Kylie Minogue is Britain's most stylish
Kylie Minogue is Britain's most stylish

Video: Kylie Minogue is Britain's most stylish

Video: Kylie Minogue is Britain's most stylish
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The editors of the British version of Glamor magazine published the top of the best dressed celebrities of 2006. Singer Kylie Minogue topped the top ten.

In a similar hit parade last year, Minogue occupied only 26th place. According to Glamor magazine, the new image of the pop singer turned out to be extremely successful. Recall that Kylie had to go on vacation for a whole year and a half when she was diagnosed with cancer. After surgery and chemotherapy, the 38-year-old star reappeared in public last year.

Her hair has just started to grow back and now Kylie has a short hairstyle that makes her look very stylish. In addition, instead of colorful outfits, the pop diva now wears exclusively classic things. True, this is usually a rather extravagant classic. Such changes in the image and allowed her to fall into the category of the most stylish celebrities.

Her boyfriend, Olivier Martinez, helped Kylie not lose heart during her illness. The singer admitted that when she was lying on the bathroom floor and sobbing, he said to her: "Another five minutes of moaning, and then I take you on a bike ride." Olivier gave her back the joy of life.

Victoria Beckham, a former Spice Girls member and spouse of footballer David Beckham, ranked second on the Top Dressed Celebrity Chart. The third place went to the American actress Nicole Richie.

The leader of last year's list, British model Kate Moss, is now in fourth place. And her potential husband, rock musician Pete Doherty, was voted by the magazine as the worst dressed man of the year.

By the way, the press attaché of the model Kate Moss denied rumors about her wedding to Doherty in Thailand on January 1, 2007, reports the Associated Press. “Kate is just vacationing in Thailand,” said Stuart Higgins.

A whole dozen looks like this:

1. Kylie Minogue

2. Victoria Beckham

3. Nicole Richie

4. Kate Moss

5. Sienna Miller

6. Mischa Barton

7. Jennifer Aniston

8. Rachel Bilson

9. Kate Hudson

10. Gwen Stefani

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