner with heating time up to 2 min and steam boost up to 30 g / min;
  • home water filter with ultrapurification capsules;
  • vertical cordless vacuum cleaner;
  • steam generator with steam output up to 140 g / min;
  • microfiber napkins;
  • sets of rubber gloves;
  • a huge range of products for cleaning and disinfecting homes, bathrooms, flooring, doorknobs and any open surfaces;
  • door mats that are suitable for impregnation with a disinfectant solution to clean shoes;
  • antibacterial hand cleaners;
  • air fresheners and toilet paper;
  • hygiene essentials.

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Promotions for cars

New promotions in Lenta in Moscow today allow us to update car accessories and car care products. The fresh catalog "From winter to summer", which is valid from March 31 to April 27, offers many interesting discounts on the most necessary goods for car maintenance.

In April 2020, you will be able to purchase the following products with a discount of more than 30%:

  • summer tires from leading manufacturers and wheel covers;
  • brushes and wiper fluid;
  • jacks;
  • motor oils;
  • wheel stops and inspection kits;
  • car care products and spray guns;
  • lubricants and antifreezes;
  • high pressure washers;
  • baby car seats and seat covers;
  • rugs and sun blinds;
  • devices for securing cargo;
  • car organizers for neat storage of small items;
  • powder fire extinguishers;
  • flavors to the salon.

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You will be able to find all discounts in Lenta stores from April 2, when the new catalog for the grocery basket and the addition to it will start to operate. Promotions in Lenta in Moscow today, April 1, allow you to take advantage of the offers of the last month.

Also in the hypermarket Lenta there are such promotions as "Hit of the week", "Products of the week" and "Crazy discounts" by day.


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