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How to plan things out?
How to plan things out?
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In each of us, our men dream of seeing indefatigable mistresses, agile housewives, sensitive mothers, talented psychoanalysts for themselves. However, it is simply impossible to meet all male expectations, this is contrary to the laws of the universe, common sense and mathematics! Let's count.

There are 24 hours a day. Minus 8 hours of sleep, there are 16. We subtract 2 hours for the road, lunch break and 8 hours of work (mind you, this is the very minimum, I do not take into account rushwork and overtime!), We get 5. From 5 we should subtract the time that takes for the necessary hygiene procedures and food, that is, approximately 2 hours. In total, there are 3 hours of active time per day.

It is assumed that during this period a modern woman has time to cook a delicious dinner and breakfast, talk to children, check lessons, iron her husband's shirt, pick up his suit from the dry cleaner, listen to complaints about the boss and subordinates, give a couple of wise advice, start the wash, clean up home, make love and have an orgasm. The many-armed goddess Shiva! I can't do that, I honestly admit. And there are girls-goddesses who can do all this and at the same time manage to look great. But how?

Plan things and prioritize

Today, even the unemployed and retirees have heard of time management, despite the fact that time managers are trying to make these simple skills "secret knowledge for the elite." Do not believe! This is not only for top managers of international corporations! For us women, driven to a standstill by the modern rhythm and expectations of men, this is also fine.

First of all, you must realize the limitation of time, its finiteness. The first step on this path has already been taken: calculations show that on average we have only three hours of supposedly "free time" a day. Using the same technique, calculate how much of this time you personally have. Analyze the weekend separately. What things do you always put off for the weekend? How much time is left for rest how to plan things? What do you fill it with: less time-consuming activities, hobbies, communication?

In front of you is a real picture of your week: you know exactly how many precious hours, minutes and seconds of your and only your life are wasted, how much time circumstances force you to spend in this way, and how much you spend meaningfully and with pleasure. Now it's up to the little:

- Determine what is your goal, a vital task. "If I knew that I have a year left to live, how would I spend this time?" A sincere answer to this difficult question is your real goal. Give a birth to a baby? Fall in love? Introduce new marketing technologies?

- Make to-do lists. Make sure that every day at least one thing from your list would bring you closer to the realization of your goal.

- Prioritize. If the matter is urgent or somehow correlates with your life goal, assign it the first category of importance - A. Secondary matters - the category of importance B. If there is a possibility that the matter will happen by itself, "passing", or there will be no need to complete it - Category C. Do things in turn, according to their importance: first A, then B and C.

- Learn to mess around properly. Fifteen minutes a day, in silence and loneliness, is the best medicine against fatigue.

- Get rid of the time stealers. Unable to throw out the TV? Leave it only in the kitchen and turn it on when you cook. Shop online (by the way, it's cheaper), watch the news there, and nip endless telephone conversations about anything in the bud. This is the main question: how to plan things and your day so that everything is in time.

Outsourcing - outside help

In translation from English "outsourcing" means an external source. Let's say your firm needs another accountant for a project. In order not to waste time and money looking for a suitable person, your organization uses the services of a special company that “rents” its accountant employee.

A dishwasher and a washing machine, a housekeeper cleaning your apartment after a hectic party, a mother-in-law who sits with her grandson on weekends - all these are types of outsourcing that you can actively use.

Look for an "external source" every time a problem arises. The son began to lag behind in mathematics? Instead of carrying candy to the teacher (you have to ask for time off from work!), Find a tutor for your child. Believe me, there will be more benefits from a talented high school student or student than from daddy's shouts and teacher's complaints.

The husband is the head, the wife is the neck. Wherever I want, I take it there …

How to plan things out? Adopt psychology. First, people are much more willing to fulfill small requests, so a time-consuming task should be disguised. Second, pay attention to the wording itself. Emphasize why it is beneficial for a person to fulfill your assignment. Try to avoid the “not” particle, on a subconscious level it forms a negative.

In practice, it looks like this: “Honey, I'm cooking your favorite meat in Breton, and the black pepper is over. Will you buy? " "Dear", of course, agrees: pepper is a matter of a minute, it's not at all for you that "you need to buy groceries for a week, at the same time we'll see a new suit." When, according to your calculations, "Dorogoi" is approaching the store, you call again and ask, since it so happened, to buy at the same time bread, yoghurts, baby food, milk, and further down the list.

Manipulation? Yes, but completely innocent!

So let's draw the line. In order to do everything and be able to do it right plan things out, you need the bare minimum: the ability and, most importantly, the desire to plan your business, prioritize and find people (and technology) around who are better at doing what you don't have to do on your own. You say it's difficult? Try it!

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