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Video: Дима Билан - Держи (премьера клипа, 2017) 2023, March

One of the sexiest men in Russia, the owner of a wonderful voice and an amazingly interesting conversationalist - all this can be said about Dima Bilan. He now has a very busy schedule, but despite this, he found time to tell Cleo about his attitude towards love, women and much, much more.

Dim, what definition would you give to the word "love"?

Love is a wonderful feeling, it is a disease of tenderness.

One of the books of the famous French writer, Frederic Beigbeder, is called "Love Lives 3 Years". Do you agree with this statement?

No, I absolutely disagree! True love lives your whole life! Although for everyone it is different … But for me this feeling is associated with the word "forever"!

Do you remember your first love?

Short questionnaire

Are you friends with the Internet?

Recently I have become friends. I bought myself a new laptop, so I master the world wide web when I have time. I also personally keep a diary on the Internet …

What is an unaffordable luxury for you?

Difficult question … I don't know how to answer.

What animal do you associate yourself with?

With a stallion.

Did you have a nickname as a child?

Yes, they called me Belyash! (smiles)

Why does a man need a woman?

For self-realization and love relationships. Yes, in fact, for a lot!

What turns you on?

Inaccessibility turns me on.

Are you an owl or a lark?


Do you have a talisman?

Yes, there is and he helps me! What is this - I will not say, otherwise it will lose its magical power!

How do you relieve stress?

A healthy long sleep helps me to relieve stress.

Where did you last vacation?

In the Maldives. I was there for 8 days, but I had a great rest!

What melody is on your mobile phone?

"Never let you go".

Favorite aphorism?

"Better to do and regret than not to do and regret!"

Of course, I remember, this is impossible to forget. It was a young beautiful girl who prompted me to take up music … For her sake, I entered a music school. Then love passed, but I did not stop making music!

What do you not understand about women?

Sometimes they do things that are completely incomprehensible to me … And this is supported by phrases that actually have a completely opposite connotation. More precisely, they say one thing, think another, and do the third!

What should a woman be to get your attention?

It must be mysterious and inaccessible! Must stand out from the crowd! And in no case should it be annoying - I don't like those!

How do you usually meet a girl you like?

I always meet girls in an unusual way! So they just can't resist! The main thing is fantasy!

Dima, tell us how you met Lena? [Lena Kuletskaya, Russian model, starred with Dima in the video for the song "It Was Love" - approx. Cleo. Ru]

We met Lena in Paris, at the airport. I went to a music store, wanted to buy a CD by Patricia Kaas, Lena took it with me at the same time. I, like a real gentleman, gave the girl a disk, having written my phone number on it in advance. An hour later Lena called me. That's how we met.

What attracted you to her?

Lena is the personification of delicate beauty, a beautiful fragrant flower! She is individual, sweet, tender … And you can't list all the definitions.

Do you think a passport stamp is a prerequisite for an ideal family?

I thought about this a lot, but I never came to a definitive answer to this question.

What are you ready for for the sake of your beloved girl?

Absolutely everything, any madness!

Was there unrequited love in your life?

Was, once. This was my first love.

Your girlfriend Lena is blonde, your producer Yana Rudkovskaya is also blonde, many of your friends are blonde. Do you prefer blondes?

We can say yes! But this does not mean that I am "wedged" on them, among the brunettes there are also pretty, smart and talented girls with whom I am friends.

Blondes are just gorgeous women!

Dim, you keep an internet diary. Do you trust him with all your secrets?

Yes, just recently my online diary started functioning on my official website! I personally keep the records, and no one else. The fact is that there are many False Bilans on the Internet who write on my behalf. This is wrong and abnormal. I am honest with my fans and I want them to receive the first and reliable information, so to speak, "from the first hand."

In my diary, of course, I cannot write about something completely personal - this is also wrong: an artist should not lay out his entire personal life for show.

Usually I talk about my concerts, share my impressions of excursions in other cities and funny experiences that happen to me on tour! My fans read, comment, they are interested in it, but I'm just glad!

Who do you share your innermost secrets with?

With close friends, with parents and with my girlfriend, who always supports me in difficult times!

Could you tell us at least one of your secrets?

Yes! I work on the subway on weekends, sing songs, collect money! And what? Diversity in creativity is always useful!

Ha ha! I'm kidding, of course.

When was the last time you went down the subway, and what are your impressions of this trip?

The last time I took the subway was when I was in Prague, on the set of the new video "Impossible is Possible". There I am, according to the script, an ordinary guy who rides the subway and sings songs.

In Moscow, I no longer risk taking the metro, and besides, I have a car.

Which authors do you prefer?

I like Paolo Coelho "Alchemist", Bulgakov "Notes of a Surgeon" and books by many other authors …

If you hadn't become an artist, what profession would you choose?


I would become a photographer. I really like to photograph, especially nature and animals.

What is your biggest flaw?

I am often late. But this is not on purpose, honestly!

What's the most ridiculous rumor you've heard about yourself?

The most ridiculous rumor was that I have a built-in voice.

If you caught a goldfish and could make a wish, but only one thing, what would you ask of her?

I will not say! But I would ask for a very cool thing!

What are your plans for the next 5-10 years?

I'm going to work and fulfill myself.

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