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Biography of Dmitry Bosov
Biography of Dmitry Bosov

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The owner of large enterprises in the coal industry, Dmitry Bosov, committed suicide. Nobody expected that the billionaire and the father of a large family would end his biography so tragically. Law enforcement agencies have confirmed the tragic news, and the causes of the premeditated death are currently unknown.


Dmitry Bosov was born in 1968 on March 27 in Barnaul. My father worked as a shop manager at the Transmash plant, and then was promoted to deputy general director of the Kristall plant. Mother taught English and was a professor at one of the capital's universities.

Bosov received a red diploma at the end of the Moscow State Technical University named after N.E. Bauman Faculty of Radio Electronics and Laser Technology. He was awarded the title of candidate of economic sciences. After graduating from the university, he began to engage in the aluminum business.

Career and business

Dmitry Bosov is the main shareholder and head of the board of directors of the Alltek group, which controls the activities of the Sibanthracite company. This enterprise occupies a leading position in the production and export of anthracite, and is the largest producer of metallurgical coal in the Russian market.

In addition, Bosov was a co-owner of other coal companies, including VostokUgol. Alltek owns the Artplay architecture and design center.

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According to statistics from Forbes magazine, the fortune of the "aluminum entrepreneur" reaches $ 1.1 billion. He is ranked 86th in the 2020 Forbes ranking of Russian billionaires.

In April of this year, it became known that Dmitry Bosov fired Alexander Isaev, who was his business partner in the VostokUgol company, and also a member of the board of directors of Sibanthracite.

According to information from the press service of these companies, the reasons for the termination of business relations were "flagrant abuse and theft in the areas of work entrusted to him, the dissemination of inaccurate information."

Isaev was also left without a stake in VostokUgol. As a result, he went to court and filed a lawsuit to protect business reputation against Bosov's business.

A few days ago, it was reported that a former employee of the American company Genius Fund Group, controlled by Bosov and engaged in legal marijuana, Francis Rachoppi, filed a lawsuit against the "aluminum businessman" for $ 1.35 million.

According to Rachoppi, in March all employees of the firm were fired, which is contrary to California law. According to a representative of Bosov in an interview with RBC, the facts presented in the lawsuit do not coincide with reality. He called this lawsuit a conflict of management as a result of a change of teams in the firm's management.

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Wife and kids

In addition to a successful entrepreneurial activity, Bosov was also doing well in his personal life. He is a happy family man, he has a wife and children. Wife Anastasia Starovoitova, with whom Dmitry has been married since 2008, gave birth to four children to the businessman.

For a long time, Bosov's wife worked in the field of aviation. After her marriage, she was a consultant in the sale and purchase of aircraft. Bosov's son Artem is the head of the FreetoPay company, which deals with advertising on the Internet.

According to REN TV, one of the oligarch's sons, Kirill, reacted to the tragedy on his social networks. He posted a photo with his father in Stories on Instagram and wrote "I will miss you forever."

Kirill Bosov also refused additional comments and asked for "confidentiality" for his family.

Circumstances of death

The fact that Dmitry Bosov had died became known on the evening of May 6 of this year.The dollar billionaire, the owner of Sibantrafit, the richest Russian businessman committed suicide.

Several facts that are known about death:

  • the death of Dmitry Bosov was confirmed by the Investigative Committee of Russia. This fact was reported by "Interfax", referring to the representative of the chief assistant of the Investigative Committee in the Moscow region. According to the UK, a Glock 19 gen 4 pistol was found near the body of the deceased;
  • According to RENT TV, the body was found by the wife of the deceased, together with a security guard. For a very long time she could not get through to Bosov and, worried, decided to go to Usovo, where a businessman had recently lived. The body was found on the grounds of a sports and fitness center, which is located on a family estate;
  • According to Kommersant, no suicide note was found near the body. According to information from the Investigative Committee for the Moscow Region, investigators work at the scene of the incident, who conduct an examination, interview relatives and establish the circumstances and causes of death;
  • it is previously known that the weapon found next to the body is a premium weapon, it was received from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Abkhazia.

Currently, there is no information about what caused the suicide of the Russian businessman. Recently, Bosov's fortune has only increased, which is confirmed by the Forbes magazine rating and statistics indicating the oligarch's capital in the amount of more than a billion dollars. Bosov is survived by a wife and four children.


  1. On May 6, 2020, it became known that the Russian billionaire Dmitry Bosov passed away. The cause of death was suicide.
  2. Dmitry Bosov is the head of the Alltek company, which controls the activities of the Sibanthracite coal mining company.
  3. Bosov's fortune was estimated at more than one billion dollars, he was on the list of the richest Russian businessmen according to Forbes magazine.

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