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Discounts at the Crossroads in April this week
Discounts at the Crossroads in April this week
Video: Discounts at the Crossroads in April this week
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What discounts will there be at Perekrestok this week, what is of interest in the catalog for the city of Moscow and the region? We have studied the most advantageous offers, which are valid until April 6, and are ready to share with you.

Vegetables and greens

In the midst of a pandemic, it is important to lighten your diet as much as possible and enrich your diet with vegetables and fruits. Moreover, the price for them at Perekrestok is quite acceptable. You can buy cherry tomatoes for a promotion, 250 g will cost 69 rubles. 100 g of avocado is sold for 39.90 rubles.

A kilogram of zucchini can be bought for 219.90 rubles. 300 g of oyster mushrooms in a package will cost 89, 90 rubles. For the salad mixture "Belaya Dacha" (180 g) will have to pay 129, 90 rubles. 3 kg of potatoes for cooking, packaged, costs 119.90 rubles.


Interested in discounts at Perekrestok this week from April 01, 2020?

Among the promotional items there are fruits:

  • kiwi (1 kg for 109, 90 rubles);
  • Moroccan tangerines (1 kg for 99, 90 rubles);
  • red grapefruit (1 kg for 69, 90 rubles);
  • apples "Bogatyrskie" (1 kg for 79, 90 rubles).

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Milk products

Discounts at Perekrestok this week according to the catalog for Moscow and the Moscow region are also relevant for a number of dairy products. For example, sour cream with a fat content of 20% "Prostokvashino" in a package of 315 g costs 59.90 rubles.

What other promotions on fermented milk products are there at Perekrestok this week:

  1. Bioyogurt Danone with a fat content of 3.5% in a package of 150 g is sold for 29.90 rubles.
  2. The price for the Belarusian sour cream "Brest-Litovsk" with a fat content of 20%, 180 g, is 39.90 rubles.
  3. Cottage cheese "Savushkin Khutorok" (fat content 1%, weight 300 g) costs 89.90 rubles.
  4. Milk "Sarafanovo" is also sold under the action. Bottle 930 ml, 4% fat. Price 59, 90 rubles.
  5. A package of Ricco mayonnaise on a quail egg weighing 800 ml costs 89.90 rubles.
  6. Cheese "Adygeyskiy" weighing 300 g and fat content of 45% is sold for 169.90 rubles.
  7. The price for cheese "Nikolaev Cheese Factory" weighing 100 g - 59, 90 rubles.

Meat products

In "Perekrestok" you can buy inexpensive sausages and meat. In the catalog for Moscow at the beginning of April 2020 there is a boiled tongue sausage "Velcom". 500 g of the product costs 229.90 rubles.

Dairy sausages "Blizhnye Gorki", 500 g, sell for 249.90 rubles. The price of cooked-smoked cervelat "Miratorg" weighing 375 g is 199.90 rubles. Chilled pork loin without bone, 1 kg, costs 259.90 rubles.

Chilled beef liver, 1 kg, costs 179.90 rubles. The price of minced beef "Miratorg" chilled - 139.90 rubles. Chilled chicken drumstick "Petrukha" (weight 750 g) is sold for 129.90 rubles.

Fish products

At Perekrestok you can find Matias XXL selected lightly salted herring in a 260 g package for 129, 90 rubles.

On the cover (see the photo of the catalog) there is also a fillet of lightly salted trout ASTO for 179.90 rubles (170 g).

Gutted sea bass, headless, chilled, weighing 1 kg, will cost 299.90 rubles. Vici chilled crab meat, 220 g, sell for 69.90 rubles.

Flour and bakery products

Discounts at Perekrestok this week in the Moscow catalog are also available for many flour products. For example, a package of French cracker "Yashkino" with sesame seeds, 185 g, costs only 19.90 rubles.

Cookies "Jubilee traditional", dairy, 112 g, sold at 19.90 rubles. "Jubilee traditional" with oatmeal, 313 g, will cost 49, 90 rubles. "Barney Bear" biscuit cake, 240 g, costs 119.90 rubles.

Danilovsky rye-wheat bread, 300 g, sold for 33.90 rubles. Pasta "3 Glocken" in a package of 500 g costs 99.90 rubles.

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Treat yourself to a bar of chocolate, all the more so at Perekrestok there are very good discounts for it now:

  1. Chocolate "Russia - a generous soul", 82 g, costs 39.90 rubles. The savings are 58%.
  2. Nesquik Nestlé tiles, 95 g, sold for 49.90 rubles. The savings are 38%.
  3. Pergale dark chocolate, 100 g, will cost 69, 90 rubles. Savings - 41%.
  4. The same is the price of a bar of Milka chocolate, 87 g.
  5. There are several promotions for chocolates. So, you can buy "Camomile" at a discount: for 100 g you will have to pay 25, 90 rubles.
  6. Chocolate prunes with almonds cost 29, 90 rubles per 100 g.
  7. 100 g of "Mishka kosolapy" sweets will cost 49, 90 rubles.

Tea coffee

Now you can buy Greenfield tea at a profit. A pack of 20 sachets costs 89.90 rubles. Loose tea of ​​the same brand in a package of 200 g costs 179.90 rubles.

Classic ground coffee "Jockey", 250 g, costs 139, 30 rubles. And the price of Lebo extra grain coffee in a kilogram package is 529.90 rubles.

Other discounts

You may also find the following products in the Perekrestok discount catalog useful:

  • President toothpaste, 75 ml. Price 189, 90 rubles;
  • shower gel Nivea, 750 ml. Price 229, 90 rubles;
  • Synergetic dishwashing detergent, 1 l. Price 149, 90 rubles;
  • cat food Perfect Fit, 85 g. Price 21, 90 rubles;
  • food for cats Gourmet, 85 g. Price 24, 90 rubles.

You can find out about all discounts in Perekrestok stores on the official website, as well as from sellers. The store regularly holds special promotions and contests. Keep an eye on them so as not to be left without prizes.

An overview of the store's products can be viewed in the video:

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