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Children's educational kits for creating jewelry
Children's educational kits for creating jewelry

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Video: Easy Jewellery Making Projects For Kids (No Tools!) | Kernowcraft 2022, December

A young fashionista wants to wear her mother's jewelry, but is it rather problematic to find beautiful children's jewelry? The eternal question - what will the child give to friends or parents? How to creatively develop a child and instill in him taste and independence?

Vytvoryalki kits for creating children's jewelry are the answer to these questions

Original, eco-friendly packaging, colorful detailed instructions, and the jewelry itself, which even a mother will envy, because the sets were created by professional jewelry designers. It is very easy to "get" beautiful things out of these sets! The kit includes all the necessary tools, materials and accessories, so that the child can easily cope with the task without the help of adults.

Why do kids love Vytvoryalki:

It is interesting… You can always learn something new.

It's nice… How great it is to create jewelry yourself, everyday and holiday, for yourself or as a gift! And then you can wear them!

It's diverse… There are many beautiful sets in our store. New items are constantly appearing! Eyes run up, how many decorations you want to make!

Why parents choose Vytvoryalki for their children:

- The child spends time with benefit, is passionate about creativity, and fine motor skills develop intelligence.

- Everything you need for children's needlework can be ordered in the online store or bought in the showroom. Delivery is carried out the next day.

- We have "live" master classes for children, held in the office near the Baumanskaya metro station.

- We spend holidays in the format of "Creative Birthday" with a visit to the place.

- We have everything to create jewelry with our own hands and for adults, because Vytvoryalki is a part of the Women's Business project.

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